The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: C

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The long, cold winter hiatus season is upon us.

So with many TV Fanatic favorites on a break, we're looking back and evaluating their runs so far... report card style!

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Best Episode: "Memorial." One of my favorites in series history. It featured a tensely-filmed church showdown, he delved into the new Elena, every main character was given something important to do and that ending with Alaric... oh, that ending with Alaric. Tear.

Worst Episode: "O Come, All Ye Faithful." One of my least favorites in series history. A jumbled mess of two non-sensical storylines: 1. Tyler volunteering to case himself in concrete for some inexplicable reason; 2. Elena and Damon continuing to debate the absurd sire bond.

Best Character: Elena. Her transition has driven the season, with the character's changes affecting everyone around her in the especially intriguing early episodes. Nina Dobrev has been outstanding in her portrayal.

Worst Character: Bonnie. I'm sorry, but it's always Bonnie. She's putting every ounce of trust into this Professor Shane guy simply because... he took over teaching for her grandmother? NOTE: if Damon continues to be as irritating has he has been, when it comes to the sire bond and doing the "right thing" and all that nonsense, I may change my vote.

Best Storyline: Jeremy, his transformation into a hunter and the mark that can only grow when he kills vampires.

Worst Storyline: The sire bond. Need I explain why?

Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: Phoebe Tonkin. Perhaps we'll learn a lot more about her now that she's turned on Tyler, but Hayley just showed up out of nowhere; the audience was simply told of her connection to Tyler; she uttered a few snarky slams; and then proceeded to play a major role in the winter finale. In other words: she was nothing more than a plot device.

Most Impressive Wife-Beater-Wearing Physique: Jeremy Gilbert.

Hopes for 2013: Get Elena and Damon together. Period. I'm not a Delena shipper, I'm only a storyline "shipper" and this sire bond is flat out ridiculous. It's totally contrived and plays like an excuse to extend the love triangle infinitely. Let's turn the focus back to the hunt for The Cure, the mystery of The Council death and how The Five plays into all this. I want mythology, not romance.

Overall Grade: C (NOTE: It would have been an A after the first four episodes.)

Your turn, TVD lovers. What grade would you give Season 4 so far?

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Worst storyline: I like the idea of the sire bond although it's certainly not been handled intelligently. The worst storyline by far is the whole sire army for klaus. I mean WTF?? The guy consistently daggers his own family and he needs an army of idiots to be his BFF? That doesn't make sense. And if they were there (as it was originally presented) for protection well.. it was obvious it wouldn't work once they were only 14. And why the hell were they so weak?? I feel they were just presented so that then they would die in the whole Shane/Silas thing. Oh, and there's the 0 character development. I hope we never see them again, so we can have a storyline that actually makes sense. The rest was fine, some even great. Hope it grows even better (and that they take more time to explain.. and think things through)


no word of klaus? The amazing incredible backtopsycho klaus. As much as I appreciate Nina Dobrevs skills, how does Klaus not win the best character competition. He is the Original MANWONDER


D- ! This show it's turning into a cheap soap opera!! Enough with the sire bond crap,and with Edward's..err excuse me,i mean Stefan's bronken heart/soul/little red box,you're a freaking VAMPIRE,not a whiny little girl!
And one more question,Why the hell needs Klaus o create an army of hybrids ?! He suggested that he's all alone,and that's why he's doing all this crap...SERIOUSLY?!Look around you moron!


Worst Character: Klaus. He's really overstayed his time. Best Character: Tyler. One of the few characters who consistently showed integrity this season. Kim. I like Bonnie too, but I've given up hoping they'll give her more screen time. I'm not sure if it's Julie Plec's fault or the negative influence of this fandom and people like the reviewer (who seems to be very friendly with Plec), who constantly dump on a character we barely get to see. It's odd that someone who was so prominent in the books, gets the most poorly developed storyline. That last episode should have had a lot more scenes with Bonnie and Jeremy after his confession, but they skipped over that too.


I give the show a F.


Bonnie is barely on the show and hardly seen but she's the most disliked? Just what has she done to earn this amount of hatred? I think I know the reason. She's Black and doesn't kiss the almighty Damon's ass. Forget that she has saved these twits repeatedly. And Bonnie looks resentful aka code for uppity?
Gee,I wonder why she's pissed. Grams died helping the vampires,her mother was turned,her so called friends only come around when they want something,she never gets to be dressed up and go to balls,etc like Elena and Caroline,doesn't have hot guys chasing after her(even though she's played by the stunning Kat Graham) and the show gives her horrible story lines w/characters she has ZERO chemistry. Not to mention Julie Plec and Matt Davis making it plain they give zero damns about her character or viewers of color and what we might want to see. I see why this fandom is immensely disliked by my friends and they avoid this show. I will have to get my Bonnie/KG fix on Youtube.


If you're not a Delena shipper and do not want romance on the show, then why not wish for Elena to be single in 2013? She really needs to be on her own as she adjusts to who she has become. Not every woman needs a man by her side.


Best Episode: Agreeing with everyone: Memorial. The Damon/Alaric scene in the end was just epic Worst Episode: Can't say 'O Come All Ye Faithful' it was pretty bad but the Klaus slaughtering all the hybrids in the end saved it. So i'll go with 'We'll Always Have Bourbon Street' cuz of the whole sire bond crap. Best Character: Klaus, Klaus, Klaus. He's been one of my favs since the beginning but in season 4 he was just awesome. I know he wasn't in every episode but whenever he was there, just plain awesomeness. I like that his evil side is back. Worst Character: Hesitating between Bonnie and April. April because she's just extremely useless in all this and just plain annoying. I don't know if now that she's aware about the Vampires she'll do some actual things, but so far I don't like her presence in this. Bonnie for the same reasons as they already mentioned and I've always disliked her Best Storyline: Gonna put The Five and The Cure on the same level as Silas, since it's all related. But all the mysteries and mythology that's what TVD is about. Also loving the Klaus-Caroline romance-ish. Worst Storyline: Like everyone says: That stupid useless sire bond crap. Not a Delena fan (in fact I'd wish people would stop obsessing over them like they're the only thing that matters here) but it makes no sense. Hopes for 2013: Straighten that whole sire bond shit up. It's just a waste of time. Wanna see more Klaus action (in Evil and with Caroline) Dig in more in the whole Brotherhood of The Five and Silas thing. Bring back the originals, i want blood, gore. This is TVD for crying out loud, not fucking Twilight.


So my grade for this 1st half of TVD season 4 would be A and hope for it to keep up with great storylines, for Damon and Elena getting through this sire bond and be happy together for more than a couple of hours (it's not the end of the show so sure they'll face (and surpass) more obstacles), for Jeremy to not ending up dead like Conner and not killing his sister or Damon (his 2nd option), for Bonnie to have a powerful storyline in action, for Caroline and Stefan to have a life,mind their business and stop bashing on Damon and Elena's life.


I loved the entire first half of TVD season 4 so I have no worst episode. I loved vampire Elena: she's more confident, strong and happy but my favorite character would be definitely Damon Salvatore (he's the most amazing and powerful character to me) and worst character would be Boonie: as a powerful witch she doesn't have a powerful storyline presence till now, she has a potential powerful one though. Unlike others who doesn't appreciate the sire bond storyline and despite being a painful and heartbreaking one I do love it and can't wait to see Damon and Elena surpassing it, I love Jeremy's storyline and curious to see Shane and Silis story too.

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