The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: C

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The long, cold winter hiatus season is upon us.

So with many TV Fanatic favorites on a break, we're looking back and evaluating their runs so far... report card style!

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Best Episode: "Memorial." One of my favorites in series history. It featured a tensely-filmed church showdown, he delved into the new Elena, every main character was given something important to do and that ending with Alaric... oh, that ending with Alaric. Tear.

Worst Episode: "O Come, All Ye Faithful." One of my least favorites in series history. A jumbled mess of two non-sensical storylines: 1. Tyler volunteering to case himself in concrete for some inexplicable reason; 2. Elena and Damon continuing to debate the absurd sire bond.

Best Character: Elena. Her transition has driven the season, with the character's changes affecting everyone around her in the especially intriguing early episodes. Nina Dobrev has been outstanding in her portrayal.

Worst Character: Bonnie. I'm sorry, but it's always Bonnie. She's putting every ounce of trust into this Professor Shane guy simply because... he took over teaching for her grandmother? NOTE: if Damon continues to be as irritating has he has been, when it comes to the sire bond and doing the "right thing" and all that nonsense, I may change my vote.

Best Storyline: Jeremy, his transformation into a hunter and the mark that can only grow when he kills vampires.

Worst Storyline: The sire bond. Need I explain why?

Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: Phoebe Tonkin. Perhaps we'll learn a lot more about her now that she's turned on Tyler, but Hayley just showed up out of nowhere; the audience was simply told of her connection to Tyler; she uttered a few snarky slams; and then proceeded to play a major role in the winter finale. In other words: she was nothing more than a plot device.

Most Impressive Wife-Beater-Wearing Physique: Jeremy Gilbert.

Hopes for 2013: Get Elena and Damon together. Period. I'm not a Delena shipper, I'm only a storyline "shipper" and this sire bond is flat out ridiculous. It's totally contrived and plays like an excuse to extend the love triangle infinitely. Let's turn the focus back to the hunt for The Cure, the mystery of The Council death and how The Five plays into all this. I want mythology, not romance.

Overall Grade: C (NOTE: It would have been an A after the first four episodes.)

Your turn, TVD lovers. What grade would you give Season 4 so far?

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Best Episode: "The Rager". It was intense,It had everything from high school drama to explosions. Worst Episode: "My Brother's Keeper" It was a trainwreck and a filler,with nothing important really happening. Best Character: It has to be Damon, his snarks just keeps getting better and better also i am really enjoying his transition into the good brother. Note: Runner up would be tyler, his character has really grown from the first season. Worst Character: Caroline, i used to like her but her middling has become intolerable. Best Storyline: The Five Worst Storyline: The sire bond It is utter crap.


I have to say the worst character is Elena. She was never my favorite but her being a vamp made her awful. She's boring and all she ever does is moon over Damon and that has made Damon boring. She is a completely different character. Best character is well I've always liked all of them even Bonnie and hopefully they give her something to do but I guess Rebecca. She has hardly been around but I loved it when she was.Season 4 started out ok but no where near as good as the other seasons. Hopefully with more Rebecca, Caroline, Klaus and Stefan and less of the awfulness of Delena it will get better.


Hopes for 2013. TOP priority. Damon and Elena together. Enough is enough now. I want Delena. Damon's past and his mother, I so wanna know about his human life prior to Katherine. Elijah and Katherine should be back. Adventure. I want Adventure and Danger in this whole cure journey. Damon should be safe. Caroline on reasonably less judgy when it comes to Elena's personal life. Whoever Silas is, he must be handsome. I don't watch ugly guyz. :)


Best Episode: Memorial and sorry but I can't help it, I really loved We'll Always Have Bourbon Street. Worst: 4X09. Worst. Clumsy. Hasty. Best Character: Elena. I so like Vampire Elena. Why Stefan wants cure? This Elena is perfect. Human Elena was dumb, depressed, poor soul..This is fun. Worst: Stefan (Don't ask me why, I just don't like him frm S4 start)And again sorry but Bonnie. These two are always TOP on my bad list. Best Storyline: Jeremy becoming Hunter. Worst: Sire Stupid Bond between Delena Perfect Couple. :(


Season so far for me is a C- Also for worst character I forgot to mention April.Ugh this girl creeps me the hell out whenever she pops up on the screen.The actress trys way to hard to be cute and it just comes off being annoying and creepy.


Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: PHOEBE TONKIN SAVED HERSELF BY SPORTING THAT KILLER RED DRESS. Hopes for 2013: Why thats simple....ELIJAH WITH MORE SCREEN TIME,More actual Vampire Violence,More Phoebe Tonkin in a red dress.And a Supernatural/Vampire Diaries crossover ::)


Best Episode: Memorial for me as well. Worst Episode: O Come, All Ye Faithful was a huge letdown for me....the only good part was Klaus finally getting his "Moment" to shine as a true badass.Heck it only took 2 and a half seasons :/ Best Character: Im gonna go against the grain and say Professor Shane has been the best for me thus far.Without him we would of just been stuck with all the boring same familiar faces. Worst Character: Wow Bonnie just hasnt clicked as a character for me since her grandma died all the way back in season one.If Bonnie ever kicks the can I will not miss her,heck Im missing Tylers mom more than I would Bonnie. Best Storyline: The brotherhood of the 5 .... I wonder if we will meet the rest of them somewhere down the road. Worst Storyline: The beyond lame (I promised myself never to type it again) "Ss-eye-er Vond"..Also Klaus and his fucking Hybrids !! Im fed to the teeth with all the Hybrid nonsense.Why is he still longing for a hybrid army ? What does the most powerfull being in the vd'verse need an army for ? Whats the freakin endgame of it all ? Uugghh !!!! Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: I DISAGREE,PHOEBE TONKIN SAVED HERSELF BY DONNING THAT KILLER RED DRESSS \m/ !! Hopes for 2013: Why thats simple...ELIJAH WITH MORE SCREEN TIME Damm it !!...I also wanna see,more actual Vampire violence,they dont show enough in my book..A Supernatural/Vampire Diaries crossover ?? lol It will never happen but I dream big. Overall grade: C-


HOSTESS (RIP Twinkies) PLEASE COME BACK SO JULIE PLEC CAN PUT THE SHOW BACK ON TRACK !!!...& if that dosent work Kevin Williamson needs to take over ASAP !!.


San, I think you may have hit it - Bonnie has like three expressions. And not very appealing ones either. She's super-pretty, but her acting often lets her down. She was great though during the finale for Season 2 or was it 3 - in the school, when she was sacrificing herself for Elena. Lovely, big emotional expression there. She doesnt quite work as an actress on this show though.


Actually, Elena is a noble, sweet-natured, sacrificing creature, who is also willing to assert herself when she deems necessary. But you Laura, see her feelings for Damon or Stefan only in terms of who she wants to "screw". Of course your not going to see the nature of her personality with your little lens.

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