The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: C

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The long, cold winter hiatus season is upon us.

So with many TV Fanatic favorites on a break, we're looking back and evaluating their runs so far... report card style!

Click the links to read our Sons of Anarchy Season 5 report card, along with our Walking Dead report card, and then scroll down to see how we feel so far about The Vampire Diaries Season 4...

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Best Episode: "Memorial." One of my favorites in series history. It featured a tensely-filmed church showdown, he delved into the new Elena, every main character was given something important to do and that ending with Alaric... oh, that ending with Alaric. Tear.

Worst Episode: "O Come, All Ye Faithful." One of my least favorites in series history. A jumbled mess of two non-sensical storylines: 1. Tyler volunteering to case himself in concrete for some inexplicable reason; 2. Elena and Damon continuing to debate the absurd sire bond.

Best Character: Elena. Her transition has driven the season, with the character's changes affecting everyone around her in the especially intriguing early episodes. Nina Dobrev has been outstanding in her portrayal.

Worst Character: Bonnie. I'm sorry, but it's always Bonnie. She's putting every ounce of trust into this Professor Shane guy simply because... he took over teaching for her grandmother? NOTE: if Damon continues to be as irritating has he has been, when it comes to the sire bond and doing the "right thing" and all that nonsense, I may change my vote.

Best Storyline: Jeremy, his transformation into a hunter and the mark that can only grow when he kills vampires.

Worst Storyline: The sire bond. Need I explain why?

Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: Phoebe Tonkin. Perhaps we'll learn a lot more about her now that she's turned on Tyler, but Hayley just showed up out of nowhere; the audience was simply told of her connection to Tyler; she uttered a few snarky slams; and then proceeded to play a major role in the winter finale. In other words: she was nothing more than a plot device.

Most Impressive Wife-Beater-Wearing Physique: Jeremy Gilbert.

Hopes for 2013: Get Elena and Damon together. Period. I'm not a Delena shipper, I'm only a storyline "shipper" and this sire bond is flat out ridiculous. It's totally contrived and plays like an excuse to extend the love triangle infinitely. Let's turn the focus back to the hunt for The Cure, the mystery of The Council death and how The Five plays into all this. I want mythology, not romance.

Overall Grade: C (NOTE: It would have been an A after the first four episodes.)

Your turn, TVD lovers. What grade would you give Season 4 so far?

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Spindae 2o

Grade,Hopes and More!
I give it a B!
Elena was handled pretty well in the begginig and the fear of having 2 Kat's wasn't justified. Nina gave Elena new fire. And I like this Elena I'm sure she isn't going to get the "cure" but a Salvatore will for sure. And I'm not sure which I want to Heal! ;)
Klaus a purely overpowred character. They did't gave him the edge he needs to have with that amazing power. Shame he didn't die in S2 final.
Hopes: I want so much more from Bonnie and we will get probably more with Daddy coming. And give us Jeronnie! Please! With some nice hot scenes.
Get into the sire story and dig deep writers, cause U made Elena a slu* and a bitch. And when some people don't see it this Sire bond story is giving us the best of Damon the thing we wanted from him honest emotions.
And U peole know that Elena would never sleep so soon with Damon if she hasn't been Sired. Cause Elena cares it's her essence she wouldn't do that to Stephan.
More nonSexuall Saroline needed!

Spindae 2o

Season of Transition!
1.Best episode!?
-somewhere between The Five and The Elena insane episode! The Five cause of Clair Holt's more than perfect performance! And the Insane episode cause of the amazing performance by Nina D. Tie it!
2.worst episode
Ep9 but not cause of the Sire thing (which I like-love) it's about the idiotic Klaus-tyler-Hayley storytelling. Really unbelievable shit! And I didn't get shane's story well either(must reWatch his speech)!
3Best character!
Caroline. Cause of the amazing balance between the naive honest girl and the true bitch. So she enlighted this season with not so tearful performances but with consistancy in being a friend and brat and Lover!
4.worst character
Bonnie or Klaus! The under and over focus Really annoying! Would love to see more bonnie less Klaus
5.Best story- Saroline friendship!
6.worst story- Tyler going after Klaus
7.worst G-star-The priest!
8.Body- Bec's and Jer!


Gave it a B only because of the last episode which confused the hell out of me.

Sarah silva

A-! I do not get all the hate for this show! I love it and it continues to be one of my favorite shows on tv!


B- The 4th season started out brilliantly. The sire bond is not the best plot device but it is believable. Its very important to find another better obstacle for Delena. Without an obstacle, the series will die. This tension drives the plot. Stelena always had an obstacle: Damon. But with an external obstacle, Delena wont have one. Stefan cant be a source of tension because the dynamic just doesnt work that way for that side of the triangle. Elena is a very good actress: congruent, convincing. And beautiful to boot.
Damon is a charismatic delight. i agree about Bonnie, Matt. Bonnie is hard to see properly, and hard to love. I dont know why. She always looks resentful.

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