Blue Bloods Review: Tells, Trauma, & the Whole Truth

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Reagans are a stubborn bunch.  They don't like to back down or appear weak so it certainly wasn't "Front Page News" when Jamie tried to act like nothing was wrong after shooting and killing an armed man.

My big issue with the shooting was that it took place in Washington Square Park which normally has police officers on patrol yet it appeared as though Jamie and his partner were the only police around for a call about a man with a gun.  But this is TV, so I'll try and let that one go.

Can Danny Help Jamie?

Jamie seemed determined to be as tough as his brother but he failed miserably.  I have no doubt Danny would have felt badly if he had done the shooting but outwardly you know he wouldn't have done more than gripe about the paperwork. 

Whereas Jamie went down the road that has become all too familiar for this character.  He tormented himself wondering whether he was truly cut out to be a cop. 

This is Blue Bloods season 3. Shouldn't Jamie know what he wants to be by now. He needs to decide whether he's a cop or he wants to go back and be a lawyer or something else all together.  Instead we're stuck with this angst as he ponders his career choice every other episode and it's gotten a bit tiring.

And Jamie's reluctance over the general bureaucracy that goes along with any shooting felt odd to me. There are certain procedures that must be followed such as being evaluated by a therapist.  I would think that being part of a cop family he'd simply accept this as the norm and get it over with instead of griping every step of the way.

Perhaps I'm being to hard on him.  That could've just been the trauma talking but it came off as Jamie's insecurities coming to the surface once again.

Danny came to Jamie's rescue, as any good brother in his position should. And he did it as only Danny could do as he told the Sergeant in this Blue Bloods quote

Danny: I'm just checking on my kid brother, Sarge. If anyone at IA got a problem with it they can bite me. | permalink

You've got to respect the brotherly love.

The one person I felt no sympathy for was the victim, if you could call him that.  He got high and killed a girl in college, then covered it up and watched his friend's life be ruined by the guilt. When the truth was finally going to come out he decided it was better to kill himself and leave his family with that torment than face the consequences. And when he couldn't even get that right, he manipulated an innocent police officer into taking his life for him. The guy was a selfish little weasel to the end.

The story of the mayor's true involvement in Erin's case was left dangling. Was Frank right? Was that the mayor's tell and he's lying. I have little doubt he had something to do with the defendant suddenly accepting that deal, even if he was only pulling the strings from a distance.

Or perhaps he just has an itchy head.  Something tells me we'll find out more as this season of Blue Bloods continues.


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I think that given the circumstances, it is appropriate for Jamie to question his career choice. It is ok for him to question this for his entire career - this is normal for humans. Go easy on Jamie, most police officers complete their careers without killing anyone.


Another thing about Jamie, whatever happened to the Templar plot that was brewing? Just as the plot thickened they went away to nonsense. One gripe about the show, NOT ONE kid can act to save its life and that includes Erin's daughter. It just can not continue solely upon the shoulders of Selleck, gramps and Danny. Entire Hollywood, get some true teens that can act! The plots are well made, and the Sunday dinner table pieces are simply magic. I agree, Baker should appear more!


Okay, I love watching this show. But enough of Jamie being a weak link, like the whole family are cops and a lawyer! Give him a back bone!
And why don't they show more of Baker? For being Franks aid, she's never around?
As for the victim in this episode, I felt no remorse, he killed while high and hid it all these years, then wimped out and committed suicide by cop! Guess his family didn't mean that much.
Keep the episodes coming.


I wish we'd see more of "Det. Baker." Why are the writers leaving her sitting outside Frank's door and only occasionally having her stick her head in to bring a sandwich or announcing somebody's arrival? I mean, if she's Frank's #1 aide shouldn't she at least get some of the time given to the PR guy?


I ditto Saber6's question... what was in the bottle? Seems to me they showed the full label on purpose but even in HD I couldn't recognize it. (or read it) Curious...


I agree. I'm kinda confused. Is this the first time Jamie shot someone? I mean, three seasons and this is the first time he used his weapon?
Meanwhile, Erin's subplot is so entertaining. The look on her face when they pleaded guilty. Haha. She clearly loves a good catfight.


Frank and Erin are both so tall and the brothers are so little...


What brand of Irish whiskey does Frank Reagan drink? I'm an Irish whiskey drinker and I don't recognize the bottle.

Sarah silva

I enjoyed everything about this episode! It continues to be really great each week!


The writers have consistently tried to bolster the Jamie character but only have made him weaker and unsympathic. I agree with the review, enough already. He his not a child. After ten minutes of watching I turned off to finish watching the DVR'D version so I wouldn't have to suffer through all that whining. Grow up already or should I say, writers give him a spine.

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I'm just checking on my kid brother, Sarge. If anyone at IA got a problem with it they can bite me.


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