Bones Promo: It's Roller Derby Time

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After a somewhat light, old-school episode last night (check out our official Bones review), Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a female roller derby skater whose body was dismembered next week.

In order to get more answers, they enlist Angela, woman of many talents, to go undercover as a derby skater. Meanwhile, Cam tries to uncover the details behind Booth's secretive hospital appointments.

What do you think our fearless hero is being treated/seen for?

Check out the first promo for "The Doll in the Derby" below:

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In what universe is Ang qualified to be an undercover agent? I thot she was an frustrated artist, computer geek and her blindsiding Booth with a kiss turns my stomach. It's the only way she would ever get a kiss from him. What a great friend she is to B & B.....not.


wow,the cringing lance sweets and the startelingly repugnant daisy are back-I fast forward as usual-It is sadly true that we would watch david b. in anything-he is always resplendent to his fans and ms dechanel is always a killer-but why wrap them in such hated characters-my family won't watch due to nausea with lance and friends don't watch for the same reason.why must we have repugnant characters?

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Bones Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Angela: Hey, you fell in love with a wild woman, didn't you?
Hodgins: Yes, a beautiful wild woman.
Angela: And that's how I will remand. Because nobody screws with Smacky Kennedy.

Hodgins: Posing naked for a hot art student. That is still a big regret of mine.
Wendell: Done it. Not a student though.
Hodgins: Really?
Wendell: I don't want to talk about this anymore.