Castle Review: Father FIgures and Felonies

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Castle aired "Under the Influence” this week, an episode that centered on the death of a young DJ and her accomplices. Let’s discuss...

Death of a DJ. The weekly case focused on the death of DJ Beats, aka Holly Rhodes. She was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who had gotten mixed up working for a criminal. She would DJ parties and her assistant, a young kid, would steal expensive things from the parties.

Of course, this would lead to the death of the DJ. The bright spot of this case? Getting to watch Esposito take center stage.

Partners on Castle

Javi: Big Brother. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The character of Esposito has really grown over the past few seasons and has become one of the best on the series. There are layers and issues and it makes him all that more interesting. 

Now we know that he had a really rough childhood and even a record of his own. He just needed someone to help him out which he tried to do in return for Joey. The scenes between Javi and Joey were the most interesting parts of the hour. Jon Huertas has really become a star on this show. He has earned his right to be front and center in some of these installments. Let’s hope that the writers of the show keep up with this. 

Beckett and a Dead Body

Caskett is Comfortable. There weren’t really any exciting moments for the shippers in “Under the Influence,” except for the funny comment about the movie Valentine’s Day. These two have developed into a comfortable and functioning couple. A lot of people were worried, me included, that making these two a couple would hurt the show.

You can’t get them together too soon but if you want too long, you make the viewers angry. Andrew Marlowe had perfect timing, however. It hasn’t ruined the series at all. In fact, I think it adds a new layer to the relationship that makes it more enjoyable. Don't you agree?

Side Notes:

  • Once again, no Captain Gates. Anyone miss her?
  • Seems like there is less screen time for Martha and Alexis than before. Is it working or should they be around more?
  • Did anyone find themselves not really interested in the case of this episode at all?
  • Getting closer to the annual two-parter in February. Can’t wait!

Overall, an enjoyable Castle episode. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. What did you think of “Under the Influence?” Up to Castle standards or did it fall short? Sound off below and let us know what you thought and check out the Castle quotes page for some good lines from the one and only Espo. Also, come back later this week for the Castle Round Table too!

Until next time, Castle Fanatics!


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I really like character development and overarching story lines. Castle has a lot of stand-alone episodes but it's also a big puzzle, and I enjoy turning the pieces around and seeing how they fit. I love all the peripheral characters and feel they balance one another well, and am always interested in learning more about them. Plus, sooner or later, someone else is gonna get killed off, and then you'll be sorry you were complaining, won't you? :-D I'd like to see a bit more tenderness and alone-time between K&R, although I don't really want to see them having sex. That would feel intrusive to me somehow. (especially not when they get into the... handcuffy stuff). I suspect if that does happen, it's going to be played for laughs and extremely embarrassing, and I'll have to accidentally delete the episode off the DVR before my teenager sees it. :-D I'm really looking forward to development of Rick's character on a more intimate level. Nathan Fillion has amazing range and is of course very pretty. But, much as Rick's funny and charming, I stopped watching the show early on because I've known people like that, with that darker side of being extremely self-centered and manipulative. Sure, cute, but grating over time if you never see the soul underneath. It took Kate's shooting for me to go back and look at the show, and watch the relationship develop. Not every episode has to be earth-shattering. P.S. "Joey Malone" is a nod to Nathan's character name on his first TV show, One Life To Live. I think there are some clips on YouTube. I hear that dancing lessons are involved.


Jan are you sure you're a real fan? There was one episode with Gates with the dolls and you are doing like if it's an every week thing. One episode you don't like now and you're already talking about the show not on for another season? Wow. Such lack of loyalty. I didn't expect the Castle/Beckett romantic thing to work, but it's working. I find nothing wrong with Gates and I did miss her and Alexis and Martha. I also loved this episode with Esposito. The way he looks at someone up and down always cracks me up. I liked the fact that he got some serious screen time. Nothing is wrong with mixing things up a bit. I loved this episode.


I like Espo and everything, but this episode was such a bore. The case wasn't interesting and there was NO CASKETT.
definitely never going to watch it again.. idc about Alexis at all, but I'd like to see more Martha


I agree that this wasn't the most interesting case, however I did enjoy learning more about Espisito and seeing his interaction with Joey. My question is, will we see Joey again or was that just for this episode? It would be nice if he popped in every now and then. About the Chief, not really missing her... I don't think it needs to be about Beckett & Castle all the time and it was a nice change, even if it lands in the never to be watched again pile.


My fanfic in the back of the cab they were making out, umm few ep's back.
And they can hardly keep their hands off each other even at the station.
Gates? Shruggs...
For this ep one word sums it up ..


I actually paid attention to the story and liked it. Expanding the cast knowledge will be good for the show in the long run. On to Castle and Beckett now...


I fell asleep to this episode. Too much Esposito in an uninteresting story. I want to see Castle like he used to be - confident, sexy, funny. Even he has changed for the worst. He's constantly insecure now and where's the funny banter? Now that they are together how about some steamy scenes? Or at least showing them being loving. All we get is a quick smooch here or there. And Gates is a mess. First she's so badass no one can stand her now she's just getting weird with her ridiculous love for creepy little dolls. What has happened to the writing? I'm wondering if they will manage to get a 6th season. Maybe they should fanfic. Some of those stories are much better than what we're getting.


I really enjoyed this episode! Thought it was great that it was centered around Esposito!! Nice to see a different side to him :) overall, great episode! Really liked it!!


This episode was classic Castle case solving, with some Javi thrown in. I liked this episode better than the Espo episode from a season past that revolved around his former partner. Still, I miss the scenes with Castle in the loft. I understand that Alexis is away at college but Martha is still there, and Beckett would be there much of the time now also. I always love the writing where Castle solves the murder through an unrelated comment or event with family in the loft (such as the bow tying in Once Upon A Crime). Personally I think there should be a Caskett physical moment in every episode, even if it is brief (such as Beckett getting the murder call and getting out of Castle's bed).


this episode will categorized as the first filler of season 5. i enjoyed the spotlight on javi but grew tired quickly as he is not one of the main reasons i watch castle. i watch castle for fillion and beckett. their chemistry on the show is unmatched on tv. i miss captain gates because she bringsher own element to the show. i'm not a fan of alexis but i do miss martha. when people get pass the quirkyness of martha they will find she has some wisdom castle and beckett will eventually benefit from. like a good fan, i will await next week's installment.

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