Castle Review: Wild Nights Result in Death

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Castle entertained again this week with "Death Gone Crazy," a fun and lighthearted episode with lots of girls and some even better Castle quotes. Let’s discuss...

College Girls & Murder. The weekly case dealt with the death of Beau Randolph, the guy behind “College Girls Gone Crazy.” Beau was found dead in a club bathroom strangled by a bra. Only Castle could pull off something like this.

Kelly Hu on Castle

The usual twists and turns took place from a hot - and I mean hot - bodyguard to a kindergarden teacher and a children’s programmer. 

The latest installment was typical Castle fun and should not be missed. Especially since....

Espo’s Got A Date! After the hot bodyguard was cleared, Handsome Javi asked her out on a date. The role was played by actress Kelly Hu, who’s been popping up on some great shows lately (i.e. ArrowThe Vampire Diaries). It’s about time he moved on from Lanie. Although, they did exchange some longing glances in the beginning of the hour. 

As much fun as the Javi/Lanie relationship was, we never got to see it develop. We’re not going to see one between him and Scarlet the bodyguard either. Over the past several episodes, this character has really found its footing and has taken on a leading type role. Give the man a love interest! Even if it’s just for a few episodes; us ladies want to see him with his shirt off again!

“It’s a vlog!” Castle and Alexis had their father/daughter time over an incredible looking sundae while discussing Alexis’ video blog. Although sometimes Rick can be a wacky dad, he was right about one thing tonight. The Internet can be a scary place and things never really go away. He was worried about his daughter being out there on the Web with personal information.

He understands how easy it is for predators to get to young girls and he worries for her. And rightfully so! We see too much of this type of stuff gone bad. It’s always good to see Castle being an awesome dad.

Side Notes

  • Nothing special between Castle and Beckett tonight. Doesn’t matter, though. They are solid and Kate continues to get hotter each episode, right?
  • No Gates again! Anyone notice?
  • Gotta love the few bromance moments... even if they were blink and you miss it.

Overall, another fun episode of Castle. Up to par with the show’s expectations and just as enjoyable as you expect. What did you think of “Death Gone Crazy?” Did you enjoy this week’s murder or did it fall a little short?

Sound off below and let us know your thoughts an don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week.


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RE: Alexis vlog - For me, the reason this feels so untrue to the character is that Alexis has been set up (for the *entire* series) to be more mature and wise for her age. Her dad is a rich, famous writer of *crime* novels and works for the NYPD. AND, she did an internship with Lanie in the morgue! Good God...if anyone should be schooled in the dangers of stalkers, predators, online cybercrime, etc. it should be Alexis. They're wrote her like she's grown up in a bubble without any exposure to what criminals and sociopaths can do, when really the opposite is true.


I don't know if network tv has reached the point of using the term cockblock, but I do know they did not use it on Castle. Ryan used a pun of the term that I thought was funnier. The actual quote was "Sorry we had to COP-block you, bro."


I find Castle was right in what he told Alexis. What is with these young people who are always stressing "I'm eighteen". So what. Eighteen means you can't make mistakes now? Or you're entitled to make as many as you want without anyone correcting you? Alexis always wants to do her own thing without advice from anyone. The writers should make her one of the targets of an online stalker or bully, let's see how she reacts to Castle's protectiveness after that. smdh. I like Martha. She's always funny.


And Genie I am sure you were one of those longing for a Beckett/Castle hookup. I knew it. I knew people were going to start complaining about how boring they've gotten now that they've hooked up (which I disagree with, because I was one never wanted them to hook up, but I find it's tastefully done). I like the crime plots as well, love Javi and wait longingly for his onscreen time and looks that he gives to people (and his and Ryan's quips). I could never have enough of Javi. Where is Gates? It's a shame. They shouldn't just ignore her like that, but they could soften her character a bit.


I liked the episode but did not think it was up to standards. Castle seemed almost boring..very little witty comments. I like the character Esposito but this is two in a row where was more upfront and it is time to get back to Caskett. It is so funny to see how much NCIS and Castle crossover with actors. Espo's girl was Kai on NCIS. Every week it seems like an actor from one the shows is on the other show. It is funny because they are on different networks. Let's get back to what makes the show the best. Castle and Beckett.


Agree that this was a "so-so" episode. Clearly the VLOG was a bad idea and Castle is right to worry. Beckett should have supported him in that view (any good cop would). Glad to see no Gates. Not sure how they write her off but everyone agrees they should. Really miss the tension between Castle and Beckett. They can have a relationship and still some serious banter. Come on writers--get back to the good old days of earlier seasons. I felt the case was kind of annoying. Too many false leads. We don't watch solely for the crime solving but this seemed "manipulative" of the viewer. Hope they do better because I want to see more seasons of Castle.


realistic. Just because the character doesn't fit in your reality, doesn't mean she doesn't fit in any.
4. Javi should have waited until the case was over, but he thought she had been cleared. I would like to see her again now that the case is over, if only to make Lanie realize she still has feelings for Javi.
All in all great episode. No complaints.


1. Those who missed the Caskett relationship in this episode weren't watching the scenes where they walked into the party and where they walked in on the sleaze watching "College Men go Nuts." They both made comments to each other in those scenes. It wasn't obvious, but they're working, they can't be obvious - even if their partners know, suspects and persons of interest don't.
2. The VLOG - She released her name, her boyfriend's name, where they are hanging out together, the college she goes to...that's enough information for some psycho who has it in for Castle (a rich, notorious, crime author who has assisted in incarcerating a lot of people wit hthe NYPD and FBI) to find Alexis and kidnap/hurt/kill her. He has every right to be protective.
3. For the one who said that "no children act like Alexis", I did. I was studious, polite, bookish, more mature than my age. I didn't get into trouble until college and even then managed to hide it from my dear parents. Yes, she is realistic. Just because it's not in your reality, doesn't make it less real.
4. Javi should have waited until the end of the case, but he didn't know if he would see the bodyguard again. I think now that she's cleared, we should see more of her...if only to make Lanie jealous and more interested in Javier again.
All in all great classic Castle episode. No complaints.


I come home from work on Monday nights, looking forward to a little fun and levity on Castle - and it always delivers. I don't care how silly the case may be - that is not why I watch. If I wanted indepth and serious I would watch (which I do) any one of the many episodes of Law and Order - otherwise, I just relax and enjoy. Love everyone on the show.


Amusing post by Nick- way to plug DISH network! haha Episode was so-so... and yes, I am also wondering where Gates has vanished to! Love the 'cockblock' quote. I think it was a good episode- need more 'back and forth' between Castle and Beckett!

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