Castle Review: Wild Nights Result in Death

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Castle entertained again this week with "Death Gone Crazy," a fun and lighthearted episode with lots of girls and some even better Castle quotes. Let’s discuss...

College Girls & Murder. The weekly case dealt with the death of Beau Randolph, the guy behind “College Girls Gone Crazy.” Beau was found dead in a club bathroom strangled by a bra. Only Castle could pull off something like this.

Kelly Hu on Castle

The usual twists and turns took place from a hot - and I mean hot - bodyguard to a kindergarden teacher and a children’s programmer. 

The latest installment was typical Castle fun and should not be missed. Especially since....

Espo’s Got A Date! After the hot bodyguard was cleared, Handsome Javi asked her out on a date. The role was played by actress Kelly Hu, who’s been popping up on some great shows lately (i.e. ArrowThe Vampire Diaries). It’s about time he moved on from Lanie. Although, they did exchange some longing glances in the beginning of the hour. 

As much fun as the Javi/Lanie relationship was, we never got to see it develop. We’re not going to see one between him and Scarlet the bodyguard either. Over the past several episodes, this character has really found its footing and has taken on a leading type role. Give the man a love interest! Even if it’s just for a few episodes; us ladies want to see him with his shirt off again!

“It’s a vlog!” Castle and Alexis had their father/daughter time over an incredible looking sundae while discussing Alexis’ video blog. Although sometimes Rick can be a wacky dad, he was right about one thing tonight. The Internet can be a scary place and things never really go away. He was worried about his daughter being out there on the Web with personal information.

He understands how easy it is for predators to get to young girls and he worries for her. And rightfully so! We see too much of this type of stuff gone bad. It’s always good to see Castle being an awesome dad.

Side Notes

  • Nothing special between Castle and Beckett tonight. Doesn’t matter, though. They are solid and Kate continues to get hotter each episode, right?
  • No Gates again! Anyone notice?
  • Gotta love the few bromance moments... even if they were blink and you miss it.

Overall, another fun episode of Castle. Up to par with the show’s expectations and just as enjoyable as you expect. What did you think of “Death Gone Crazy?” Did you enjoy this week’s murder or did it fall a little short?

Sound off below and let us know your thoughts an don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week.


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Personally the plot this week was more exciting than last week. However, the episode itself was kinda blah in a way. The character who broke the boringness was Esposito. He just gets better and better every week! And give him a date would ya?! Even better. I do wonder where Gates is though? Strange she hasn't been there in like three weeks.


Hmm If my 18yr old daughter gave me attitude like that, well, it wouldn't be pretty.. nough said. Ricks attitude was the correct one and over 18 or not once a parent always a parent.
Are Rick and Kate actually together or is this some type of a weird dream concocted by the writers???
Cause they sure don't act like a couple.
watch it again later wait for round table :)


Once again, I didn't mean to give this a 4.3 rating. Can't seem to get the voting right. I would have given this one a 2. It was just boring!


As much as I love Castle I am becoming more and more disenchanted with these story lines. We waited four years for Castle and Beckett to get together and we are once again waiting for scenes where this "together-ness" is depicted. I agree...let's get some of the old writers back. And I realize Alexis is now an adult but...I miss the adorable teenager who didn't disrespect her father so much. His advice was right on and both Martha and Beckett should not have defended Alexis. I know I am repeating myself but...Castle and Beckett create such magic on the screen - can't we have more of it??


I aggree with some of you who have commented about the storylines missing something. I miss some of the trademark sharp wit that Casle makes, or Kate and him do the sleuthing. I do get the impression, Alexis putting herself online is a precursor to something bad which could involve 3xk or maybe some other nutcase out there. A kidnapping-extorsion-or double jeopardy -a mother and daughter kidnapping? THey already issued the news that James Brolin will play Castles' father... hmmm... aught to be interesting. I would have loved to see Rick live up to his words that he uttered in this episode, a father who will do anything for his daughter. Meaning ? Bring in Liam Neeson or Sean Bean or likewise charactor, to play Casles father, or bring back Dana Delaney to help. I wouldn't have minded a story where Rick takes off to Paris where his ex is, and Alexis is missing; and Beckett appears on the plane, just like Castle did when she went off to LA to see her old ex-partner.
any thoughts? Or did I bump my head this morning getting out of bed.


Castle needed to be more firm about the Vlog. I have an 18 yr old at home but I'm still the parent. It's way too dangerous for her to be doing this and she is too smart to do it in the first place so that didn't ring true. Again no chemistry between Castle & Beckett. It's getting to be boring. The story was fine. Tons better than last week. I certainly won't be telling my friends that they need to be watching this show until it improves.


Liked the story but missed even the small Caskett glances. Thought they could have incorporated a few to give us our fix.


I think the writers throwing in a little fatherly concern here and there for Alexis' safety is a foreshadowing of something to come. Also I love the bromance. Those two guys have great timing. But please give us a Kevin Ryan centered episode already.


Sorry I got cut off. Beckett should not of sided with Alexis concerning her blog. The episode was ok. Lets get some of our old writers back.


The killer was obvious.Beckett should not of sided with Alexis concerning her

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