Chicago Fire Review: Heading for Madrid

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As it turns out, "Under the Knife" had as much to do with the rest of Station 51 as it did with Kelly.

But with the added pressures of being under the knife, Cruz, Mills, Severide and Casey might be making some poor choices.

Finding the Survivor

Cruz is still dealing with Flacko’s death and it seems each time we see him he’s trying something new to ease his guilt. In this case, he was resorting to cutting himself, but at least Leon’s life is beginning to turn around as he’s taken the first step in rehabilitation by registering for classes.

However, it’s still difficult to become emotionally involved with this story. It boils down to two reasons for me:

  1. Cruz is mostly silent.
  2. Leon is still ringing mostly false.

While it’s understandable that Cruz is under almost direct orders to keep his mouth shut with Flacko’s death, Cruz has no outlet for his feelings aside from Leon.

The only reprieve Cruz found was hurting himself – whether by cutting, drinking or aimlessly wandering by train tracks and bridges – but all of it has been done without a word. It’s difficult to connect with Cruz when we’re mostly clawing for answers on our own.

Hopefully, Cruz will eventually make his way to Mouch and talk about all of this. Mouch has been in everyone’s corner and I very much doubt he’d turn in Cruz.

Mills, after one night of passion with Dawson, made a very poor decision when he talked back to Boden and it was gratifying to watch Boden take him down a peg. Even though Mills agreed with Dawson to keep their fun night and whatever aftermath they chose just between them, anyone with an ounce of observational skills could tell they were into each other and had fun. 

While the potential relationship is not a bad thing on its own, as we’ve seen before in “One Minute,” Boden doesn’t like his orders being questioned and that’s what set him off more than anything else.

It looked like Boden was willing to turn his head from whatever Mills and Dawson had as long as Mills could learn the skills needed for his job and keep his head down. Instead, Mills didn’t want to play that game and would rather tell Boden to basically mind his own business... even though it’s completely within his firehouse.

Mills’ complete shellacking by Boden might be the nail in the one-night stand of Dawson and Mills.

Casey’s meetings with his mother are beginning to be put up red flags for me. While I originally thought she might have acted in self-defense or with good reason, it looks more and more like she deserves to stay in prison and I feel like she’s just using Casey for whatever kind of edge she can get in her parole hearing.

Finally, there’s Severide. I can’t blame him for wanting to go to Madrid with Renee. With the news of his more than likely “administrative position” after the surgery, he would rather head to Madrid, go to a rehab center there and maybe start his life over somewhere new with Renee.

Not a bad cliffhanger. Chicago Fire will be back in three weeks. As always, let us know what you thought of “Under the Knife” in the comments!


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I enjoyed the show and the acting. I thought Kelly really looked sad and torn at maybe thinking he had to leave with Renee. I believe he'll come back when he's better. Casey hopefully will do the right thing and leave mom in prison where she belongs. She was out of the house no need to kill the abuser. Cruz needs help! I hope he gets it. Boden is awesome, Shay is so cute, Casey wants to try with Dawson and she is so insecure and no sense of timing girl! I sure hope the show continues I am tired of the cancellations. Good reference to the Third Watch now that was a SHOW!!


Am I the only one who finds it really awkward watching Mills and Dawson together? He just always struck me as a kind "little brother" to her, despite his crush. I still think that Casey and Dawson makes a lot more sense.


I'm with Mrs. Alex O'Loughlin. To me it seemed like Boden was saying Mills was to completely shut down any romantic relationship he might have and focus on the work. I was proud of Peter for standing up to himself and felt Boden was completely out of line for reprimanding him for doing so. Love Kelly and Renee together but don't really want to see either of them go. I, too, was thinking that Casey's mom killed his dad in self defense or something, but with the knowledge that she took the keys off the counter and went to a whole separate dwelling to kill him... I say she deserves to stay where shes at.


i HOPE severide RETURNS....i don't think waiting as long as he did, HELPED him much though......had he seen the doctor right AFTER getting hurt....though, i can understand his worries about his job. dawson is getting on my nerves....she NEEDS to get her head does casey. i'm THRILLED that the show IS RETURNING....i was worried. alisa


I was not happy that Cruz let that thug die. He should have saved him and held it over his head to get his brother out of the gang. Cruz needs to talk to some. Munch will understand just like Casey did. Dawson and Casey would be great together. I was not happy that Dawson blamed wine on sleeping with Mills. Mills is too young for her and she needs to tell him that and not string him along. Loved that Boden set Mills straight! What was up with Shay being mean to Renee. She was acting jealouse! Renee seems like she really cares for Severide will have to see what happens between them. Severide will not stay in Spain. I was kind of thinking that Severide liked Mills sister. He had Shay ask where she was one time. I am not liking Casey's mom. Also love the guy from sex and the city he is funny and his wife really loves him. I hope NBC keeps this show for next season.


I really like this show! I think every episode gets better than the last. I hope Mills listens to Boden and ends it with Dawson,(using Kelly's nose-to-the-grindstone dedication while a Candidate was a good example). Besides, Mills will always be second choice, she really wants to be with Casey. I don't want Severide to go to Spain, scares me that he's already bought the plane ticket. 51 is his family, and Renee's life style is too flamboyant for him anyway. I think Renee influenced him to move with her, due to 'territorial' show-down with Shay. If he goes, hope he'll realize he misses his 51 family. Anway, I'd hate for him to 'go under the knife' in Madrid, with nobody but Renee there for him afterwards. I think he and Renee are good together, but she needs to sacrifice Madrid for him if she wants him. And, maybe, as Severide first mentioned to her, her attraction is still based on the hero worship thing. I like Cruz and understand why he left Flacco in the burning building, it was to save his brother, and it's too bad the guilt is overwhelming, he needs to find a priest (more so than Mouch) and confess his sin, and then concentrate on being there for Leon. Poor Hermann needs some kind of break, but don't they know how babies are made yet?! Taylor Kinney is SOoooo hot, always, but I just saw a pic of him clean-shaven, and, WOW! He looked even better!!!

Sarah silva

I thought this was a fantastic episode.
It was nice to find out why Casey thinks his mom should be up for parole. He feels partially responsible for her killing his father as he left the keys out. It will be interesting to see what happens there.
I am glad Kelly finally went to Boden and got his shoulder looked at, however I felt bad for him when he was told it was worse than they originally thought. However I think if he would have had it looked at earlier it would not be that bad. I like Renee and Kelly is happy with her but I do not want him to leave.
I took the Boden and Mills converstation differently. I felt Boden was basically telling him to not get involved with Dawson, no matter if he can leave it at the "door" and concentrate on work when he is there. I know Boden is the boss but I think that was a little silly him talking to Mills about the whole thing!
I feel bad for Hermann! His wife is having their 5th child and he is already struggling with 4 kids and no house! It was funny though how he told the guys!


Great show. I would have for Severide to move to Madrid with Spain. He belongs at home with Shay. Hoping for a show down between Shay and Renee. Severide can't leave!! The character that plays Mills is a good actor, just realized that last night during the discussion with the Boden. Cruz is getting on my nerves and the guy from Sex and the City is great comic relief. Overall great show. Can't wait for more episodes.

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