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I won't say I'm "hooked already", but I will say that it has my curiosity to see next week.
I do feel naive for not even considering that Mia was Vivian's daughter one bit. Towards the end, I had a slight thought about it, but I just thought it was too obvious when thinking about it. Either way, it's an interesting reveal that will have consequences if no one else in the family knows.
As for who killed Vivian, my guess is that it was most likely an overdose and that Julian probably did argue with her before hand and did hit her and just simply regrets his last conversation with his sister. Chances are that Edward did it, seeing as Tate Donovan can't seem to last in any TV show before leaving/being written out. Another thought is that the baby's father, wasn't the baby daddy and found that out and killed her out of anger.


I LOVED it,it definitely suprised me..I love the lady who plays the step-mom,when she told joanna that just because vivian is dead,it dosent change what she did in the past..And wes brown and meagan fox are hot together

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