Grey's Anatomy Promo: Sex, All The Time

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After a one-month time jump, Grey's Anatomy delivered some major developments Thursday in terms of the lawsuit and its impact on the doctors receiving the settlement - and the hospital itself.

Our Grey's Anatomy review has the rundown on last night. What's to come next week?

Apparently some pregnancy hormone-fueled MerDer sex. No complaints, we imagine.

That may be the only lighter side of an otherwise heavy installment as the Seattle Grace doctors are on edge when a new medical professional enters the hospital (guest star Constance Zimmer).

Change is never easy. In fact, it can even be devastating ... particularly in the case of experiencing extreme pain in a part of you that no longer exists. One can't help but feel for Arizona there.

Check out the promo for "Walking on a Dream" and share your comments below:

UPDATE: Check out the Canadian promo for another early look at the episode ...

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Besides they are not the stars of the show, they are main characters. And right now a big part Grey's is related to the plane crash, so they focus a lot on the lawsuit, Derek's hand and Arizona's leg. That's why we see the ladies maybe more than before. Last year they didn't have much screen time.
Think before you write.


@Charle T : Grey's fans are not only Americans and all kinds of polls and conversations on social networks prove that both Callie but even more Arizona are very popular characthers, and that includes mostly Americans. You can have your opinions but you can't speak on behalf of other people. As for the lesbian relationship, talking from experience, it's not fake or forced, it's actually probably the most realistic lesbian relationship i've ever seen on tv.
Yes killing off characters is too frequent on the show and yes it's losing its audience but it can also simply be explained by the fact that it's the 9th season, very few shows last that long.


I've actually gotten sick of Callie this season. She was once my favorite character. I continued watching Grey's because of she and Mark. I liked her okay with Hahn and have tolerated her with Arizona up until recently. Can't stand her any more and I'm not sure why.


Do you know the name of the song playing in the Canadian promo?


Sad to only see 8million viewers for this past episode. Use to be 16 million. Yet, that was before they Killed off our Beloved George, Mark, Lexie and made Callie and Arizona the star of the show. News Flash, the majority of Americans don't care for their stupid relationship. As a gay man I find it fake and just forced. Get the one legged lady off the show. She stinks and will never be a part of this family.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Put on your big girl pants, you're about to learn how to run the pit.


It's these stupid pregnancy hormones. They make me want to have sex all the time.


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