Grey's Anatomy Review: Phantoms and Flying

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Grey’s Anatomy aired "Walking on a Dream this week, an episode that brought a new face to the hospital, while also offering a setback for Arizona - along with a big step forward for Mer. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Phantom Limbs. Arizona has been dealing with Phantom Limb Syndrome, something that makes you feel pain in an amputated limb. Can you imagine? Not only was she in a plane crash, but she lost her leg and now she is feeling pain in something that is not even there?!? Luckily, she has Owen to help her.

Dr. Hunt in Action

It was seriously enjoyable to see Owen in an arc that wasn’t related to Yang. Although I am a fan of the Cristina/Owen ship, it’s still important that they have their own stories. Kevin McKidd was great in this one. Even better? Jessica Capshaw. She has been playing this character amazingly since the plane crash. Such emotion, such drama. Love it!

The Claws Are Out! Meet Dana Gordon Alana, the financial advisor who has come to keep Seattle Grace to help keep the doors open. The character, played by Constance Zimmer of Entourage fame, is not super nice and even kind of shady.

Her job is to find ways to cut costs, meaning she wants to close the ER. She also has a weird way of handling Webber, who was a former teacher of hers. Anyone else notice that?

The worst thing to come out of her visit was the remark from Bailey. The docs don’t want to shut down the ER, but Bailey realizes they need to listen so they can keep their jobs. Not all of them have a few million to fall back on. Burn!

Looks like things are about to get tense between our favorite surgeons.

Mer and Cristina Looking Concerned

No Shipping Tonight. There wasn’t too much going on between any of the couples, except for the ridiculous cuteness between Mer and Der. Sometimes this series goes overboard with the relationship drama, but without it, the show felt a little empty. 

The only bit of shipping to go on was Jackson shutting down with Stephanie after the mention of April. On the other side of the hospital, Kepner was getting asked out by the adorable paramedic. Seriously, that girl has some luck!

Side Notes:

  • Meredith got on a plane and flew! She deserves some credit for that.
  • How funny was Yang fighting for the Africa program?
  • My vote goes to Ross for favorite intern! Who’s yours?
  • Derek operated! McDreamy is back!

Overall, an okay episode. Not every hour can be great, I get that. But this one felt a little dull. I guess for a show that has bombs, plane crashes and shooters, a slow episode isn’t too bad.

What did you think of “Walking on a Dream?” Did it fall a little short or was it as good as you expect from the veteran series? Sound off below and let us know what you thought. Don’t forget to check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. For now, here's next week's promo.

Until next week, Grey’s fans!


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Mer and AZ rocked last week's episode. Facial expressions were spot on. Jessica Capshaw's performance this season is just fantastic. Have never really thought about all the trials an amputee has to go through but she brings you right into their world and gives you a better feel for what they go through everyday.


@Stephan I get what you´re saying but I still think that both, the hospital and the airline should be liable. I know they said they wouldn´t get as much money from the airline as they do from the hospital but I can´t get over them letting this unsafe company completely off the hook. They offered a huge settlement (that even their own lawyers wanted them to take) so it´s not like they have zero money at all. Even bankrupting them would have been more satisfying. As it is, the crappy airline is getting off scott-free by choice of their victims and that really pisses me off about the storyline.


It is kind of boring now. At least they mentioned Lexie this week. Does Callie get Mark's 15 million? I like Ross. Can we please get a current pic for this web site.


Remember, the insurance company bailed on paying because Arizona broke the rules by getting pissy at Alex and put her sorry fanny on the plane. So if you look at it that way, it’s Arizona’s fault the hospital is in financial trouble. If she’d left Alex on the plane, the insurance company wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on — and she would.


Loved Constance Zimmer. More of her, please!
Glad I got to see more Stephanie, as she's my favorite intern. Sucks that Heather wasn't in it though.
As for Yang, I missed seeing her, but I noticed each and every bit of the cast got an equal chance at the screen!
Have to admit that I was getting sick of Meredith's hormonal side; drove me nuts.


Virtually every airline has reported some mechanical defect at some point - it does not mean that each airline is going to crash in the future. In order for the hospital to be negligent it would need to be proved that whatever the reason the plane crashed was directly the result of whatever mechanical defects were reported in the past that the hospital was supposed to be aware of. If this was the case, the airline would also be liable. The flight could have crashed for a number of reasons that had nothing to do with previous defects. Finding only the hospital negligent without knowing what caused the crash is what makes this story hard to watch and take seriously.


@DanySheperd What you're saying about the courts decision is wrong to be honest. Every employer has a duty to keep your working enviroment danger-free. This includes booking you a safe flight if your job includes travelling to another hospital as it's the case here. Which means, if he chartered this airline while he was at least able to know about the safety issues, he negligently failed his duties and is therefor liable. It doesn't matter who signed that - Owen or some random administration guy at the hospital. Fact is, they signed it representing the hospital - which means the hospital is liable. And no contract with your employer can keep you from coming after him! Did the group fail on their aim "kicking the bad guys asses". Maybe true. On the other hand - how would you feel if you knew your employer booked you an unsafe flight which caused a plane crash where you lost beloved ones and legs - just in order to safe some money? I totally get the grudge! Btw., I hope the hospital starts sueing the airline company which they are allowed to... But I don't see any money coming from there as this company has a history of safety issues and probably - law suits. My apologies for my english - I'd prefer German but I might be the only one who does ;)


(cut off) shut up and let the woman finish her sentence in regards to help them all keep their jobs. I think many viewers forgot that Derek is a multi-millionaire and has been long before the accident. It was established in season two.


@Ninna I think Bailey would have snapped at anyone in that moment but Derek was launching off a holier-than-thou attitude about the suggestion made by the presenter when he and his fellow crash-victims were the cause for the financial crisis in the first place. Had Robbins not kicked Karev off, their insurance would have covered them. If the group hadn´t decided against investigating the pilot despite his shared crash fate with them, then the airline would have paid (or their own insurance would have) and the hospital wouldn´t be in this mess. As it was, they sued their own employer and thus, potentially got hundreds of people now fired who were not involved or responsible with and for their crash. Derek was complaining the loudest at that moment and as a surgeon already being paid millions (2 million a year as established on the show) even after no longer being able to operate but still on staff payroll and getting paid a regular income (plus the lawsuit win) so he got told to shut up and let the woman finish her sentence in regards to help them all keep their jobs. I think many viewers forgot that Derek is a multi-millionaire and has been long before the accident. It was established in season two.


...a new job but the ones who died and lost limbs they'll never reclaim what they have lost. As for Owen I must say that he is the least culpable party in this debacle. But the department or person who advised him ultimately was negligent and caused deaths. Deaths of people very useful to society.
But, the problem here is a question of fault versus liability. He may not be at fault but he has civil liability because he's the person in charge. I know, it's unfair. And so being, in that line of thinking the airline with recurrent safety problems should be sued as well. And that one probably for being at fault.
Of course, everyone is entitled to her/his opinion and it can be different from mine.
And yes,the way the lawsuit was presented required us to suspend disbelief.

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