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I'm really not quite sure what I hoped for from "Reunion," but I know it didn't deliver at the level I expect from Haven. For the first time, I was a bit underwhelmed at the reveal leading up to the season finale. That doesn't mean I don't think they can pull off something spectacular, but I wanted more.

It's also interesting that after all the debate that went into pulling this episode in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, it was probably one of the least gun violent episodes we've seen. Shooting was only one of the many ways in which Arla chose to go after her victims, and Robbie only went down in Arla's attempt to save Audrey.

Nathan Heads Back To School

Yes, it was Arla Cogan all along who was the skinwalker. It was her Trouble, and I guess it started when she went to Haven with James 27 years ago. Until we learned about The Guard this year, I didn't even know people outside of Haven could be Troubled. I'm still confused as to whether or not you must have ties to Haven in order to be Troubled.

I thought it was weird that the Haven classmates of Nathan and Duke didn't know of the Troubles as anything other than folklore parents used to frighten their children because they hadn't lived in Haven while they were active. People must really be tight lipped about their Troubles.

Jeanine’s trouble had to be one of the worst I've ever heard of. Seriously. Every food she touches turns to cake? I’d want to die. I love steak, crab, pasta...if it all turned to cake before it hit my mouth I do not think I could handle it. I would rather find that I ate everything I bought or something. Anything but cake!

We all knew something was up with the Teagues, but to see Dave bash Vince over the head to discover the secret of the barn from Arla was shocking. Vince was definitely surprised to learn there was another way than Audrey to stop The Troubles... but Dave? I’m not so sure. 

Did anyone else find it downright strange that the motivational speaker’s morph into his teen self Robbie gave him about an extra three inches of height? What is with casting these days? It can’t be that difficult to find someone with the same general characteristics as your mains, can it? At least his face was far better than Duke’s, who didn’t even have the same facial structure. I know. Nitpicky, aren’t I?

All of the losses, the death of Tommy, of my beloved Claire, came down to the fact that Arla had a Trouble. If she had lost James 27 years ago and didn't have a Trouble, she wouldn't have been able to kill to keep herself young in the hope of reuniting with him. She could have looked for him, but she would have been 27 years older no matter what. Most likely she would have just let James go.

Instead, Arla lost her skin and spent the next 27 years waiting for her chance to get back into the barn because Lucy took James into the barn 27 years ago for its restorative properties leaving Arla behind. You have to give her some credit for carrying out the long term plan, but it feels like a bit of a letdown in the whole scheme of things. I don’t know what I expected, but I wanted something a lot more powerful than a woman scorned.

Other things of interest:

  • Even if it took the lure of the barn to get her to be free with it, I enjoyed Audrey sharing her feelings with Nathan.
  • Of course Duke would be the hot long haired guy in high school. Good for Janine for giving him one more try!
  • I don't harbor any resentment toward my high school nemeses. I figure they were just as miserable as me, and if not, they've learned about it by now.
  • We need more Adam Copeland.
  • Audrey's apartment has to be the least secure place in Haven.

We still have the finale, and I’m hoping that power will come in terms of a revelation from the Teagues. It’s time to determine once and for all just who or what they are. What are their Troubles? Surely they have them. If you've missed any episodes, be sure to watch Haven online and catch the review for the finale coming up next!


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I just now got to watch the episode since it is finally on Hulu. I agree, this episode was a little underwhelming and we definitely need more Adam Copeland.


@JI360: The "going back in time" thing is best regarded as a vision. A & N weren't really there; they didn't leave the barn. As to "kill your true love, cure the troubles," I think you need to look to "Once Upon a Time" for logic. It only makes sense if Audrey has been cursed by an evil sorcerer. And no, I'm not kidding.


I found the finale very confusing. They're in the barn, then they are back in time, out of the barn, in the barn again - yeesh make up your mind! The whole barn being powered by Audrey's love made no sense. If she kills someone she loves then the troubles end? But I though it was love that prevented the troubles so how does killing a loved one stop that? And why exactly was James sick? And if the barn has restorative power, then why not drag Nathan into the barn as well instead of leaving him to bleed to death in the middle of a meteor shower? I really like this show but this finale was very confusing!


1. Agree about the school violence. It was directed against adults and wasn't random or (mostly) involving guns. I'm not sure anybody would have made a connection to Newtown. 2. "to see Dave bash Vince over the head to discover the secret of the barn from Arla was shocking." It was slapstick. It's what you expect with those two. Much like what happens between the two of them in the following episode. 3. Agree about Arla. The resolution of the mystery is surprising, but it's also pathetic. Were hoping for something grander, even if it was evilly grander.


the Arla motivation was a huge letdown. I just expected more i guess. And yet again the troubled killer gets to live happily ever after even after commiting several murders, granted in this case he was unaware of his actions unlike Moira(in magic hour) but this no consequences thing does bug me quite a bit about this show, no wonder the untroubled faction arose in haven


This episode was underwhelming but most episodes prior to the season finale are underwhelming. However it was still a better episode than most shows.


I don't know what happened, but this review doesn't happear on the Tv Fanatic Home page. I had to go to Haven's page to find it...

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