Hawaii Five-0 Review: I Hate This Place

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Like an order of sweet-and-sour chicken, "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)" satisfied all our conflicting urges at once.

Looking for action? We had some serious, seat-of-the-pants action. Looking for tear-jerking moments? We had some classic courtroom tear-jerking. Looking for Wo Fat? Oh, how we had Wo Fat! Looking for bromance? Man, that tie-straightening moment... do not even get me started.

Like a well-mixed handful of trail mix, this episode had all the things we enjoy, in perfect, complementary proportion to each other. Delish! (Can you tell I haven't eaten dinner yet?)

Can Danny Win?

The Sour: A more eagle-eyed viewer than myself would have probably picked up that Wo Fat was in the show's opening moments. But I was along for the whole ride, certain that the congressman had done it. Hell, at one point, I even believed that total red herring professor was the murderer!

The fast pacing swept me along, and the Wo Fat reveal was shocking (to me; if you were clever enough to pick him out in the opening, please reward yourself with one cookie). The episode's post-reveal transformation into a race-against-the-clock scenario was similarly gripping, and I was excited to see Freed run like crazy for his life (I mean, I was happy to see him get out alive, though! I'm not a monster. Just hungry).

The Sweet: Danny's speech in the courtroom about Grace? Uh, excuse me for a sec, I have something in my eye (fine, you win, that something in my eye was a tear). The entire courtroom sequence, in just a few moments, showed off all the emotional nougat at the center of this series: the value of family, and the value of friends who feel like family.

Yes, all this gushy stuff did not slow Danny down from delivering all the sassy Hawaii Five-0 quotes that we know and love, but the reminder of his softer side certainly added an extra level to his dead hooker quips.

Five-0's daring last-second helicopter save of Congressman Freed reminded me of what makes Hawaii Five-0 different from so many other crime shows these days. This isn't a show about cynical crime lab technicians pointing the finger at the villain who has already committed heinous crime upon heinous crime; it's a show where the good guys can still, sometimes, be strong and be right and stop the bad guys. And though I am certainly a fan of cynical lab techs - as some nerd sitting here, blogging away about how hungry I am for trail mix, I'm certainly closer to them than I am to Steve McGarrett - it is so nice to live, even for just an hour, in a universe where the good guys can still sometimes just win. To Hawaii!

What do you think Wo Fat's next move is going to be? Did you notice it was Wo Fat in the beginning (because you're smarter than me)?


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CONTINUE! I know I am in the minority here but I'm starting to get bored of Wo Fat is always that cat and mouse game between him and Steve catch this guy and throw him in jail for good. Now it looks if Five-O are a bunch of fools who are not able to find a men like Wo-Fat on a Island. He is a fugitive on the run and can hang out in a bar???? Come on!! this is ridiculous. Missed Catherine in last night episode!!


Actually this episode came too soon after a spectacular one on Sunday whenever CBS decides in the future to give us an episode on Sunday after a football game, they better shows a repeat on Monday! Now we are on a break till February 4.
The major problem for me is that Peter Lenkov and Co has screwed up the episodes so much this season 3.13 was supposed to be 3.10 so I lost track about the storylines and that is why we didn't saw Chin recovering from his injuries he suffered in jail. And kono's investigation into Adam. The episode was okay Loved the McDanno scene’s, Danny speech was cute in a way only Danny can say it and was nice to hear from Steve what a wonderful father Danny is and that Danny is his closest friend he has. The hug was adorable I am happy Danny won and Gracie stay's on Hawaii. I absolutely loved seeing McG in his uniform Alex looked dam! HOT in it!! I know I am in the minority here but I'm starting to get bored of Wo Fat is always that cat and mouse game between him and Steve catch this guy and throw him in jail for good. Now it looks if Five-O are a bunch of fools who are not able to find a men like Wo-Fat on a Island. He is a fugitive on the run and can hang out in a bar???? Come on!! this is ridiculous. Missed Catherine last night!!


I am with Mrs Clever about H5O, you can't expect a TV show to be too realistic, it is there for entertainment, period. And this ep was seriously entertaining! Alex O in uniform...drool, swoon, rinse, repeat! And I loved Danno and Steve's bromance moments, and how they had each other's backs in the courtroom. Nice speech by Danno about his daughter, but there were several tear-stained moments in this ep. And I also found it a bit bizarre that Wofat is bullet-proof, and throughout being shot at never got a scratch. But I could not get enough of the guys in this ep, they're all pretty cool, and the Hawaiian scenery is so gorgeous you can't beat it for an evening of entertaining mental getaway


Haven't watched yet .....Sunday was so lame....2x in one week is asking alot ....Plus the Following the biggest priority for last night ....
One must slum on the commercial channels for Dimwits ...very selectively ....


Sorry but why you all get affected about Danny shooting skills and now u all say u dont like the episode because of that and also that u dont like that Wo Fat was there? I did not even notice that flaw I was just enjoying the episode and the action scene. Peter and the writers are trying to please all the fans in different aspects in the several episodes so far that had been aired and still he cant get it right.


Ratings are in. H50 - 9.6 million. Castle 8.7 and Deception 3.6. CBS swept the night.


I don't usually have a problem with the unrealistic aspects of the show, but this episodes actually had some eye-rolling moments for me. I thought the whole tie-in with Wo Fat was fairly ridiculous. And he's a well known fugitive who's just hanging out at a bar? And then the whole end scene, with him on the ATV and Danny not being able to make any contact while shooting, so once again, Wo Fat escapes into thin air. It's getting a bit tough to swallow. Of course, the court room scene was adorable, but they lost me after that. And where is Doris?? The season is more than half over and we've seen her in maybe 4 episodes? I thought she would be a big part of this season. I think there is a lot of missed opportunity there.


I was confused at first with the chief of staff and the prostitute looking so much alike, and then the govenor's hush-hush attitude in sending 5-O out blindly looking for a killer without all the details. 5-O...1; govenor..0! As the story unfolded, with everyone involved from the "team" it became less confusing, but caught on immeditely that the political opponent was behind everything from his first scene. @Gary and others...if you've ever been in a helicopter it moves around a lot...doesn't excuse Danny's not able to hit Wofat (who I did not see in the opening), but he should have wounded him with some of those bullets, and remember, 5-O is a 4 person team, w/Chin recovering and not Kono's week for heroics, so it was up to our duo! Loved the Court scene and the govenor's realization that H5O are his elite team and he does owe them honesty to do their job!

Sarah silva

I really liked this episode!
However it was a little odd that there was no mention of Adam as just one episode before that storyline was picking up.
I am so happy that Danny won the custody case to keep Rachel and Gracie in Hawaii! Steve testifying on his behalf was funny and great! Alex in his dress blues...YUMMY!
You can tell that it was a tough choice for Steve to not go after Wo Fat, he would never let a civilian die but the look on his face and in his eyes you can see a split second where he was thinking about it!
I loved the ending when the Govenor came over to Steve's house that was a great ending!

Mrs cleaver

Can't watch this show expecting reality peeps, cause you'll go crazy. Just enjoy the scenery, both human and Hawaiian.
I'm surprised Jim, you didn't pick up on that little short legs in the suit belonged to Wo Fat, it was my first thought.
Decent episode crimewise. LOVED the tie scene and the courtroom. Didn't miss Rachel not being there either. Mama McG's been on an extended vacation, not sure how I feel about that, I now sort of like her sneaky nastiness. But I'm sure she'll be back soon.
Just glad H50 is back with it's Season 1 style fun.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Josh the Congressional Aide: And as far as murder goes-
Danny Williams: Let me guess...he's completely against it?

Steve McGarrett: What's the congressman's position on dead hookers found in his bed?
Danny Williams: STRANGLED dead hookers?