Justified Cast & Crew Mystery of Season 4, Raylan/Boyd Showdown to Come

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The day after Justified Season 4 got off to a strong start in both quality (read our Justified review now!) and popularity (the highest rated episode since the series premiere), key cast members and showrunner Graham Yost sat down for questions from the Television Critics Association in Pasadena.

What did we learn?

  • The season will be based more on the mystery just introduced than any kind of "big bad," with Yost saying he drew inspiration from the real-life Bluegrass Conspiracy.
  • Natalie Zea may be a regular on The Following, but Winona will appear on Episode 5 and then in a few more installments after that.
  • Walton Goggins said Boyd has finally reached a place of equilibrium with the woman he loves, saying of the character and Ava "they put each other first."
  • Yost acknowledged that the characters of Rachel and Tim have been "underserved," but they will be featured a bit more going forward.
  • The grand mystery will be solved in Episode 9, but its fallout will color the rest of the season.
  • Nick Searcy teased a "personal connection" for Art related to the conspiracy.
  • Patton Oswalt isn't going anywhere: As long as he "is willing to play," he’ll be “a part of our world,” Yost said.
  • Raylan and Boyd don't cross paths for the first four episodes, but their relationship is explored in depth in the season's second half. Goggins said Boyd, for the first time, will look at his rival and say: I don't like you.

And coming soon to TV Fanatic: an exclusive interview with Walton Goggins! Check back later this week for it.

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Hey I love the tv show Justifed this is probabyly thge bess cop show I've saw in many many years, Raylan is the only actor for this show he rocks I'm 60 years old and he keeps my eys open through the whole show tell him he has a fan for life thanks.
Phil Bradley


ALL my favorite shows have way too many commercials! I understand they need to make money, but they push it too far and it ruins the show. They needto stop being so greedy and show us more actual show time.


Great, great episode, but I will never again watch this show in real time. The commercials were such a buzzkill, they totally destroyed the pace of the story. From now on I will record the episode and watch the next day, racing through the 20 minutes of ads.

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