Keke Palmer to Create Conflict on 90210

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Keke Palmer has landed a key recurring role on 90210 Season 5.

The actress will appear on multiple episodes of The CW drama in the role of Elizabeth, the younger sister of Robbie Jones' Jordan, a publisher who will soon enter the picture as a love interest for Naomi.

According to Zap2It, Elizabeth will create some major conflict for Naomi, first meeting her as a masquerade ball and keeping her identity a secret.

90210, meanwhile, returns with new episodes on January 21. View the trailer for upcoming storylines now:

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In 90210, one (regular) character will have at least 3 love interests per season. ;p


So are they basically saying max and Naomi are over? Because that would be really lame. Maybe he can come on to stir up some trouble but people want her with max! If not max it best be Liam! Not some guy I already picture her having zero chemistry with.


Naomi and this new guy won't last. She's probably dating someone else, seeing as to her that her husband blames her for the loss of his company and basically left her, she won't wait around for him to come back. This is Naomi Clark! She'll move on.

Michael b

I love Keke Palmer so I am excited about this. But they still need to bring Sean Faris on the show!


If it's not about Maxomi, I'm not feeling it. :( I love KeKe Palmer but not even she could get me interested in anything else.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.