New Girl Review: Pogo Sticks

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Well, "Pepperwood" was certainly more enjoyable than last week's New Girl, although equally as silly in most of its parts.

The best aspect of this episode? Pogo. What's your pogo? I am now wracking my brain trying to think about the one thing my friends would all discuss behind my back. This could stir up some trouble if I'm not careful!

Nick Goes Undercover

Did we ever find out Cece's pogo? Or does she just not have one? Is it that she's pretty? Because if it is, that's just not fair. But also completely unsurprising. At any rate, I was a little shocked that Jess' was her know-it-all-ness considering I would have picked her aversion to big girl words. But I suppose if they're friends with her, they find this charming. Which, let's face it, most of the time it is.

Winston's pogo was more of the literal kind. And God bless him. I don't even know how to discuss it in this review without laughing. Winston has been written as a much more likable character in the last few episodes, which I'm grateful for. I'm now sold on him more than I am on Nick, although Nick as the protector of Jess does make him seem quite likable. And his face when he saw Edgar's drawing in class was priceless.

The whole Edgar situation was pretty ridiculous, but it served to get Jess and Nick together in a wacky and humorous situation, so it worked for me. Especially Edgar's mother girlfriend, which surprised me when I didn't think I could be surprised anymore. Eating waffles has a whole new disgusting meaning.

And as a Chicagoan, I was simultaneously offended and tickled when Nick impersonated a man from the Windy City. But it's true: there is no substitute for deep dish pizza. And there isn't much in Los Angeles that comes close.

Classic moments from this episode include:

  • Schmidt's sea snake dance.
  • Schmidt's eyebrows.
  • Schmidt's numerous names for his barnacle toenails.
  • Winston's instant pogo when everyone hugged him after the fire.

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Such a massive improvement on last weeks crap, I am reminded why I adore this show.


Leigh Raines, they didn't.


I didn't really care too much for the Edgar storyline but the Pogo jokes were endless hilariously!!! I think I paused for about 5 minutes because I was laughing so hard at Schmidt's eyebrows! Also, did anyone else get the feeling that this was one of those episodes where they all had a bunch of "sandwiches" (HIMYM reference) and just did whatever it is they felt like doing?? It felt very much like improv to me!! Funny episode all around.


Bring back Julius Pepperwood in the future. He's hilarious!

Leigh r

When did Cece and Schmidt get back together?


@Simon - enough. This dish shilling is stupid, arrogant and I don't care how good the hopper is, these "ads" are an embarrassing thing for your company. It's like you're an unattractive brainless person who is trying to be cool, you just look stupid. Go away, you're not converting anyone no matter how cool you try to sound. I know what you are, you're a Narc. You're trying to pretend to be a typical site surfer, yet you use so many buzz words that it's like you are 50 with a white full beard trying to pass for a high school student.


I don't know. I sort of miss Nick before he became borderline-crazy. The subtle humour of season one is lacking for me this year. With Nick so much like Jess in terms of what he'll do, where's the tension?


I agree - there's no substitute for deep dish pizza. My favourite - Giordano's. Is it a bad reflection on the show that I've got naught else to say besides commenting on pizza? Mayhap, but deep dish really is just that awesome.


Everything Julius Pepperwood did was hilarious. Jake Johnson is awesome


Jess and Nick's story was hilarious in a sitcom-y way. The B-Pogo story was awful though.

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