Nikita Review: Broken, But Bionic

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It really happened! Michael lost his hand after the run in with Amanda in Canada. Wow!

"Aftermath" was aptly titled, as we saw how Michael dealt with the shocking new impediment in his life and career. As much as he tried to act like he was going to be as good as new, he was wasn't physically or mentally the same.

Owen with a Gun

At first, Michael approached the situation with Nikita pragmatically without any feeling. It was war, it happened, let's move on. While he said that and probably believed it to some extent, it was so far from the truth. He was lying to himself and those around him, yet was determined to be the same soldier he always had been just with a metal hand.

Michael: Take a good look everyone. If you're nice, I'll even let you touch it, but no high fives. | permalink

It wasn't just Michael's new hand that was made of metal, it was as if he was surrounded in the solid material. Stoic for all to see. When Ryan assigned the mission to go and get the rogue cleaner, Liam, Michael was all set to go with Nikita and Owen. Even though Nikita knew it was a mistake for him to accompany them, she also understood that it would do greater harm to deny him.

The mission didn't go as planned, but that couldn't be blamed on Michael. Liam outwitted the Division agents by infiltrating their communications and then setting the building to explode. If Michael hadn't been there, Liam still would have gotten away. But, Michael was there, his hand didn't work, he shot erratically, and Liam drove away.

The strong face that Michael had put on was quickly fading away. It was painful to watch Michael lie about what happened with Liam and isolate himself from those that care about him. The loss of his hand is a tragedy and he was dealing with it the only way he knew how. 

It seemed odd though that Ryan wouldn't have forced Michael to have therapy. Alex was sidelined not because of her addiction, but due to her health. She's not allowed in the field again until she brings her heart rate down. Why wasn't Michael being required to talk to someone about what happened? 

Poor Nikita went from being closed out by Michael to being his punching bag. Not unexpected behavior, but still painful to see. She's such a strong person and is amazing at helping others. She helped Alex kick her addiction when they first met and also helped rehab Owen. How long until Michael let's go of what she did and let's her in?

Michael led a successful mission to kill Liam and get the laptop, while keeping both Nikita and Owen safe. Even that accomplishment wasn't enough to boost Michael's self-confidence. He could still do his job, just perhaps in a different way.

At least, Michael isn't giving up and hiding in a closet somewhere. He's a fighter and even if he is pushing people away, he hasn't retreated. He went to Birkhoff for other options. And, then after his fight with Nikita, feeling love and emotion, his robotic fist closed! An incredible feat for Michael, but not so great for that metal wall! That's a positive sign of Michael's recovery and maybe he will be better off with a robotic metal hand, right?

Nikita Season 3 was starting to get a little stale with the rogue agent of the week and never-ending battle with Amanda. While unfortunate, Michael's plight adds to the emotional stakes of the new Division. It provides an amazing opportunity to explore the relationship between Nikita and Michael. Why are they together? And, more importantly, can they withstand the good and bad times together?

They love each other enough, it's a question of whether Michael can let down his guard enough to let her in. Will his ego let her button a shirt if it's easier that way? I'm confident they will recognize they need each other and that moment when they do will be spectacular.

Michael's limitations in the field will also add complexity to their missions. Or, will he stay and help the field inexperienced Ryan back at Division? Regardless, this is an exciting story that Nikita is going to tell!

How long until Michael accepts that Nikita took his hand out of love for him and apologizes to her? Will Michael be able to work out in the field again? With the struggles Alex is facing, where is Sean?!?!


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Aw! why are people mean to Owen? he's not a bad guy and cares about Nikita and her team A LOT. what he did to Michael was to drive the dude out of his own pity mud. If love and understanding don't get to him (at this time), maybe a little bit of tension and anger will stimulate his body and him to respond. Heal the wounds first, then get to the emotions. Michael, on the other hand, is being mean to Nikita. It's NOT the first day he knows Nikita. He knows how much she cares and gets hurt for those around her. He knows and still chooses to lash out at her. The ending scene is perfect. What did I say? Anger (at his own unwillingness) drives his healing process faster.


William - I thought the same thing. Owen was trying to bait Michael to make a fist but who knows if that was what the writers were actually going for. Good episode overall. I just hope we don't see a love triangle between Owen, Nikita and Michael. This show is better than that. Sean was missed. Alex and Nikita need to be in more scenes together. They're the best thing about this show. Great recap, Carla.


Owen can be a bit much sometimes, but in his defense, I wonder if him telling Michael to apologize to Nikita had a secondary purpose of trying to get Michael to hit him so that Michael's hand might start responding better. We see that Michael's anger does make his fist close at the end, but maybe I'm giving Owen too much credit, IDK. Also, the way Owen asked Michael whether Michael thought he "owned" Nikita makes me wonder whether Owen is jealous. Would Owen want to be Nikita's boyfriend if Michael weren't in the picture? At any rate, there is sure to be plenty of drama between the characters in the next few episodes.


Yeah I mean that`s really rough. Owen can fuck off and I have never liked him. He attacked Michael with no hand to defend himself and told him to "get down on his knees" He should fuck off. Hope he dies, not only because of that but more because he remind me of some outdated 90`s actor in a bad actionshow like Herkules.


Such a good episode.... Nikita continues to be the best show on the CW


Where is Sean? it's 10 minutes appear to accumulate the eight episodes that are a little abuse I find, I think it is time that her relationship with Alex advance


To be honest, I didn't think this episode was that strong. Micheal's performance was great, but besides that the weak points was it got a tad too melodramatic with the whole "she cut off you hand to save your life." Owen when he confronted Micheal had me engaged until the part where he said "[Micheal] should be on your knees." I get that only she could have been capable of cutting of his hand but that line kind of irked me. The one that really got to me was when Nikita confronted the Cleaner Liam. "Losing a hand...thats so permanent. It would drive me a wound that wouldn't heal." That nearly had me keeling, the line delivery was bad and it wasn't well written out. I still though emphasize I loved Micheal's performance, his confrontation with Owen was great and tense to watch.


Very nice.I really miss your roundtables!!! You should do it sometimes.xo


really nice review!


Nikita cut it off in the previous episode after he got caught underneath a car about to explode.

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Take a good look everyone. If you're nice, I'll even let you touch it, but no high fives.