Private Practice Review: A Fairytale Ending

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Seaside Wellness and St. Ambrose have closed their doors for good. Tonight’s spectacular series finale of Private Practice featured Addison finally getting her happily ever after.

Most of us have been watching since Grey’s Anatomy and are simply thrilled that our girl, Addie, finally has the fairytale ending she so rightfully deserves with Jake and Henry (by the way: why was he MIA?!).

Married Addison

It’s hard to believe that six seasons have come and gone. We’ve had an ample amount of time to prepare to say goodbye to our favorite doctors, yet, I found myself not entirely ready to do so since last week’s strong showing of "Full Release."

Sure, the series has run its course and goodbyes are inevitable. However, it goes without saying that I’m going to sincerely miss Private Practice. From the acting of every single cast member to the storytelling that dared to always share the more difficult medical cases, I will always remember Addie and the gang for their sometimes chaotic and unpredictable everyday lives. I will especially not forget how they always found the time to help their patients in any way possible.

So, what went down on "In Which We Say Goodbye?" Did everyone else aside from Addie get their happy ending?

Violet helped Holly, a patient who been working with her for six years, come to terms with surviving an accident that killed both her parents and boyfriend. Holly, played by Sarah Ramos of Parenthood, wasn’t quite ready to move on even when Violet said she was. After being accepted to a cooking school in Paris, Violet helped her to see that she would be just fine.

Meanwhile, Sheldon’s storyline with Miranda was heartbreaking. As her health continued to deteriorate, she wanted Sheldon to walk away. That wasn’t going to happen, though, as we all know the type of guy Sheldon truly is. Although the circumstances were not the best for him, it was nice to finally see that he found love after all this time.

With Cooper taking on a new role as a stay-at-home father, he was struggling with the “synchronized pooping” and more amongst all of the triplets. It’s no surprise that he wanted and needed a nanny. The Freedmans were doing just incredibly well with big brother Mason to help out, and the proud parents were as happy as ever.

The single person who shed some unhappy tears was Stephanie. Sam ended their relationship again after realizing that he was still in love with Naomi. Did you see this one coming? The two actually hooked up during Addison and Jake’s wedding, got married and are expecting another child. I thought Sam was totally against having kids again, but I guess things are different when it comes to his one true love.

Cheering for Addison

Other Thoughts:

  • I’m so glad that Audra McDonald returned for this special farewell. It wouldn’t have been the same without her and it made sense to have her by Addison’s side.
  • I actually thought of Pete as well and wished that he had gotten some sort of mention.
  • How awesome was Sheldon in the scene where he confronted Miranda? He quit his job and gave one heck of a speech to Miranda as he professed his love and said there was no chance he was walking away.
  • I couldn’t help but snicker as Naomi had to have some chocolate as she was feeling just a bit antsy with Sam.
  • Amelia looked so blissful with James throughout the entire installment. Good for her!
  • Perhaps my most favorite scene was the very last one right before the elevator door closed. I thought it was very fitting for Violet’s book to be called Private Practice, and I loved the way the practice ended with almost everyone (as Sheldon was with Miranda on the beach)laughing and joking around with one another one last time.

Overall, the final chapter was bittersweet. While most series end on a final note, it was refreshing to see that the practice would still go on and the characters would continue to move forward and be just fine with their lives. Similar to a fairytale ending, every single character will seemingly come close to living happily ever after.

Well, TV Fanatics, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for reading and be sure to share your final thoughts on the Private Practice series finale now. Also, don’t forget to return later this week when we will meet one last time in the Private Practice Round Table.


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Ava mila

I thought it was a nice finale although Naomi being pregnant was a bit stretched giving Sam being a jerk to Addie about having kids. I also didn't like that they reunited while they were both unavailable cause it just doesn't seem fair to Stephanie and Fife (who I really liked). Because I could bare Sam only with Naomi I wanted them to have a fresh start.
Poor Sheldon, never gets his happy ending.. and where the hell did his cancer go? Did I miss the part where he was cured?
You're right Christina, no mention of Pete was really the low point of the finale.
Otherwise I was happy Shonda didn't go out with too much of a bang cause we all know she can be too dramatic and unrealistic.


He didn't want a child with Addison because in the end he didn't love her nor did she love him. At least in the way he loves Naomi and Addison loves Jake. That was what Shonda was trying to say. He didn't care if Naomi was pregnant or not. All he wanted was to be with her.

Ava mila

...I cut Addison and Jake having wedding night sex and Amelia and James having an argument over his response to Sheldon’s grief. I cut a dinner scene with Jake and Naomi and Addison on the deck where they overhear and awkward fight between Sam and his girlfriend.

Ava mila

Here are the scenes Shonda had to cut: So some scenes were cut out of the final 42 minute show you watched. Some scenes that were cut were scenes that I loved. Like Violet offering Charlotte and Cooper the use of Pete’s office to be a nursery and everybody bringing their kids to work everyday from now on. There was a great shot of the Cooplets and Lucas and little Henry at one year old all playing in Pete’s old office. Which felt very circle of life-y since Pete died at the beginning of this season. I also had to cut Cooper and Charlotte booking a hotel room at the end to have a wild night of sex. But then they decided they were too exhausted for sex and all they admit to one another that all they want is sleep and room service and movies. And Charlotte uttered my favorite line ever: “I have never loved you more.� Cutting that almost killed me. I cut Addison and Jake having wedding night sex and Amelia and James having an argument over his response to Sheldon’s grief. I cut a dinner scene with Jake and Naomi and Addison on the deck where they overhear and awkward fight between Sam and his girlfriend.


I really love the episode. It was one of the most strong episode on one already stellar season. I'm wondering why is Henry MIA in his parents marriage. Is not logic. My favorites storylines was: Charlotte's rape and the aftermath of it; Amelia addiction, the intervention and the unicorn baby; Addison's parents visit and later Susan sickness and Bizzy suicide. I didn't like the way they, sometimes, shows Addison as a adulterous bitch, always jumping into bed with Pete, Sam and Mark. She didn't need that. She was my favorite character. I have to congratulate you for all the great reviews you give us from all the episodes in this show.


I thought that it was a great ending but I'm left unsatisfied because of a number of things. The way this finale was done, I know that it ended in a way that lets us know that life will keep going on for these characters and they're all in good places. They're lives are good. I'm really happy for all of them - especially Addison because I think everything fell into place. But where was Henry tonight? I felt like it wasn't right to close the show without showing Addison with him when wasn't that the point of the spin off to begin with? After everything she had gone through to be a mother, I think we should've seen her with him at least once tonight. I'm also terribly unsatisfied with how little we got to see of Charlotte and Cooper. Shonda cut out some great scenes between them and I don't understand why. I thought that all the business with Jake and Angela could've easily been cut - CharCoop fans deserved to see those scenes. I'm glad Sam and Naomi got back together even though the pregnancy was a little off. Regardless of everything, the end was still great. It's satisfying to know that our beloved characters are in good places in their lives. I will miss them all dearly.


The Naomi/Sam baby ending was trite and twee - really silly. They are both adults and should have allowed them to move on.


Umm.. Sam expecting another child? Doesn't that just make a joke of that whole thing with Addison. He was in love with Addison but didn't want a child - THAT was why they split and got back together and then realised they wanted different things. The getting back together with Naomi was lovely and gorgeous and fitting. BUt the expecting again just didn't flow for me.

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Then slowly, over time, everything changes. And you're no longer this young thing, and you don't believe in fairytales and "perfect" isn't in your vocabulary. And then suddenly, here is this man and he becomes so familiar to you that one day you find yourself looking at him thinking I could love this person for the rest of my life.


Is there anything greater than being in love?