Private Practice Review: Labor Day

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It’s hard to believe that we are now only a week away from the final Private Practice episode ever.

Although we’ve had plenty of time to prepare, it’s just now finally sinking in for me. "Full Release" reminded me just how much I am going to miss our favorite doctors.

The second-to-last episode was full of drama, centering on Charlotte finally going into labor with the rest of the Cooplets. Unlike most of Private Practice Season 6, the penultimate episode wasn’t character-centric by any means. In fact, every character’s storyline was intertwined delivering one heck of an installment.

Nearing the Finale

First, let’s welcome Rachel and Caroline to the world, as they join their sister, Georgia. The Freedmans just doubled in size, and I definitely couldn’t be happier for them. They now even have a dream house that will be just perfect for their suddenly big family.

I thought the scenes with nearly ever doc spending a few minutes with Georgia were incredibly special. Although Charlotte’s delivery was terribly intense and scary, KaDee Strickland nailed it and I loved the way Cooper and Amelia cheered her on and how awe-stricken everyone was once the babies all arrived.

Elsewhere, Addison received awful news at Henry’s adoption hearing after the judge decided that the adoption couldn’t be finalized because of a recommendation from the social worker. Based on Jake’s history and what happened recently with his daughter, the social worker was concerned for Henry’s safety. In some ways, I couldn’t blame Mildred, as she was only worried about Henry. However, like Addison said, Mildred simply just didn’t know Jake.

Luckily, Jake saved the day and went straight to the judge’s chamber to set things straight and tell the judge exactly what kind of a father he is, and how he’d walk away from Addison to allow Henry to be with his mother if needed. In the final minutes, Jake delivered the good news that Henry was finally Addison’s and the two decided that it was time to get married.

Meanwhile, Sheldon introduced Miranda to Violet. He told Violet they met at a vending machine and left out the details about cancer and treatments. I’m torn over Sheldon’s storyline; it’s so nice to see him get a shot at happiness, but to know that Miranda is dying just makes me feel bad for Sheldon all over again. Eventually, she did convince him to tell his friends about their situation. She wanted to make sure that Sheldon would be all right after she was gone, and he took her advice and shared what was going on with him with Sam. This was a major step for Sheldon, who has always been so private with his life and we’ve hardly gotten to know him. 

Other Thoughts

  • I had to pause my DVR to check out the list of names that everyone came up with. Here were a few: Eve, Juliette, Raquel, Grace, Autumn, June and Matilda. I think Charlotte, Cooper and Mason did just fine without the list.
  • I really appreciated the scene with Sam and Violet as Sam told her that her life was still unfinished. She was feeling so down, and I’m glad that Sam said the right words to make her realize that she still had much life to live. By the way, do you think it’s possible that we’ll see the bookstore owner again as maybe Violet’s date next week?
  • Amelia was awesome once again as she helped Charlotte during a very painful moment. It’s great that she has James now and that she realized she still wanted children after meeting the Cooplets. She deserves some happiness.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Private Practice quotes as Charlotte once again was perfectly hilarious.

What did you think of “Full Release?” Were you worried for Charlotte during her delivery or Addison during Henry’s hearing? And what are your expectations for the series finale?

Lastly, how are you going to fill your Tuesday nights after Private Practice ends for good next week?!?


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It saddens me that “Private Practice� has come to an end my Tuesday nights won’t be the same without the show. It was an amazing show with real life issues and will be missed. Reality television and other new crappy show will continue to take over and fail.


It is finally the end of the worst season of PP! I really expected more! A great show should always end honest and true to the characters. Everything was so forced and rushed, relationships, random characters and unrealistic story lines. Oh, almost forgot this is television. I actually just flipped channels on Tuesday night, couldn't stay watching the nonsense. Overall, it has been a wonderful 5 season ride with PP. I am a fan and will always be one watching my five seasons on DVD! Kate, Audra, Taye and Kadee are my favorites, in that order! So long and the best of life and luck to all of the Private Practice Cast!!!


Loved this episode, love charlotte, love, love, love! I'm really gonna miss this show :( btw, anyone else notice that the library guy is the same guy who played isaac in grey's anatomy? the one with the big spinal tumor that derek operated on in season 6! since its the same universe, i find it a little funny to see him twice in different caracter :p the same goes for stephanie, she played a patient in grey's anatomy too :p they must really like them!


I think Violet center episode was 6x03, and I also think in some way Matt Long episode was 6x04 and then Sam's 6x05


Because I feel the pain of those who are wondering what to do, my other Tuesday night must-have is Parenthood. Worth catching up on old seasons so you have the careful investment in characters it brings. Amazing show. I tend to cry a lot on Tuesdays between the two LOL. That being said, I was hit hard this time too - just didn't realize it was already on the penultimate episode. I guess I knew it but I didn't KNOW it. It just felt like there was so much more to tell. I would love to see more of Charcoop and Amelia somehow, somewhere. Sheldon too but I can live without it. Great show, sorry to be losing it.


Nothing left to watch on a Tuesday night. How sad. I enjoyed Private Practice from day one. I'm not sure what station this would be on but if Private Practice is leaving us, I wouldn't mind watching Body of Proof. It's been off for a long time. Other than that, there is nothing to watch on Tuesdays. sob-sob.


they should have named a kid erica! I hope a miracle happens and rurns the show around addison marrying jake is like meredith marrying idk avery it doesnt work. but you know what does work is Addisam!!


I was kind of hoping that the third cooplet would have a state related name, just because that would be cool. But, love the name rachel, the girls are adorable! Anyone else think that the book store guy was the same actor as isaac, the tech with the huge tumor, from season six of greys? The voice sounded exactly the same. I like him. Glad that this episode had a happy ending for everyone, wish they would have made the finale a two hour one too. I'm going to miss this on tuesdays


Aw Henry is officially Addie's son. The end scene was beautiful with Addison, baby Henry, and Jake.


Over the last few years I've had a love hate relationship with this show. Sometimes I wanted to kill half the characters and Addison was going to go first! But Charlotte has been the star of the show since her rape. Whether she's dealing with mega-drama or day-to-day life, she has by far outshined everyone else on that show. Her and Cooper are adorable and I love to see her with Mason. Amelia is a close second to Charlotte. Cooper and Charlotte could have their own show and it would succeed. Maybe they can move to Seattle and be on Grey's.

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Private Practice Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Addison: Jake, you just said our son.
Jake: Damn right, I did.

If Addison leaves a sharp instrument lying around, I just might stab you with it.