Revenge Round Table: "Power"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw Emily return to her roots, while Daniel attempted to cement control of the company, Emily and Aiden staged a "fake-up" and things took a dark turn for the Porters.

TV Fanatic's Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal, Kate Brooks and Leigh Raines break down the delicate balance of "Power" and look ahead to next week in our weekly Round Table Q&A.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: Conrad reading his paper, acting all glib while Victoria schemed and plotted and worried about Daniel. I love seeing these two on the same shady side. It means something exciting is bound to go down!

Kate: Definitely when Patricia outed her husband at the dinner. "The greater the power, the greater the potential for abuse" and cue the removal of the jacket to reveal the bruising. Powerful scene.

Leigh: I agree with Kate that that was such a powerful scene. A lighter and amusing scene for me was Emily's meeting with Victoria when she was like  "wow what a beautiful and directly stalkerish view of my house you have!" Those two BS like the best of em.

Steve: I have to agree with Matt on this one. Henry Czerny's Conrad is a sleaze with countless skeletons, yet he's almost sanguine about his situation these days. Takes a lot to worry Conrad.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. What was your favorite Nolan Ross quote from the episode?

Matt: BT Dubs, it had something to do with his reference to Aiden as "Remington Steele" and who is riding in Emily's "side car."

Kate: Well bros before hos only works if he's not still in with the ho, bro.

Leigh: Nolan's expressing his brief happiness at believing he was the only one in Emily's sidecar before he realized it was only a fake up.

Steve: Because each of the aforementioned answers is obviously a winner, I'll use a fashion statement as opposed to a verbal one: Three popped collars simultaneously? Just amazing.

3. Did you like the return to Emily's Season 1, red-marker-takedown format?

Matt: YES, very much so. Revenge Season 2 has been a major mess. Did you notice that only one of the "Previously on Revenge…" scenes even involved Emily?!? We need this Thorne in the Graysons' side to be back to her vengeful, Sharpie-using self.

Kate: For this particular episode, yes. I enjoyed the new target every episode last season but I hope it continues to be used less frequently like they have this season.

Leigh: I like variety but we needed to bring a little structure back to this season. Totally missed the red sharpie.

Steve: Obviously this can't be employed every week, or they'd run out of co-conspirators. This was a nice reminder of why Emily is on Long Island and why we're tuning in to see her every week, however.

4. Team Emily and Aiden: Are they doomed?

Matt: Yes, but they have been since the beginning. This was never a relationship based on real feelings, but rather on common causes, pre-sunset karate matches and one attractive British accent.

Kate: I am so Team Emily and Aiden but I, unfortunately, have to say that yes, I think they're doomed. Revenge is a lonely game and Emily is getting quite comfortable in her partnership with Aiden. He is also going to do anything to get his sister back and alive, just as Emily is going to do anything to get her revenge. I really want to believe they'll last but I don't think they will.

Leigh: Sadly yes. Until they both complete their paths of revenge, which we all know is an endless journey, they are ultimately too self focused on their own goals.

Steve: Perhaps not. Clearly their journeys are not one and the same, especially not now. However there is genuine care and concern for one another, and nothing has driven them apart ... yet. Whether the Initiative or the Emily-Daniel faux-mance pose the greater challenge remains to be seen as well.

5. Most intriguing twist: Aiden's sister being alive, Jack taking the fall for Dec, The Initiative playing Nolcorp, or Marco handing over the "hacker plutonium"?

Matt: The hacker plutonium. It's a good bet that any time something referred to as "hacker plutonium" is brought up, it will always be the winner.

Kate: The Initiative playing Nolcorp and Aiden's sister being alive. I love Aiden and all things that include his story, this is definitely intriguing. I want Nolan to use his hacker plutonium to take down the initiative and for Nolan to be on top again.

Leigh: I'm curious to see what the Initiative wants from Nolcorp. Not sure I believe Colleen is really alive. Also Jack will always take the fall for Declan. Still up in the air on my feelings about Marco.

Steve: The revelation about Aiden's sister (whether it's actually true or not), because it opens up a divergent path from Emily's Revengenda, and they had just become such great allies. Jack will always throw himself in front of a bus for his brother, and Nolan isn't about to get out-hacked.

6. How (and what, and who) the heck will get Jack out of this one?

Matt: He won't. Jack will spend the next decade in jail and Declan will move away to start a fresh life. (Editor's note: If there's a God in Revenge writing heaven, that is.)

Kate: Fauxmanda will finally ask Emanda for help and she will take care of it like she always does! I can't believe Fauxmanda hasn't approached Emanda about her problems yet. It's Jack! She'd do anything to help him!

Leigh: Amanda will run to Emily and she will pay his bail and then deal with his problem. Hmm, wonder if Emily will be involved with the sinking of a certain boat when perhaps the Ryan brothers are on board??

Steve: Kate and Leigh are on the money I think. Jack's arrest feels like the catalyst for Emily to finally play a role in this, and we all know she's not losing the inevitable, epic fight scene with the Ryans.

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Who/how will get Jack out of the mess: ultimately Emily. Since he's clearly over his head, fauxmanda will probably reach out to her bestie from cell block D. Emily always finds a way to handle things.


4. Team Aiden and Emily: yes they're doomed. Although I think Aiden's currently her best option since Jack has his hands full at the moment (and Daniel was always be a Grayson), his time a Emily's beau won't last forever because his determination to find his sister (his original mission) will always come first. Their paths will come upon a fork in the road at some point--and probably in the near future, from the looks of things!
5. Most intriguing twist: the possibility of Aiden's sister being alive. If its true, it could be a total game-changer! (the plutonium-thingy is too techy for me to currently wrap my head around).


1. Favorite scene: and the winner is... Conrad Grayson! He really surprises me sometimes. I was tickled by how glib he was in reading the newspaper and pretending to answer the phone. Meanwhile Victoria fumed and paced in I just love watching these two interact!
2. Favorite Nolan Ross quote: "Fake-up" is my new favorite word! :D
3. Return of red marker: was glorious! Oh how I had missed it! I agree that not every episode can be about calculated take-downs of specific culprits, because otherwise the show would end sooner than later--which ISN'T good! But I also agree that there needs to be some structure, and that the story doesn't get so big that we lose focus on all the fun Revenge. :)


Did Kara never notice the tattoo?


I just want to know where Emily / Amanda s tatto has disappeared too ? Did I miss the 15 visits to tatto removal studio ??? thought not .


It's hilarious seeing conrad dressed so laid back.
I am so team Demily so I really want Emily to fall in love with Daniel again!!


4 - Hm, as much as Daniel's been an asshole this season, I do think I still like the Emily/Daniel pairing. Not that that is the question. About them being doomed, I think they are, regardless of how cute they are, how much chemistry or things in common they have. Their goal in life is to get revenge, and I feel that it will ultimately tear them apart. The initiative is probably going to be a big part of it. 5 - I'd have to say Aiden's sister. 6 - Fingers crossed he won't.


1 - I had two favorite scenes: Emily and Victoria talking over tea and obviously the whole thing with Patricia, from the dinner scene to the bathroom scene to the public takedown of her abusive husband. 2 - I was not a fan of Nolan's quotes this week, so I'll go with Daniel while talking to the Initiative Lady: something along the lines of "running a freaking billionaire company is not a 9 to 5 job". When in fact it pretty much is. 3 - I missed the red pen and I too felt like the sophomore year of our avenger was well, a mess. It was good to reassure fans but it's implausible to keep it up every episode. That said, variety is always good, if the writers know what to do with it.


5. Anything related to the Initiative because so many storylines intersect with it now - the Porters continue to be vaguely interesting. 6. One psyhopath will unite with the one that she traded identities with and these bitches will be AWESOME!


1. Conrad "answering" the phone...Priceless! 2. Bros before hoes one - he and Barney Stinson should meet. 3. Yes, this format works for Revenge and the viewers, so they should stick to it. 4. I think they are doomed as partners in revenge because clearly now that Aiden is going to get involved with the Initiative they might not be able to work together anymore and in that sense they are doomed, but as lovers I think not. I just think they are difinitively headed for a real break up but not because of Daniel but becaus of the Initiative. 5. Anthing related to the Initiative because so many storylines intersect with it now - the Porters continue to be vaguely interesting. 6. One psyhopath will unite with the one that she traded identities with and these bitches will be AWESOME! 5.

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Well bros before hos only works if he's not still in love with the ho, bro.