The Big Bang Theory Review: By Thor's Hammer!

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It's the Comic Con episode! Well, sorta.

In "The Bakersfield Expedition," the guys set out on a trip to the Bakersfield Comic Con, but they never actually made it there. What a tease! That's not to say it wasn't a good or funny - because it was both. I hope that at some point, The Big Bang Theory gang will actually attend a con, though.

Given the girls' sudden interest in Thor, perhaps they should join in that adventure.

Star Trek Road Trip

The two stories that split up the guys and the girls this episode worked well, especially when the former returned home to hear them arguing about Thor. Out of the two stories, I definitely laughed more during the girls' comic book squabble. While I enjoy Fables, I'm glad that they bought Thor just for the hilarious hammer argument. I've never read those comics, but I've seen the movie and never realized what an in depth conversation could be had about Thor and his hammer.

The real turning point of the argument and when it got serious was when Penny brought up Harry Potter's wand and Amy said, "I can't even take you seriously anymore." What the heck got into them? 

Just about every line the girls said in their argument was hilarious, but this bit was probably my favorite:

Bernadette: Well, what if Hulk picked up Thor while Thor is holding the hammer?
Amy: Yeah?
Bernadette: Then by the transitive property of picking things up Hulk picked up the hammer.
Amy: No. Hulk picked up Thor. Thor picked up the hammer.
Penny: Okay, hang on. If I go to a bar and pick up a guy and he picks up a girl and then we all leave together. Did I pick up the girl?
Amy: Did that ever happen?
Penny: Hey, are we talking about me or are we talking about Thor? | permalink

The Big Bang Theory doesn't often have continuity from episode to episode, but I hope that this conversation comes up again. Or at least that their new found interest in comic books is further explored. Maybe Amy should start a new Web series called Comics Cross Fire or Convoluted Comics with both Penny and Bernadette.

The male road trip was not without laughs either. Of course, Sheldon replaced the GPS device's voice with his own. He's Sheldon! The trivia was a nice added touch. And, yes, I answered, "Eisenhower" out loud to my TV screen. I have no shame in admitting that. It's something I've known since I was a child because I'm in Chicago and we have a highway named the Eisenhower in his honor. I was surprised that Sheldon just assumed no one would know that though.

The GPS bit may have gone on one joke too long, but the end with the car thieves made up for it. Instead of being annoyed by it and busting it off, the thieves unexpectedly were entertained by the trivia. 

The Next Generation costumes and makeup jobs were so realistic it bordered on freaky. Even though they didn't make it to Comic Con, they have great pictures in their costumes and from before Sheldon was slushied. Glee reference?

Even though I watched ST:TNG when it originally aired, the references to the show weren't my favorite part. Sometimes it's the stupid banter that gets me laughing the most.

Raj: Wool pants in the desert. I feel like I've got poached testicles.
Leonard: Oh, you poor thing, you're sweating. That is so much worse than having your car stolen.
Raj: Your insurance is going to buy you a new car. It's not gonna de-funk my junk. | permalink

Though, the cop assuming they needed their moms called and then Howard saying he talked to his mom provided a nice chuckle.

Overall, "The Bakersfield Expedition" was hilarious and one of my favorite episodes of the season. It's right up there with "The Re-Entry Minimization" and "The Parking Lot Escalation.

For more of the LOL-worthy moments from the episode, check out our The Big Bang Theory quotes.

What was your favorite moment or line? Which story made you laugh more: the girls or the guys? 


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Like This Show Think Its Very Funny


Show was hilarious!! I laughed out loud several time then rewatched it with my son and laughted again.


Sheldon's realization of how people were making fun of the guys was very emotionally self analyzing for him. It made me a bit sad for the four Treks! But the girls really did steal the show with their back and forth bannor of Thor's hammer. I did love the sexy dance pose for the picture! Raj was too funny with his "in the mood" musical background.


I was kinda surprised that they dressed as characters from TNG as opposed to ToS. In earlier seasons, Sheldon has ALWAYS identified with Spock / Leonard Nimoy and we all know about his on-screen animosity toward Wil Wheaton. However, his dressing as Data does make sense since Data's the Spock of TNG--intelligent, logical, unemotional. The girls' argument was hilarious--the bits the reviewer posted had me on the floor, not to mention Stuart's "I'll turn the hose on you I SWEAR!!!!"


My fave was the re-appearance of Captain Sweatpants !


I thought this episode was absolutely hilarious. From the guys' scenes, I laughed the most with Leonard taking a photo with Penny to prove he was dating a hottie; and when the state trooper asked if the guys needed to call their moms and A second later, Howard said he just called his mom. From the girls' scenes, how Amy and Bernadette were giving Penny a "head start" in reading Thor a second time while they got tea and just about every scene arguing why no one else can lift Thor's hammer. Though I think the writers forgot that attractive women DO go into Stuart's comic book store. There was the episode where Leonard was attracted to that comic book artist, Alice, he met at the store, while he was having a long-distance relationship with Priya. Of course, he ended up losing both by the end of the episode. But I admit that all those guys staring at the 3 girls walking in was funny, though a bit creepy.


For some reason I didn't find this episode funny at all and was really disappointed with it. Usually there are laugh out loud moments for me with this show but I didn't have any last night. Was probably one of the most disappointing shows of the season for me. The guys scenes were largely unfunny and everytime I saw Sheldon all i could think of was Bill Hader in bad SNL makeup. The girls scenes had a few decent laughs, but not as many as hoped. We've seen episodes with the girls fighting before - this time it felt strained to make it about something the boys like. In general the whole episode felt forced and contrived, like the writers didn't really know what to do this episode. overall just a very disappointing episode.


I am wondering if next season or maybe the rest of this season they will switch the girls and the boys where the girls become nerds and the boys become the normal people because it seem like at the diner they were like man were getting too old for this.


I found the girls' argument the way funnier aspect of this episode, and it was probably the effect of the hit and run way they cut into the boys' storyline. It also, likely was how I got into fantasy/horror stuff, I have a vague memory of thinking...I am going to watch this Buffy show and see what people are talking about, and then soon thereafter, huh, interesting, these books run in series..


I loved this episode!! I laughed from begin to end =D One of the things that I loved most (that wasn't mentioned in the review) was Stuart's apparition. Lately I was disappointed by how they used him, he only seemed to be whinig about being depressed and poor. It was nice to see him not too self-deprecating, but with a bit more confidence and force the way he handled everyone who stared at the girls. Made me think back to his first apparitions, when he went out with Penny. I hope we'll see more of this Stuart in the future. Like the reviewer, I loved the girl's arguing the most. I also hope we'll see more of this new-found interest. Two great episodes in a row, I'm starting to really like season 6!

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Oh, this is the best. You have booze with breakfast on a Tuesday, you have a problem. You do it on the weekend, you have brunch.


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