The Carrie Diaries Review: Welcome to New York

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In the highly anticipated Sex and the City prequel, we meet Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager in 1984. The Carrie Diaries' pilot introduces us to Carrie and her group of friends as they navigate high school life in Castlebury, Connecticut.

It also tells the story of Carrie's ultimate love affair. No not with Mr. Big... with Manhattan!

Carrie and Sebastian

As I already told viewers in my preview of "Five Reasons You Should Watch The Carrie Diaries," don't expect any of the modern day characters just yet. This is an entirely different group of people with their own unique stories. However, that doesn't mean you won't see similar archetypes. That hottie pictured up above with young Carrie is probably one of the key reasons she will end up falling for guys like Mr. Big later in life.

Meet Sebastian Kidd. He's the new kid with the bad boy reputation. Kicked out of three private schools and drives a porsche? No problem, as long as he looks good walking in slow-mo with Wayfarers on. While everyone else is drooling and comparing rumors, Sebastian saunters right up to Carrie and says hello. Turns out they used to hang out at her swim club and shared a really steamy pool kiss.

If you've read any of my other show reviews, you know how I feel about steamy pool kisses. I'm looking at you, 90210.

Sebastian even caught Carrie when she fainted in the hallway, a sweet and very old fashioned gesture considering everything Carrie as gone through. We find out early on in the episode that Carrie's mother passed away in May. When her father approaches her at school to talk to her about an internship, she has a flashback and thinks she's about to hear about horrible news again. Mr. Bradshaw's idea for Carrie to intern in Manhattan was actually really sage. 

Carrie dreams of Manhattan. It's also a great outlet for her to get away from some of her sadness. High school isn't exactly the easiest place to cope with things. She seems to have a great support group of friends with Mouse, Maggie and Walt but they all have their own stuff to deal with. In New York City, Carrie meets Larissa. A woman who is a lot of fun, a little bit of trouble and a writer for Interview magazine. Basically she's Carrie's idol. 

Between these two worlds, the show has a lot of material with which to work. Carrie gets to explore the world of the city with new friends and new adventures while still experiencing normal teenage stuff back home. The show deals with typical young issues, falling in love, losing your virginity, makeups and breakup, figuring out your sexual orientation and just general getting to know yourself as you grow up. There's also the typically graphic and hilarious teenage vernacular on display.

It was like putting a hotdog in a keyhole. | permalink 

So will Sebastian go for Carrie or the fast girl at school, Donna? Will Carrie and her sister Dorritt be able to get along? What will happen with Mouse and Maggie's respective relationships? 

I think this show was adorable and the first episode introduced us to a lot of stuff we can explore down the road. What did you think of the series premiere of The Carrie Diaries? Hit the comments! 


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Although the series has some differences from the story line of SATC, it still has a lot of great moments and potential. Everything does not have to be by the book to be great. There's a real gap here for fans of the original that needs feeding. They are doing a good job with this version. Give it a chance don't cancel.


Its a miss


This prequel is terrible and not at all accurate. Here is why.
1. In the episode where Miranda finds out she is pregnant, Carrie says she had an abortion at age 22 in 1988. Meaning that in 1984, where she is 16 in TCD, she would have been 18.
2. In SATC Carrie's father walked out on her and her mother. Her mother did not die and she also does not have a little sister.
3. Even her love interest is off. Carrie's high school boyfriend in SATC is named Jeremy, not Sebastian. I'm sure there will only be more accidents like this throughout the show. This show is a complete piece of garbage and no actual SATC fan will enjoy watching it. It is the worst!


Ok loved this concept, and the show was great. I just hope the guy who plays Sebastien doesn't get too type cast. This is the third show in what 4 years where he's played a very similar character, Nate Archibald character. See Life Unexpected and Switched at Birth. Although I really shouldn't be complaining as he is very gorgous.


Loved the show,it was great.It is getting some bad reviews,but honestly,I loved the show.
I'm always excited for the next episode.
I never watched SATC but I think Carrie Diaries is a very good show,I love the theme/style,characters and everything.Anna Robb is perfect for Carrie.
I think it's a hit anyways,
Please be renewed,don't cancel! :)


mr.big tv fanatic


I thought Carrie's dad walked out on her when she was little. Remember that episode with the male Vogue editor that dropped trou while they were in the Vogue closet? She told him during a dinner scene that her dad walked out...


tuned in to the first episode out of sheer curiosity, but honestly I was pretty skeptical. Boy, was I wrong! I am now hooked and looking forward to the next one(s). Carrie is perfect in the role,: her eyes, hair, demeanor are all perfect! Kudows to the casting director. I was not a SATC fan, watched it on and off but will most definitely be watching this one faithfully! the Manhattan love story is something I can totally relate to and so are the 80s. I cannot understand some comments that suggest this s/be a faithful satc rewind to the 80s. It is a different show, a spin off of the original, and it's allowed to have its personality. I am mostly excited, because I did not think there could even be a good TV show that rings true. Love, Love CD!


I'm a huge SATC fan and have been anxiously waiting for this show to air and I thought it was great, much better than I thought it would be. I love the 80s fashion and music...loved Anna Sophia Robb as Carrie...shes so cute. The Carrie narration is VERY SATC so I loved that!! And having her sit at her desk with her journal looking out the window at the end was also very SATC (minus adult Carries laptop, of course) Any real SATC fan should love the TCD!!! I'm looking forward to the next episode!!!!


Great pilot. Loved AnnaSophia in this. It caught my attention, I will definately tune in next week.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It was like putting a hot dog in a keyhole.


It's always the same dream. I'm in the city and I belong. Manhattan is mine. But then I always wake up. The same old Carrie Bradshaw in Castlebury Connecticut.