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Ten months or ten days? The season two premiere of The Lying Game "The Revengers" picked up almost where it left off despite the super long hiatus. 

Shortly after what was an Unholy Matrimony in which Alec was arrested for murder just moments after he said his vows to Rebecca, we resume to attend Alec's arraignment. So did he make bail?

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That would be a big fat "yeah right!" Nevermind the fact that Alec was found with the murder weapon in his golf bag, we later saw that Rebecca may have bribed the judge in order to secure that he didn't get an option for release. She seemed pretty okay with the fact that he could be facing the death penalty. Did Rebecca just become the creepiest character on The Lying Game?

Considering Rebecca's evil daughter and cohort Sutton at one point physically recoiled from her touch, I'm going to venture a guess that she's way more dangerous than we originally thought. She did, however, provide some clarity for any remaining viewers who still might be confused about the twin's family tree. As she dreamily floated in the pool she mused to Sutton:

Ted and me. My two twin daughters. The family that should've been. | permalink

Granted Sutton wishes she were an only child. What's with all of the hate? She still claims that Emma "stole her life." Does she not recall seeking Emma out and forcing her to take her place? Gosh she's so dramatic. But then again, that's Sutton! I'm sure much of the sibling rivalry boils down to Ethan and seeking attention.

Ethan and Emma are obviously over, especially since new hottie Jordan slipped that he saw Ethan on his motorcycle with someone who looked exactly like her. (But clearly Emma knows it was Sutton) How relieved are you now that Emma and Jordan didn't hit it off? Surprise shocker of the season premiere, the twins have a half brother! Mads welcomed the former 90210 castmate Ryan Rottman to Arizona with a steamy drunk dip in the pool. 

Poor Mads and Thayer are really not dealing well with Alec's trial. I'm glad that Mads is moving in with the Mercers. She needs the support and Kristin is such a loving mother. It's definitely a better place for Mads even if Kristin and Ted are possibly separating now. Solid effort to Laurel and Emma for their Parent Trap like plan but they're going to need something a lot stronger to reunite their parents.

Meanwhile Alec is definitely cooking something up behind bars. Besides revealing that he can tell the twins apart, he told Emma not to trust Sutton. Any guesses as to why?

After Theresa met with Alec she told Dan that there was compelling evidence to prove that Alec was framed. What could Alec have possibly told her? Do you think maybe Rebecca dealt the fatal blow to Derek Rogers and blackmailed Alec into taking the fall? She could've threatened to tell Ted about the twins. There are so many questions and it's been so long since The Lying Game season 1 that I don't even remember what exactly Ted knows. 

All in all the premiere set up what is sure to be an awesomely dramatic season and I for one can't wait! How did you all like the return of The Lying Game? Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories! 


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FYI, Jordan isn't the twins half brother, he is in noway biologically related to Rebecca (as he is her stepson, child from a previous marriage)


i1m lost (again)new season same crap no mistery has been solved and here we go again with even more drama and confusing stories grrrrrrrrrrrr


Rebecca is a real bitch! And Alec.. well, that's a whole new level of creepiness. What I don't understand is.. Who is this Jordan guy? I think we needed some more suspense there, and not the same Sutton/Rebecca scene as in 'Hi mom'. -- Did you by the way see the moment between Ethan and Mads?!

Drea xoxo

Tbh i love the show alot and couldn't wait for its return but i for one am very confused. it doesn't make sense the union of mother and daughter, i thought this episode was going to reveal how sutton knew (probably during her MIA). rebecca having another child i can see, but this child seems similar in age to the twins so again how is this possible and who is his father and why no mention before??? ted and kristen need to divorce, their marriage became a lie the moment ted allowed this deal to be made. i too want to understand alec's involvement in the twins, what is there that we are missing? does alec know rebecca knows sutton and are in cahoots?


So...I am guessing this Jordan kid may have killed Derek for his mother and it might actually have been in circumstances not dissimilar to Ethan and Sutton's confrontation of Derek earlier in the season. But yes, Rebecca framed him. And I kind of think that Alec knows. I have to think that Sutton's investigation that uncovered Emma was perhaps not that surreptitious as she thought, and while I would be tempted to think Alec may have put Emma in Sutton's path to initially distract her from the mother search, he might have underestimated Emma (I kind of can't wait for another scene where she hauls off and hits somebody since she wasn't exactly the shy retiring girl in the foster system). That is actually where my doubt about Thayer actually creeped in for the first time, I knew he would tell Emma about him and Sutton in LA if for no other reason that he knew what happened with Ethan, but if Sutton was searching online, she was in touch with Thayer when he was away in minimum, Thayer was reporting on Sutton's search, at worst, he was guiding it (he is the only one with real computer savvy).


The thing I'm really confused about is why Alec cares so much about the whole twin thing. So much that he keeps it a secret from his best friend (Ted)..


Great premiere. Rebecca has to have framed Alec right? Rebecca is the creepiest. Alec is the scariest. Sutton will turn on rebecca eventually I bet Emma was wearing orange and a chain necklace when visiting Alec! Emma is the real prisoner. Emma/Thayer dating was a bit quick. It was nice to see Mads doing more. Jordan got integrated quickly!


I'm confused. When did Sutton find out that Rebecca was her mother. She obviously didn't know when she asked Emma to take her place. Did I miss something?

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

When our embryos split, you got all the heart.

Sutton [to Emma]

Ted and me. My two twin daughters. The family that should've been.