The Mentalist Review: Taking It Personally

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"Days of Wine and Roses" was more about Lisbon's hunt for Tommy Volker than the murder of the week, but let's start at the aptly named Oasis Rehabilitation Center.

The place was certainly an oasis, on par with many vacation resorts, offering ample opportunity for Patrick Jane to make mischief.

Jane Sneaks Around

Charlotte (aka Charlie's mother) was blinded to her daughter's addiction. She refused to believe Charlie would steal her ruby necklace. What she failed to realize was that an addict is capable of almost anything. I couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Maria, a character we never even saw on screen, who took the fall for the crime.

Jane playing the klepto was great fun, but it was even better when I realized that Cho and Lisbon were in on the scam. 

In the end, I couldn't help but mourn Charlotte. Her death really was a tragedy. She was young and could have turned her life around. But the one person whose job it was to help her was the one who took it all away. 

Joanne whined that her disease made her do it. Hopefully she can wallow in that self pity for the rest of her life in a prison cell.

But back to Tommy Volker...

Lisbon personally financed a second autopsy on Amanda Shaw. How much do one of those cost? The guilt over not being able to protect the girl was driving Teresa on a crusade that's as much personal as it is professional. 

And Jane noticed.

He knew that the gleam in her eye was either a break in the Volker case or a new lover in her life. I thought it was sweet that he hoped it was love as he said she deserved to find happiness. Jane deserves that too.

But Lisbon would be thrilled with catching Volker and with Grace's help she tracked down his enforcer.

Speaking of Van Pelt, I loved how they hid the actress' pregnancy this week. The rolling cart with file boxes on it was new and kind of ingenious. At least it let her get up from her desk. 

Just in case we forgot how creepy Volker was, he decided to visit Lisbon. In addition to his version of charming intimidation techniques he also told Lisbon, "You look good. You've been working out." The way his eyes roamed her body made me want to take a shower.

He was pushing Lisbon's buttons, hoping for a reaction and it was starting to worry Jane as he told her in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: I'm just a little worried he's inside your head and believe me that's not a good road to go down. Bad neighborhood. | permalink

And if anyone should know, it's Patrick Jane.

When it all falls apart, when Lisbon's only connection to Volker is gunned down in the street along with two innocent bystanders, Teresa plays her last card.

She ask Jane for help. Jane vs. Volker. Now this should be fun.


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I never thought that the Red John case was as deep as others believed. I don't think he apppeared in the fleash in previous seasons and we missed it. I don't think there are clues everywhere to who he is. To me this is a simple story about a man and his revenge to bring down the killer of his family. Nothing more, nothing less. I think that it will be a big let down when Red John is caught. I think it will be great story telling and episode, but I believe that all of those who have been looking for clues along the way, will stratch their head and go...huh....that is it? Anyway, I wished that the show didn't sometimes come off as the keystone cops who can't do anything without Jane. However, next weeks show looks good. Just wish Lisbon could have brought down Volker herself.


^continued: I like the turn this has taken, after the last thing Volker told Lisbon in ep 7 was "you have no idea what's going on do you, enjoy your job while you still have it Teresa" i was convinced that he was either a) associated with red john b) the show would at least center plot around how he could be associated with red john and create suspicion. It's not over yet(next week is the last Volker episode) but it doesn't appear we're going down that path. Much of this season has been about showing the character, dark side and what really drives, makes and eats at characters(Jane, Lorelei and to an extent Rigbsy) and it's nice to see the show taking this path with Lisbon(although this should have been done 2-3 years ago). If this has no Red John connection though, I do wonder when they'll start building up that story line, if this is the last season there's not alot of time to work with which might suggest this story isn't as deep or complex as we'd imagine.


Strong episode, needed it coming out of winter break and really bad ratings for the last episode of 2012. Interesting how Jane hoped Lisbon had found love in that scene---clearly another attempt to add intrigue--alot of people will say this is Jane's way of deflecting the idea of loving Lisbon. I don't really agree but we shall see. It's clear that Volker has a huge influence over Cal gov. and judges--so if Lisbon succeeds with bringing down Volker, what are the after effects for her in terms of how people in law enforcement and judiciary system she consistently has to work with and get things from? Also, this won't happen, but if Volker is so powerful and influential with law enforcement, why not in theory come after Lisbon if she poses a true challenge(which shes not right now)? There certainly wouldn't be repercussions.


It is absurd Lisbon to criticize Jane for chasing the man who killed his wife and daughter and she wants revenge on a man who has not done any personal damage.
Lisbon I think you could really to sleep with Volker and to know his sadism. Perhaps in this way her fans would stop complaining about Jane.


Every time I want more and more to Jane


What a wow episode. I loved the con Jane played at the rehab place with Cho and Lisbon in on it. Very clever. I loved how ready Jane was to help Lisbon. They do care for each other. Volker is going to go down now. I can't wait to see them do it. Excellent.

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