The Mentalist Review: Taking It Personally

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"Days of Wine and Roses" was more about Lisbon's hunt for Tommy Volker than the murder of the week, but let's start at the aptly named Oasis Rehabilitation Center.

The place was certainly an oasis, on par with many vacation resorts, offering ample opportunity for Patrick Jane to make mischief.

Jane Sneaks Around

Charlotte (aka Charlie's mother) was blinded to her daughter's addiction. She refused to believe Charlie would steal her ruby necklace. What she failed to realize was that an addict is capable of almost anything. I couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Maria, a character we never even saw on screen, who took the fall for the crime.

Jane playing the klepto was great fun, but it was even better when I realized that Cho and Lisbon were in on the scam. 

In the end, I couldn't help but mourn Charlotte. Her death really was a tragedy. She was young and could have turned her life around. But the one person whose job it was to help her was the one who took it all away. 

Joanne whined that her disease made her do it. Hopefully she can wallow in that self pity for the rest of her life in a prison cell.

But back to Tommy Volker...

Lisbon personally financed a second autopsy on Amanda Shaw. How much do one of those cost? The guilt over not being able to protect the girl was driving Teresa on a crusade that's as much personal as it is professional. 

And Jane noticed.

He knew that the gleam in her eye was either a break in the Volker case or a new lover in her life. I thought it was sweet that he hoped it was love as he said she deserved to find happiness. Jane deserves that too.

But Lisbon would be thrilled with catching Volker and with Grace's help she tracked down his enforcer.

Speaking of Van Pelt, I loved how they hid the actress' pregnancy this week. The rolling cart with file boxes on it was new and kind of ingenious. At least it let her get up from her desk. 

Just in case we forgot how creepy Volker was, he decided to visit Lisbon. In addition to his version of charming intimidation techniques he also told Lisbon, "You look good. You've been working out." The way his eyes roamed her body made me want to take a shower.

He was pushing Lisbon's buttons, hoping for a reaction and it was starting to worry Jane as he told her in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: I'm just a little worried he's inside your head and believe me that's not a good road to go down. Bad neighborhood. | permalink

And if anyone should know, it's Patrick Jane.

When it all falls apart, when Lisbon's only connection to Volker is gunned down in the street along with two innocent bystanders, Teresa plays her last card.

She ask Jane for help. Jane vs. Volker. Now this should be fun.


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True, huisclothes, The Bigfoot could just be a transition shot. It's just odd for the show I think, they seemed to linger on it. They're bound to know that symbology, could have overlooked it or just left it as a tease. So funny. Time will tell. His out of the blue casual night with Lorelei really surprised me at the time. I figured him for a monk's life, not much left after work except brooding on RJ. It made the possibilities with Lisbon seem more probable. Really expanded the character of Patrick Jane.


continued-- This guy falls apart at loose ends. The only other job he knows is the con lol


That hand-holding with Lisbon was very sweet to me too, Mimi. Seemed a little sensuous but just as much comforting at the same time the way Jane brushed his hand all the way down her arm to hold her hand. I think he could have been comforting her because of her fear for him, that he was all right. A lot going on with that but again who knows because they're both so controlled. I think it's a clue that Lorelei didn't ruin him against other women, like was mentioned earlier. I do think he would be crushed if Lisbon fell in love with someone else even if he has to wait for Red John to be over to declare himself, he's always at risk that life will move Lisbon on and, if he does care for her as a mate, must always be aware of possibly missing his chance. And whoever said Lisbon would never get involved with an employee, as someone said before. But how in the world would Jane make a living without CBI? Guess he'd have to consult for another agency or something. That guy falls apart at loose ends and his only other skill is the con lol.


ok, here's a hideous thought. if the c-word (cancellation) becomes a reality, they have 12 more episodes to wrap things up. as the wicked witch of the west said, "it isn't long, my pretty." the mind reels, yes?


the big foot shot. funny to think about it in the symbolic sense. it is a common for editors and directors to establish a new scene by cutting from a tight shot to a medium and then to a wide or vice versa. and it's an excellent way to establish someone sneaking around - see any bugs bunny cartoon. so it might not be more complicated than that. however it is fun to think they're trying to tell us jane is the best-equipped detective in california. he certainly reclaimed his sexuality with lorelei. every scene since, especially with lisbon is informed by his recent escapade. the reality just dangles there. (ok i'll stop.) it's in lisbon's mind and ours too. it's transformed the character. no more monkish patrick. all the equipment works and he hasn't forgotten what goes where. he's now gettable. unless, of course, the lorelei trauma has sent him skittering away from sex on his rather large feet.


hi guys love reading the comments.
I'd also love to see Jane and Lisbon get together at the end of the series and if they don't I'll just bang my head on the wall to say the least. The little tease every now and then drives me mad. I mean it's obvious they have feeling for each other and then at times we doubt it.. but it wouldn't make any sense to insinuate things during five seasons and that nothing happens. also they put a man and woman together for a series, there is a reason to it! we can really see how it has evolved esp during the end of season 4, how he held her hand, told her he loved her, why did he say that? Her feelings are more obvious though. Also it was weird how he asked her if she was in love, was it a backwards way of knowing if she was in love with someone else.. grrr I cant wait for the next episode!


I don't like Kristina either, never understood why Jane was interested in her, she seemed to be everything he detests, and although I'm sure he wanted to believe her message about his daughter's death, she was deliberately made such good news as painful as possible. Yet he still pursued her. Go figure. Turning her into a dead person was sheer writing genius, ha! They got her back good!


rationalgal, Very interesting info from that interview you describe, Bruno saying Lisbon and Jane get together at the end of this season. Something to look forward to, if he hasn't changed his mind. :( huisclothes, You are so right about Lisbon needing to realize she'll never find anyone as special as Jane. Interesting, anitraward1, that you think Jane was testing Lisbon when he asked if she was in love, maybe in fear that she had moved past him and found love without him. But he still sounded detached when he said how she deserves to find it (indicating without him).


anitraward1, you got me snotting my corn flakes out my nose lol! I haven't read the subsequent posts yet, but I see you totally get my puzzlement about Jane's extended bigfoot shot. The only thing I can think is it's almost maybe a subliminal plant, foreshadowing? to jolt viewers from our slumber of despair that anything real in that realm will ever happen. And then maybe it's a total misread. But why else so much time to this close up? *snicker* Red herring? If so, it's a cruel tease.


know what bugs me? the fact that no tv show depicts the fashion or the modeling business except in the cheesiest ways. the photographers are always braying in unlikeable accents and the pictures they're taking and the clothes they show and the models who wear them -- one's douchier than the next. did you see what charlie was wearing. did you look at her shoes. nothing's cooler than the way offduty models dress. there are great designers and models and clothes in los angeles so there's no excuse for them looking so laughable. the show last year with the fashion crowd was just as embarrassing.

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