The Vampire Diaries Preview: An Original Target

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Jeremy played the role of the hunter and the hunted on this week's Vampire Diaries, taking down a few new blood suckers while also trying to avoid a murderous, compelled Damon Salvatore.

Next Thursday, meanwhile, Kol may be want to follow suit, as he will be the target of this newly trained human weapon.

Elsewhere on "A View to A Kill," Bonnie will receive an unexpected visit and Stefan and Rebekah will continue to grow close. Are you into these two as a couple? An uncaring couple with no supposed feelings, that is?

Ponder that question as you watch this CW promo:

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David and sabrina 2014

Now I feel like these episodes are getting more messed up by the minute. The Delena fans may be super happy with this show already but creating more out of wack couples are making this show turn upside down. ;P


I really hate Elena right now! More than ever!


Dear Kol,
please kill Bonnie. Thank you so much. Cheers!


Only Elena Gilbert can come up with this much stupid plan. But Jeremy? I thought he was smarter.


Dear Julie Plec, I am not 12.
How can you possible expect, that we the viewers, and even to a certain extent the characters on your show, to believe that JEREMY, (!!!!) a noob hunter, can kill an Original vampire??
Why was that even brought up?! Do they not teach critical thinking (or even common sense) in Mystic Falls??

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