The Vampire Diaries Review: A Lump of Kol

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So THAT's where the saying Kol in your stocking comes from!

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Catch Me If You Can," this Original blood sucker made his random presence felt, urging Jeremy not to go after the cure; nearly killing Rebekah; and compelling Damon to take out the hunter who could awaken Silas and apparently bring an end to the entire world.

If you believe in scary stories, that is.

Jeremy v. Elena

My overall reaction to the episode? Blah. It wasn't terrible, but it was certainly a letdown after a fast-paced opening few minutes. I don't feel like we ended someplace especially different from where we started.

Let's start with the same complaint I had a week ago: compulsion, schmul-pulsion. This storyline crutch has got to go. It's far too easy to have Originals just compelling their inferior vampires left and right. In this case, granted, it led to a very cool save of Damon by Stefan (you might say he arrived at breakneck speed, eh? Eh?!?), and Damon being locked in the dungeon is at least a twist in the storyline... but can one actually recognize when one is being compelled?

Damon actually warning Jeremy to run while chasing after him was incredibly lame. I'm not sure of the rules of compulsion and I'm not sure if the show is either. The writers just seem to use this whenever it's convenient.

Elsewhere, let me get this straight: Sheriff Forbes went out of her jurisdiction to take Shane in for questioning... then simply let a town citizen interrogate him... because the temporary Mayor (who had never been seen in Mystic Falls before) said it was okay?!?

Yes, we suspend our disbelief when it comes to the overarching idea of supernatural beings on TVD, but is it too much to ask for a realistic, competent police force? My eyes still hurt from rolling so often at the notion of Bonnie playing any role in the questioning of Shane.

Still, like so much on this show, the end result was intriguing: Bonnie Bennett, witch prodigy. Will she use her powers for good or grow into a ticking time bomb of pure evil?

One more complaint before I move on to the positives: Where was Caroline Forbes? Where, Julie Plec?!? What have you done with her and when will we see here again?!?!?!?

A Shady Shane?

As for what I did like about "Catch Me If You Can?"

  • Sarcastic, uncaring Stefan. Correction: I LOVED this. It's a logical step for the character, it's a dynamite portrayal by Paul Wesley and this is one of the best Vampire Diaries quotes of the series: You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you.
  • Red. Hot. Strebekah. Sex.
  • The mystery of a new team in the race. As I've written about before, the general through-line of multiple teams competing for the cure is fascinating and enjoyable. It's been bogged down by sire bond nonsense and now an over-reliance on compulsion. But I'm all in on new alliances being built and new relationships being spawned as a result. So... who do you think that suicidal chap in the professor's office was working with?
  • Poor Matt, Least Valuable Player. It's the jacket, dude. You've gotta ditch that jacket.
  • An Elijah mention!

We're left with Bonnie once again flirting with dark magic; Elena actually coming up with a decent plan to off Kol and therefore his bloodline; Damon locked up; and Stefan and Rebekah getting down.

What was your favorite development from the episode? And should we really be trusting Rebekah with that headstone?


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I don't actually agree with all the Elena bashing this season, because she had her reasons for breaking up with Stefan and they actually had nothing to do with Damon but what he did to her brother. Shouldn't he have asked her permission or at least told her his plan. She made it clear that if the cure involved hurting her brother she did not want any part of it. he kept talking about 'fixing' her and couldn't accept any criticism from her. Yes Elena did hurt him by sleeping with Damon, but he has done so much worse. Its no wonder that she's relying on Damon so much this year, especially with Jeremy's training. Also Rebekah keeps putting words into his mouth.The characters seem to keep forgetting that Elena has only been a vampire for a short while now, she's going to keep messing things up. I have a theory that Tatia, Katherine and now Elena's tendency to not only mess up the lives of two brothers but everyone around her is a side effect of the curse, that Katherine and Elena are doomed to repeat the mistakes of their ancestor.
I wish the writers had kept Kol around for a bit longer, he was fun. If anyone is annoying this season its actually Klaus, if Jeremy does complete his mark what's to stop him from wiping out the Originals before the cure can be found.


I'm so glad Stefan said that to Elena, am so over her annoying and whining attitude, its Damon's problem now. Part of Stefan might be acting out but she deserves it, she slept with his brother the next day after they broke up so she has no right to even ask about him and Rebbekah, its none of her business (Stebbekah is HOT together btw).


@sophia Being compelled is not needed to figure things out but a brain does! I mean come on he has the urge to kill Jeremy after he got back from being kidnap. It doesn't take a genius to figure out he must have been compelled to kill Jeremy thus explains the urge to find and kill him. Damon might not remember his conversation with Kol I'm pretty sure he remembers seeing him so that would explain why he figured out it was Kol who compelled him.


"You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you" Paul Wesley is the best. He brings it as Stephan. He's soooo intense. I hope he stays strong and doesn't go back to that tamp Elena.

David and sabrina 2014

These spoilers seem to be more revealing and out of hand throughout these episodes. Will this show ever get better again? =(


I want to make it clear that for me TVD is the best show ever and not just for Delena ( and yes I'm a delena 100%) 'cause a tv show that's just about one or two characters can't be an awesome tv show, I love the entire plot line of TVD and all the characters even those that I hate their acts and loving, hating, getting angry, happy, sad, horrified, anxious ... is healthy for a tv show which is whatTVD gave me and still giving me and me saying that I don't love Stefan's plan that doesn't mean that it's not the best for the show's storyline it means that it makes me feel said and angry which is normal.


@anon:I confess my plan can be dumb but I don't have a large imagination and I can make the dumbest plan as I want after all I'm not a writer of a Tv show (thanks God) plus Damon is smart enough to know that just mentioning his want to get out of the cell will make Elena get him out of it. I say that Stefan's plan is cruel you say it's the smartest that's a diffrent of opinion and no one can/need to change the others opinion.


I think Stefan got his mojo back! He's better when he's not mr. puppy dog following behind Elena. Damon always seems to retain his Damon-ness and Stefan doesn't. I liked seeing him stand up for himself. I'm a Delena fan all the way but Elena deserved all she got in these last two episodes. I mean come on, she SLEPT with his brother the day after they broke up! I couldn't wait for that ep but it was pretty fast considering how much Elena and Stefan had loved each other and what they had been through together. Also @aisha - Klaus is the sire of all our vamps on the show so basically ALL the other originals could die and they'd be fine. (They figured it out when they put him in the coffin at the end of last season)


Finally, way to go Stefan !!!!!!!!!!! elena cant expect him to be always here for her, i mean seriously you are slepping with ur ex brother, leave a 'how can you be with her,she tried to kill me?" talk to yourself. Love Stefan, better off without Elena.


No that idea is DUMB. Take off Damon's ring? He can still go out at night. Putting Jeremy in a safe place? WHAT SAFE PLACE? Jeremy shouldn't have to go into hiding just so Damon and Elena can SEE each other. HOW SELFISH IS THAT? Damon HAD to bleed out or else when he woke up he would just attack Stefan. He wasn't even accusing Damon, he STATED facts. Its NOT EVEN about Damon telling Elena to do something against her will. Its just simple as him saying I wish i could leave, Elena would take it literally and help him. SO OBVIOUS. As you ALREADY know Stefan was helping him B/C that WAS the ONLY way for the cure atm. Seriously WATCH THE SHOW and NOT just the Delena scenes. OMFG

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