The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: You Creeping Tom!

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Note to Kol: You really might wanna make a run for it.

At the conclusion of this week's Vampire Diaries, Elena decided that her brother ought to kill this Original in order to de-compel Damon and also complete Jeremy's hunter mark.

Now, based on the following clip from next Thursday's "A View to A Kill," we also see that Klaus has plans to stake his sibling once and for all. Is Rebekah on board? What is Klaus' reaction to finding a certain someone in her bedroom? And is Kol's time in this world coming to an end?

Watch the latest sneak peek now - and don't forget to visit our Vampire Diaries music section, updated after each new episode!

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David and sabrina 2014

I don't even care what happens to the originals. If Jeremy can set things straight along with his friends,then that would be better. ;P =|


It's supposed to be Peeping Tom, not Creeping Tom..


That was hilarious. Stefan's face...LOL. I like Klaus. I pity Becks as Stefan is surely using her. :( I want Elijah back. Damon. Elijah. Klaus. I am forever with TVD if they have these THREE Men. Always.

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