White Collar Review: Into the Deep

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We really got down to the "Brass Tacks" this week on White Collar. There's a dirty Senator up to no good and Neal and Peter will stop at nothing to get to whatever he's hiding.

Unfortunately for the bureau, this investigation certainly won't be without its costs.

Neal's Real Estate

I didn't think we'd see the day when physical harm came to Peter, but when it did, it created all kinds of problems for Elizabeth, Neal and the bureau.

Rarely do we get to see Elizabeth express her feelings to Neal to the point of asking him to lie. In fact, it's normally been the exact opposite - she's usually trying to make Peter give Neal the benefit of the doubt in that department. It really hurt to see Neal fib to Peter's face, and his lack of evasiveness should have been a tell-tale sign to Peter that something more was at play. To have Elizabeth stand there and watch it was even more unnerving.

Then again, Peter is her husband and I can fully understand her impulse to keep him out of harm's way.

But while Peter was in the hospital, Neal and Diana got to spend some quality time together, which was a nice change of pace, despite the circumstances. I will say, though, that their Barber Shop takeover prior to Peter's crash was perhaps one of my favorite instances of crafty conning. The phone switch was pretty flawless for its off-the-cuff execution. Let's hope there are more moments like that to come!

And what about that troublesome key? Leave it to Jeff Eastin and company, and to the last sixty seconds of the episode, to deliver a revelation as novel as the key acting NOT in its obvious capacity, but rather as a skyline map of some kind. Genius, I tell you! It certainly will be interesting to see Peter and Neal tracking down the same lead unbeknownst to the other.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Mozzie surrendering his "first born" for the greater good.
  • Neal in that blue suit... it was really a shame we couldn't get that trending on Twitter. It was stunning.
  • Getting a chance to see Mozzie and Jones team up for once, and Diana and Neal getting some partner work in as well. 

Where in New York do you think that key will lead our favorite FBI agents and consultant too next week? Sound off below!


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I hated that the writers had Elizabeth force Neal to lie outright to Peter: It was so out of character for E (who has backed up Neal from the start of the series) and really hurt the trust issues that were beginning to happen between Peter and Neal (I don't want to see the non-trusting go all the way back to square one). In one of the previous episodes, Neal told Peter that (1) he has the only person he really trusted and (2) he had never told him a deliberate lie to his face (only let him draw incorrect conclusions). This will really hurt the series (and relationship between the characters) unless the writers 'fix' this very, very soon. Also, part of Neal's persona always had to do with some woman in his life: That's been missing ever since Jan. 22 continued; and I miss that flirtatious side of Neal (and wish Sara would reappear, and not to just take a job overseas and disappear completely, as Jeff Eastin implied). Writers, please make these fixes, or the show will have a very short shelf life, and it's too good a show for that to happen.


I dont have issues with the trust thing, though I'm not happy its still there. My biggest issue is El. I can understand her concern and I honestly expected her to later say to Neal, sorry for asking you to lie to Peter.. I was upset, etc. And I cant say what, but I have feeling there is more to her telling Neal what she did than just being concern for her husband. The feeling is a bad one. It be a twist. And if its something done that's shocking like another show I watch it could rock the show HaRd.


I don't have any problems with the trust issues, I think that's what makes the show interesting. But this episode still blew because of the way they did it. El behaved so out of character, that made her very unlikeable. And there was too much El in this episode for me anyway. I would have liked to get more Neal and Peter scenes together, instead of El and Peter scenes.


Terrie I believe that was the reason the show worked in the beginning and I was totally on board but now it's getting ridiculous. The characters have been through so much, they care about each other so that premise is no longer believable. Also if they continue with this we will get the same repetitive speeches "He lied to me, I can't believe he doesn't trust me, bla bla". They need to move on from the trust issue especially because I think the show is strong enough not to need that. Come on writers you can do better.


Time and time again we've see Neal and Peter lie to one another......but they get past it for the greater good which is nailing the bad guys..........that's the essential reason why White Collar works as a show......well, that and Matt Bomer's good looks...... ;)


Danna is right on. The whole "you can't trust him thing" limits any real development in the plot lines. Making Peter suspicious just motivates him more and will likely prompt him to include Jones and Diana in the "revelation", which will sour them as well. I'm beginning to hate this show.


Peter is a FBI agent that by definition implies some risk. Are we suppose to believe that before Neal started working with Peter every time Peter investigated a potentially dangerous case El would go to Reese and ask him take Peter off the case so he wouldn't get hurt? "On the other hand, damn did Neal look good in the blue suit" .....you can say that again!:))))


Why was Neal so cool and collected about the whole thing? It seemed like he didn't care that Peter was in an accident at all, instead going about business as usual. I would rather have had scenes in which Neal worried about Peter than scenes in which El worried, for which I couldn't care less.


wow do i hate el. peter should divorce her but we know thats not going to happen..


Poor El, she is so affaid of something happening to Peter that she was willing to sell out Neal and Peter's relationship

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