90210 Review: Confronting the Past

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Remember that time when Naomi and Annie found out they had a half brother in common? Don't worry, I almost didn't either, but luckily "Brother From Another Mother" triggered those memories.

Think back to 90210 season 1 when the big secret was that Naomi's mom slept with Annie and Dixon's dad. The result was a child given up for adoption who was a few years older. I know, the writers must really have been digging to drag a storyline back from a few years ago. 

Wolfgang & the Food Truck

Oh, hey, Wolfgang!

So Naomi, being the persistently proactive doer that she is, goes out and tracks down their half brother Mark. Annie feels blindsided. Dixon isn't affected much at all and sees how Naomi would want to find him. Maybe it's because Dixon knows that he always has Annie to lean on. Cue to collective "awww!"

Naomi is lonely and after what she's been through I don't blame her. That moment with Naomi's mother a few weeks ago was almost tear-inducing. Her family has always been a complete absence in her life and she's going through a divorce at the ripe old age of 20. No relationships are permanent and I don't blame her for looking for her lost sibling.

I just wanted someone to share a bond with me that we couldn't walk away from. | permalink

I also don't blame Mark for not being immediately receptive. Naomi lied under the pretense of getting him there. Then she sabotaged his competition at the food truck contest. Naomi has GOT to stop inserting herself in everyone else's business. She uses her money to control everything around her and it still hasn't gotten through her thick head that it pisses people off! Especially her loved ones who are trying to live their own lives!

Luckily Annie's level headedness was able to bring Mark back into their lives. Now Mark and Naomi are opening a new restaurant. Ade and Silver who both want fun projects are taking over his old truck for a TBD project. Liam bought the place under The Offshore that Ashley was using in order to confront his past and start getting over his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Everyone is starting new projects, which makes for the possibility of exciting future episodes of 90210!

Even Dixon might have a new artist on his hands. He will, however, have to get in line between Silver and Navid for her attention. McKayla has managed to capture of the attention of several people in the Beverly Hills crew. First and foremost her commitment is to be Silver's and Teddy's surrogate.

What will happen with McKayla's relationship with Navid? Will Dixon's ability to potentially make her a star cause her to blow off Silver? Hit the comments!

Also a note for all you Lannie shippers: Get ready for next week!


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Zaidah rahim

I already miss my cutie pie, Max Miller. :(


It he episode was alright. I can't wait for next weeks though.
Naomi finding her brother came out of nowhere. Yeah I read the spoiler about this, but I didn't think this was how it would play out. Does anyone know remember if Jen and Naomi were on good terms? I don't really remember season 4.
Watching Annie and Mark meet I was like please don't let this show turn to incest. But that vibe faded at the end of the episode, luckily. I liked Dixon and Liam's scene about the sink. The Tilver baby is still....whatever....I'm hoping this is not turning into Dixon/Michaela/Navid/silver/teddy square...wait, no polygon. That in itself is a mess. Hopefully Michaela is not already preggz with a baby Shirazi. Ade, yes, thank ou for putting queen Silver into place. Part of me still doesn't buy their friendship. Oh we'll. I wonder what they'll use that van for...
Again, sooooo looking forward to next weeks epi!! Lannie


and since they are bringing back old memories (lost brother, naomi's mom, annie's mom, ty, jason, kansas, spring awakening, annie's crazy causin, jasper, west bev) they should bring back ETHAN please !!! They mentioned him on Annies dream


this season is about nostalgia, and I love it, but isn't it a little bit random that Naomi brought back her lost brother without giving it a second thought? It took me by surprise. Silver's baby thing is just annoying at this point!! Why the fuck didn't she take a random doner's sperm and had her baby on her own?? Naomi will be back with Max, that couple has been around more than any other on the show.


I cant believe it, should that really be the end of Max and Naomi??? Is no couple in the 90210 supposed to last for at least one season anymore? Writers, what are you doung here?


I'm so glad Adrianna stuck to it Silver. I like Silver and I'm glad she's doing what she wants, but her constant "I wanna baby" thing is just getting in the way of being there for her friends. It's purely selfish and clearly points out that that is all her character has ever been.
As for Mark, I enjoy his character and I look forward to how his character will impact Naomi and her character development.
In regards to next week, HOORAY FOR LANNIE!!!!


When I first heard McKayla singing I thought Dixon was listening to one of the bad singers from the previous night. But I do hope he signs her and she decides not to have Silvers baby so that Silver can carry her own baby. I just don't get why Teddy won't let her do it, such a bs storyline.

Sarah silva

This was a good episode.
I hope Mark stick around as it will be nice for Naomi to have a family member around, plus it gives Silver or Ade a potential love interest!
I am happy about the Lannie moments next week, however it will be short lived as in 2 weeks time as tv guide indicated he will be hooking up with someone else! They need to have Lannie be together once and for all.
One thing I did not get was if Teddy is the one insisting on the surrogate then why does Silver have to pay half of Mackayla's expenses? Teddy has more than enough money!


Oh and I totally think Liam and Ade are gonna sleep together. Then he will have conquered all the girls. And he's supposed to hook up with someone else close to him once Annie says she has feelings for him again. And I just think it will be her.


This late in the game and so close to a potential series finale, there's too much focus on mickayla. I hope he doesn't stick with the surrogacy cuz that's a train wreck waiting to happen. I'm sorry, but there's nothing appealing about this girl. And if Dixon thinks she actually has a good singing voice, then I guess he's delusional. That was awful! Please don't waste anymore time on her. I did like the throw back to trying to find their brother. But seriously, Naomi saying "I just need my brother right now" is a little ridiculous. She doesn't even know him. He doesn't know her. I get that she's lonely, but you don't go from zero to brother in a day. Still don't really care about Ade's story, nothing exciting there. And as for Silver, this is a once in a lifetime shot for her so she has every right to be concerned and a little selfish in this situation. I just wish she would just have the baby on her own. That's the story I was most looking forward to after last season's finale. Oh and I totally think Liam and Ade are gonna sleep together. Then he will have conquered all the girls.

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