Bunheads Review: Fire in Paradise

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I hate to beat a dead horse, but "It's Not a Mint" would have been a lot more fun if Fanny had been there.

Everyone was stuck in the studio because it was one of two safe havens in Paradise during a fire that broke out. As it was, there wasn't a whole lot happening.

Gossip & Fire

Boo and Carl - The surprise of the night would have to be that Boo had never seen a condom, therefore mistaking the one she saw as a mint, and that she was already on the pill, although not having sex. Apparently, as soon as her mother found out she and Carl were an item she ushered her down to the clinic and made sure that if the big event were to occur, there wouldn't be any chance for adding another child to the already overcrowded household they inhabited.

It's funny that mom was so diligent with her daughter's birth control and yet not so much with her own. Flame away!

Boo was also on the receiving end of affections of not only Carl, but her old suitor, Jeff. He was making an attempt to flirt with Boo through some kind of "act off" with Carl. Between the phrase "I like ranch chips" and the scene they were acting out, I was completely lost, but Boo looked on lovingly, splayed like Cleopatra awaiting a man with grapes to feed her as she witnessed the entertainment. That girl has come a long way.

Michelle and Talia - Even thought Talia decided to marry Rick and turn down the starring role in big traveling production of "Rock of Ages," Michelle was very concerned about her friend. Or was she? It took a while for Talia to call her on it, but Michelle's fears were all pretty much about herself and her own future. If she was in the same spot at the same time, given the choice between marrying an older man or going on tour in a starring role, she wouldn't have made the same decision.

Michelle felt that Talia was twisting herself into a pretzel trying to be what Rick wanted, but really she wanted Talia to life for her. It turned out Talia was pregnant, so touring would be out of the question anyway. As attractive as Michelle's offer of Two Broke Girls and a Baby might have sounded, Talia wed her man. Who will Michelle live through vicariously now?

Truly and Milly - Out of the flames came a sweet sisterly bond. We even got to see genuine smiles from them both as Truly thanked her sister for getting Rick to the studio to wed Talia so that Truly could showcase the dresses she was creating for the affair. If we already knew Milly had a daughter, I missed the memo. That was shocking! Now that she seems to be sticking around, I cannot wait to meet her. It would be great to have her join the dance studio and take a liking to Michelle.

Other interesting bits:

  • Melanie and Des had a talk about going out, but we didn't see the discussion. She had a sweet smile when she last saw him. Might there be romance in the air?
  • Cozette told Frankie that Ginny wanted to learn guitar and now they'll have a reason to see each other. More romance? Will everyone be paired up?
  • Michelle found a condom that was probably years old, and the girls stared at it in horror. Looks like Godot will use it like a good wine!
  • Sebastian's speech about liking females and males equally was hilarious. You'll find one of the quotes in the Bunheads quotes section. Add your own, as well!
  • The Billy Elliot number was cute, but came out of nowhere. Weren't there beds everywhere just seconds before the dancing started?

I had a chance to chat with Sutton Foster (Michelle) and will post the highlights of that conversation and what you can expect from next week's Bunheads Season 1 winter finale before it airs. Hit the comments with your thoughts on tonight's episode and what's to come!


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Sasha and Roman with the burglar and spider bit. Best part of the night. Had neon hysterics. Overlooked in the review, which surprised me. I missed Fanny a little.

Sarah silva

Ginny is getting drawing lessons not guitar lessons.....at least that is what I heard.
I miss Fanny too. This show is not as good as it was the first half of the season and next week we have the season finale!


While I love Fanny, I liked that she wasn't in this episode. It allowed Michelle to interact with the community and not screw up. I think this is important to accepting her life in Paradise and them accepting her as contributing member. I liked how the story moved each character's storyline along. Not sure how I feel about Melanie and Des but will go along to see how that turns out. How awesome was that Billy Elliot dance number?! Loved it. I've re-watched it numerous times. It and the Nutcracker mice around the pool table are my favorite dances. Way to up the ante on the dance numbers.


They did too much and a lot fell flat.


I can see it now. After the cancellation, the producer will say, "You know, we shouldn't have written out Kelly Bishop in so many episodes."


you seem very prejudice against this show. i thought it was an enjoyable hour. miilie has a daughter who truly hit in the head, gave her a concussion, and had to wear a helmet. michelle will be giving her free tap dancing lessons once she is out of the helmet. cosette told frankie that ginny wanted drawing lessons (like he has been doing since he arrived) not guitar lessons. and not word one about sasha and roman? yikes... i guess i don't need to see skyfall now! thanks a lot cosette!


What's to come? Cancellation.


This show continues to get better each week. Unfortunately, I suspect next week will be the final episode for the show, as all the Gilmore fans (including several of my friends) have abandoned the show because "it is not like the Gilmore Girls!" Thank God for that. This is a different show. Yes it has a few of the old characters, but it is a show that stands on its own. It is a shame that others couldn't see it for that.


I loved this episode unlike you apparently, I love all the little romances. And the dance I thought was great

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Bunheads Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Jeff: I like ranch chips.
Carl: I like ranch chips.
Jeff: I like ranch chips.
Carl: I like ranch chips.

Sebastian: To be clear, I like men and women equally. Both sexes work for me.
Michelle: Yeah, that's not going to lead to any misunderstandings at all.