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I can't help but wonder if this is a setup to get at castle/becket with Alexis as the target and it's a coincidence that she was with sarah and that Sarah's father has significant wealth and international enemies.


Absolutely loved Martha in "Target." She was the calm that Castle needed. Hope Kate and Martha can be there for each other while Castle goes rogue. Seasons 2' then 3 then 4 for 2 parter favorites.


I am with Chandel saying the strength of Alexis in a difficult situation is a reflection of her dad and what he has done through his life including the work with the NYPD.

I really felt that Nathan Fillion did a fantastic job of making you feel his pain. He is a fantastic when they ask him to be intense.

I am really looking forward to next weeks episode and the important reveal there and see how this puzzle fits together. I think this one will be my favorite 2 parter but for me S3, S4 and S2.


LeeAnn, I agree with just about everything you said!
I really liked your comments about Martha.

I did like the scene at the precinct when Kate hugged Castle and didn't care about Gates seeing them.


- Very hard to pick one scene between Kate hugging Castle not caring who might see, holding his hands while he was describing his feelings when Alexis was born, Castle´s determination while interrogating the driver and the van scene! But maybe I would choose the van scene, because it almost made me cry (and I´m not the crying type).

- Well, we don´t know what he did exactly, probably it was enough to just punch the wound... but to find his daughter? No, I definetly don´t think he went too far, I would do anything for a child of mine!

- I don´t think their relation will change, unless for better...

- Actually, even if Martha always looks a bit dramatic, I wasn´t surprised with how she handled this, she´s a strong woman knowing how to bw there for her son.

- I would like to see them working together, but totally understand if Castle goes rogue; in a way, if Kate is there it may be harder for him, because he also with be worried about her.

- Season 3 takes a marginally advantage over Season 2(because I loved the story), Season 4 (loved Pandora, Linchpin for me was a little confuse).


Favorite scene: when Kate hugs Castle and doesn't care whether Gates sees or not; the scene at the van; when Castle hurts Douglas Stevens; when Castle tells Kate about when Alexis was born
Did Castle go too far: Absolutely not.
Relationship change: Yes, it will change, but for the better. Kate now knows that Castle will do anything for her. I don't think there's been another person in her life that has been willing to do that for her.
Martha: Her calm strength does not surprise me. I think it's partially where Castle's gets his optimistic side from.
Castle going rogue: Oh, I want bad ass Castle! I love it when he goes rogue. Kate and the boys will support him from the States as much as possible.
Two-parters: Season 3, Season 2, Season 4


-Kate hugging Castle in front of Gate. The van scene. Castle threatening the suspect. Alexis seeing the Eiffel Tower at the end. I have to agree, I don't think I can choose just one.

-No. I'm guessing he put a finger in the guy's wound. I've got no problem with that.

-He's still the man she's always known, she just knows him better now.

-Yes and no. I do believe she's a strong person but I was surprised she was so calm.

-He's off to Paris, with our without Beckett.

-Seasons 2, 3, and 4 in that order but this one may rocket to the top of the list.

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