Charles Michael Davis to Star as The Originals' Klaus Protege

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Charles Michael Davis has landed a key role on the CW's The Originals.

Davis will play Marcel, the diabolical former protege of Klaus (Joseph Morgan), in The Vampire Diaries spinoff, which will be introduced in the April 25 episode of the series titled "The Originals."

The spinoff centers around the Original family from The Vampire Diaries, with Klaus returning to his former home in the French Quarter of New Orleans and reuniting with Marcel.

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Marcel is described as a "fierce and bold" modern-day vampire who's "able to accomplish as much with his charm as he is with his strength," making him a compelling right-hand man (or adversary).

Klaus' brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies), intent on helping his self-destructive brother find redemption, will reportedly side with Marcel’s enemies in order to keep Klaus in line.

Like Klaus and Elijah, werewolf Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) will also migrate from TVD to the new series, while Daniella Pineda was recently cast as a new series regular along with Davis.

Davis, whose casting was first reported by Deadline, will also appear on Grey’s Anatomy and The Client List this spring, and has previously appeared on Switched At Birth.

What do you think? Excited to meet Marcel on The Originals?

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David and sabrina 2014

Who knows how this guy will be on the show but most originals,like Rebekah,like to screw things up throughout the show. ;P


@Sa'ad how is Marcel not an appropriate name? They are in New Orleans. Heavily Cajun and Creole. French names for all ethnicities are common there. It's a common name for blacks in that area too. Also, maybe she did, maybe she didn't but having a little color in show that is supposed to be taking place in a very diverse location isn't bad and makes sense. Twice so far for him and with the latina. Finally!
I know some are already questioning the believability but whether people realize it or not, there were blacks that weren't slaves. There were blacks here before slavery even began. There was a population of biracial individuals who were free in those parts as well. So if it turns out that he wasn't a slave (because he could have came after slavery, don't know why people are assuming he's that old) it would still make sense.


Mainly because Pharell's got better things yo do than playing in a Julie Plec show...
The real question isn't even about that he's nobody, the real question is: Is he going to survive long before I don't a Gilbert or a Salvatore coming from nowhere will kill him? Or even better a Petrova?
Black characters are in extinction in a Julie Plec show, I'm sorry but I'll have a little faith after a long time, I don't trust the writers at all. I don't want him to have some "I'll die for Klaus bond" just like have one for Elena. I don't want him to be some dog after Klaus like some hybrid in becoming. Black characters are too badly treated in TVD for me to believe he will last long and without being used and abused by the other main character and finally die in a weird way.
The second question is: when are they going to understand that this show with only Klaus, Elijah and Hayley is nothing more than a TVD Bis.


what the fuck is this? you hired this nobody over kol and bekah? AND hired that wereb*tch Hayley, who teams up with everyone who claims to be able to reunite her with her family (even if "a few" people have to die in the process) INSTEAD of keeping Kol alive.


I can´t wait to see who they cast for the role of Camille. If she´s gonna be Klaus love interest she better be good.


This guy looks like Pharrell Williams! Why didn't they hire the real one?


what the fuck is this? you hired this nobody over kol and bekah? fuck you plec ffuck you i hope you get sodomised in hell


Of course this character will stick around. At least for the season. I just think that the Name Marcel is not exactly the correct name here is it? Julie idiot Plec was probably told by the network to not hire a caucasian actor for the role.


Seriously? Why do you keep track of those kind of things?


Now I was amazingly shocked but then I remember how excited I was about Bonnie's casting and look how that turned out (it strange she gets billed before Candice, Michael, Zach, Joseph and Claire yet seems more of a recurring/guest star). Connor turned out to be disappointing cause they let Elena's lame ass kill him. You need to have more than one black character in your main cast. Now you effed up on the witch part here considering voodoo culture of NOLA and I am wondering about the characterization cause last time we had black vampire you had him saying mam alot and then killed him unceremoniously.

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