Chicago Fire Review: A License for Liquor

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"A Little Taste" gave us a taste of what’s to come on Chicago Fire - and things are really beginning to heat up for Station 51.

Severide's Past

First, let's talk that cliffhanger with Antonio. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Antonio was at mentally, and I was veering towards him being on the same drug that was messing up all the patients on Dawson and Shay’s calls. But it looks like his erratic behavior is from paranoia. I think he realized the new dealers in town were on to him and it caused him to continually watch his back and become more manic since he wasn’t sleeping.

How Dawson is going to react in the aftermath, though, is really intriguing, as we all know she is prone to diving headfirst into everything. And that’s usually for people she doesn’t know very well. She’s also playing a big part in Antonio’s fake alibi.

As if that wasn’t enough for Dawson, she’s now head first into a love triangle as both Mills and Casey know she has a thing for both of them, and I’ve now surrendered my ship. I actually enjoy what both guys bring out in her, and I’d much rather just enjoy the ride and see if she chooses either of them rather them constantly compare them.

Casey’s Mom is now back in his life, and home, after being put on parole. While I understand her want to get back out into the world and live her life, there is something to be said for Casey’s way. It would certainly make more sense to acclimate to society after being in prison for years rather than immediately heading out on dates with pen pals.

Still, she did voice her disapproval of Hallie once again, so she’s not completely brainless.

Speaking of brainless, what were Shay and Clarice thinking? That the baby’s father would just willingly go along with this arrangement? That makes no sense, and literally no one mentioned this at all to Shay, not even Kelly.

Kelly is also back in firefighting shape one month after his experimental spinal surgery, and it’s great to see the show passed by the fear I had last week of him possibly returning to painkillers to cope with it. The newest development in Kelly’s life is Eric Whaley, the brother of his fiancé Renee (not to be confused with the one we know!). It’s interesting to see the juxtaposition this new Renee gave to Kelly’s life: that he ended up being the one who was cheated on. Even after finding out he spared the Renee’s family, this news after she wrapped her car around a pole.

Now that Renee is into drugs, will Kelly offer a helping hand to her like he was?

A Few More Thoughts

  • Otis ends up staying! Kelly’s trick worked.
  • Hermann’s new venture with Otis and Dawson to buy the bar sounds like another Hermann disaster waiting to happen especially when the silent partner is part of the crew that boarded it up. The same crew that the guys called mobsters.
  • Mouch is noticing Cruz is acting weird.
  • As the episode was airing NBC added another episode to Chicago Fire Season 1. It’s not exactly surprising considering how well the show has grown over the course of its season and when compared to how poorly Smash and Do No Harm are doing.


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Loved the episode! Though Kelly`s recovery was too fast and what is up with the timeline for the pregnancy? Last episode it was said that its couple of weeks to go and again now (a month later!) we still have 2 weeks to go... Don`t like Clarice at all, but it is interesting that Shay gave her another chance. Although I don´t think it could go well...
Love both Casey and Mills, so hard to pick between them! Both really nice guys but I am starting to prefer Dawson with Mills, they are more fun and sexy. Although, it has not been made clear what are Casey´s feelings for her, but I sure would like to see him jealous! I totally disliked Hallie too.


Loved the show last night. I have noticed that Kelly and Shay seem pretty buddy, buddy. Think Taylor and Lauren are pals off set and it is creeping into the show..... Prefer the Kelly that went face to face with Eric and not the one kissing Clarice on the head and rubbing her baby belly. What's up with that? Antonio is hot, hot hot. Hope he stays on the show. I enjoyed this show immensely. Love the triangle between Casey, Mills and Dawson.


I am glad that it seems that NBC is sticking with CF since it is on almost every week and they run reruns on Saturdays. Only problem is that if NBC picks it up for next year they will only have it on half the year. First I knew Otis was not leaving. Casey needs to talk to Cruz. Don't like Casey's mom. She used Casey and the other guy to get out of jail. When did she get a cell phone and who is she talking to? Severide did heal really quick. Also did Shay, Severide and and thay silly women think her husband was just going to give up his baby? Really? Sorry NBC but Smash is boring and did not like Do No Harm. Bring back Grimm already!


Thanks for pointing out the mistake. It's been fixed! As for Renee, I thought Eric said she got into drugs. Did I imagine things?

Sarah silva

I too was going to mention that it is Dawson not Shay that is a partner in the bar. I do not see this going well with the Silent Partner in the picture, however they can't keep having every one of Herrman's buisness ventures fail.
It sure seemed like last weeks episode was meant to be a mid season finale as it picked up 1 month later. I am so glad Kelly is okay but his recovery sure was fast! Same with Boden he seems to have gotten over Ernie's (I think that was the kids name)death quite quickly too. Also I really want to know more about his ex and his son.
I am sad that Antonio died. I think this will send Dawson into Casey's arms. Eventhough I still like her with Mills.
I am glad Casey stood up to his mom! I am still not sure where this storyine will go.
I knew that Clarice's ex husband would do something like seek custody.
I like that Otis is staying and the trick that Kelly played was great.


Since CHICAGO FIRE is supposed to be real rather than fantasy, the writers should work a little harder to be believable. Kelly's recovery without months of rehab, etc. would be one example. The other would be Dawson, wouldn't a trained EMT immediately begin to treat her brother as well as call 911 rather than just yell? I DID appreciate the suspenseful ending, however I have noticed the next episode always tends to begin with a "too easy" solution. Mama Casey has me worried!


* "Now that Renee is into drugs..." - When was this ever mentioned? I thought Eric only said that he didn't see his sister much anymore?


Good review Nick, I enjoyed this episode a lot esp the cliffhanger ending! I ship Casey and Dawson but love the dynamic Mills brings. That scene with his mum was so perfectly awkward!
I love that Otis is staying...each character brings something to the house and it was good to see Kelly being smart with his trick - on top of showing his compassion and decency with the whole Renee thing, overall great week for Kelly!
I agree it makes total sense for Daniel to fight for custody and not let this go. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I've never much liked Clarisse but she's warming to me.
I love Antonio whenever he's in the storyline so it was unnerving to watch his calm authority be shaken like that. I also thought he had some of the stuff the girls were given! Can't wait till next week now!! A couple of mistakes above: * "Hermann’s new venture with Otis and Shay" - That was Dawson not Shay * "Now that Renee is into drugs, will Kelly offer a helping hand to her like he was?" - When was it ever made clear that Renee got into drugs? Eric simply said he doesn't speak to her much anymore

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