Chicago Fire Review: Lie To Me

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"Better to Lie" dipped into the past this week, as Shay made a big decision, Benny Severide confessed a secret and Hermann got to the bottom of the box.

Severide & Shay

Shay’s decision to have a baby all alone was a little impulsive to say the least. She’s not exactly in the right frame of mind. Yet everyone but Dawson was on board or noncommittal to this choice. Support and love are one thing after a relationship ends, but supporting potentially poor decisions without voicing opposing thoughts is another.

What’s worrysome is how Shay deals with Clarice aftermath because she might make a decision to have the baby now, but, like the dragon tattoo, she could have a complete change of heart and things may be too late at that point.

Kelly’s father, meanwhile, was back in the picture and he brought quite a loaded history with him. Treat Williams is proving to be a wonderful match for the cast, as Benny expands the scope of the characters back into the past. He brings plot elements with him that didn’t necessarily have strong ties to anything into completely different contexts.

Benny’s reveal that he knew about Boden’s affair with Mills’ mother puts all of Boden’s speeches to Mills in a light that is almost inconceivable to the character. Boden is always leading with his heart and trying to make sure his men are taken care of, but one of his core attributes is he follows the rules and keeps his head down. In fact, he made that very same “keep your head down” speech to Mills not so long ago.

But the reveal was also the perfect accent to his character. We’ve gotten small glimpses of Boden’s past in his marriage and they’ve shown that he’s a good man with flaws. The difference is the reasons we attach to Boden’s flaws have now changed, and it’s exciting to speculate where his character will now head.

Naturally, Dawson was the first person to overhear Benny’s argument with Boden and this certainly puts a damper on her now official coupling with Mills. They’ve been together out in the open for just a few hours, and Dawson is already dealing with information that can change everything. If she tells, or if she doesn’t, Dawson is in a position of drawing the short straw.

The bar mystery proved to one of the sweetest things that’s happened on Chicago Fire Season 1 and it’s great to see Hermann’s luck finally stay up. Once again, it’s great to see Hermann sticking with his morals and following them through to the end. Not only do they have clear consciences but a name for the bar: Molly’s.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • The men and women sure clean up well.
  • Casey and Heather were pretty cute together.
  • Kelly continually tells Shay she's his girl. Anyone else wondering if he'll be a sperm donor if Shay's baby decision continues?


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Severide is a straight man and Shay is an attractive woman that he cares for and respects. Just because Shay is a lesbian does not mean Severide is going to not have a sexual attraction to her.


"I am wondering if Severide has feelings for Shay? Yes, I know Shay is a lesbian and I doubt she's interested in Severide. However, the scene at the Banquet when they walked in together he was beaming." I hope they don't go there. I love their friendship.


i liked it. 1) i DO worry, that shay is having a knee jerk reaction to clair taking off yet again....however, i think kelly would be the better choice for the sperm donation....they know each other...and he seems goos with kids and babies. 2) i have NO problem with history of characters pasts being brought in....but, i'm NOT sure....the dinner was the BEST place for kelly's dad to jump boden's back about his affair with mills mother.....or accuse him of being the cause of someone's death. i hope they keep it up....i LOVE the show....and SEVERIDE is MY reason for watching. alisa


@Ginger - Otis cancelled his transfer a couple episodes ago after Severide told him that several of the guys had made a bet when he first came to the station that he wouldn't last there. He stayed to prove them wrong only to find out that it wasn't true and Severide had tricked him, but the implication was that he didn't really want to go and Severide's 'trick' gave him an excuse to back out of the transfer. Then he went in on the bar with Herman and Dawson.


@Boyd Crowder - Spare us your pretentious nonsense. "im usually very selective when I slum onto network stuff". Yeah, right. You've got comments posted on the reviews here for about ten different network shows so stop acting like you're selective. LOL! And based on this comment you wouldn't know quality if it bit you.


I really like this show and I hope NBC keeps the show on. Notice did not see preview for next week or other shows. I don't care what went on in the past papa Severide needs to keep it in the past. He is on Boden but he seems to have a problem with the Mills. He told Kelly to really vet Peter! If Mills sr was your friend why are you doing that? I was glad Dawson tried to talk to Severide about Shay and the baby. If she wants to have a baby fine but wait for awhile. I was thinking Severide or Casey will be the father. Severide and Shay are intersting together and Casey wants to have a baby.


I thought Otis moved to another station so that he could drive the truck and yet here he is, in the middle of everything. I hope Shay takes a few moments to look at the big picture before she decides on a sperm donor. She is talking about taking extra shifts to afford a child...when is she planning to spend time with the baby? She's so invested in the cuddliness of an infant that she hasn't thought about the challenges of a toddler. I want her to make an informed decision and not rush into something that is so life changing. It will be interesting to see what the whole story is with Mills' father. We are only getting bits and pieces now.


Worst episode yet .......don't care about any of those crappy storylines - Sure hope this doesn't become just another network show for basic cable nimrods .- im usually very selective when I slum onto network stuff , and have no patience for crapola ...STRIKE 1

Sarah silva

Another great episode.
While I agree that Shay is in a fragile state at this time, I do think she is ready for a baby. She said that when she held Wesley she never felt that she had more of a purpose than when she held him. Having a baby and some happiness in her life is not going to be a bad thing.
I loved that Herrman, Dawson and Otis named the bar Molly's!
Is is possible for them to find a love interest for Casey that is not annoying? First Hayley now Heather! Not liking the idea of him and Heather.
My first thought as soon as Shay said she wanted a baby was that Kelly will donate his sperm.
The fact that Boden cheated on his with with Mills dad is very interesting! Can not wait to see how that develops.


I too wondered about Severide being a "donor", but also remember how much Casey wants a Baby!?!?!?
Loved the whole Retirement Home / Mollys scenes.............GREAT Writing and acting!

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