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I hope Dan Stevens' decision to leave come back to bite him is the arse. Things may be different across the pond, but here in the US, an actor playing a main character on a show leaving at the height of popularity of said show usually doesn't get a bump in their career, expecially if the show crashes as a result. Never underestimate the power of the fans! We can either support you in your future projects, or hang you out to dry becaus. e we're pissed you left our favorite show leaving it to cancellation. Sign on for a fourth season. Ride the wave of popularity all the way to the bank. Your career will thank you for it later!


Carissa, you're gonna have to rent Gosford Park. When people visit other houses and bring servants, the visiting servants are referred to by their masters' names below stairs. It may SOUND dehumanizing, but it does eliminate confusion.

I was wrong abt Rose--I figured she'd be carted off to Scotland and that'd be that. Apparently, she's to replace Sybil as" the appeal to the younger demographic."

That poor baby--his birthday will forever be the day his father died. What a MEAN thing for the writers to.engineer.


IMO the last episode of season 3 lacked depth and breadth - it was like a buffet at a cheap cafeteria - and the ending was the most predictable - hopeless rice pudding. Matthew's death scene was a creative cop out. A fourth grader could have written a more creative ending than that. My interest in the development of all of the characters has declined significantly because, at this point, I expect that none will be left with an ounce of joy in their heart. Just plain awful.


After three seasons, I still like this show. But I am not as invested in the characters as before.

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