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Be it with a show tune from Les Miserables or a new-age disco number like "Hung Up," no series knows how to pull a diva-off quite like Glee. Those girls - and Kurt - were definitely on fire tonight!

While we're still dealing with the clunker that is the Tina-Blaine crush, "Diva" was the Glee's best outing so far in 2013.

Mercedes as a Diva

While the diva theme was a convenient way to kill several birds with one stone, tonight just worked. The blend of McKinley and NYC was nearly seamless, bringing them completely together at the end with Santana's arrival on Kurt and Rachel's doorstep.

Finn needs a way to spark confidence in the glee club. Emma suggests giving them a competitive assignment, a la Will Schue. So he beams Santana in to have her shake it like a Polaroid picture for the class with four of her college cheerleader buddies.

Okay, so in the grand scheme of things maybe Finn bringing Santana in didn't make much actual sense. He has Wade-Unique and Blaine and both of them know how to be divas, so bringing in Santana for the master class was a huge plot contrivance just to get her back to Lima. 

A plot contrivance I'll ignore because of the smashing and phenomenal job Naya Rivera did on "Girl on Fire." That number will even make me forget about the "Sam's not good enough for you" line she fed both Sam and Brittany.

Sure, Brittany is her best friend and she'll always love her most, but she doesn't get to show up in Lima and break up with Brittany and then play the jealous ex-girlfriend the next time she's there. Especially not after their break-up was the most mature of the three break-ups in "The Break Up" and they agreed to see other people.

Thankfully, Brittany has moments of clarity when it comes to her own emotions and was able to articulate that she's with Sam because she likes him and wants to be with him. And then she sent Santana to New York since she's dropped out of college, which is the moment some of us have been waiting for. 

And - hold on to your hats! - the New York scenes were some of my favorites tonight.

Kurt has long been in Rachel's shadow, at least in her mind, and tonight she finally learned that her life could've been much, much different if only he hadn't thrown their very first diva-off to save his father the potential embarrassment of having a son sing songs written for a woman. 

That, dear TV Fanatics, was the best scene of the season. Maybe even the entire series.

Rachel has grown increasingly more intolerable and self-centered as her time in New York has progressed, but with that tiny bit of truth, Kurt shook her foundation enough for her to see that she's not infallible. With his rendition of "Bring Him Home," he threw Rachel back into the reality that while she's great, others are great as well. And if she wants to make it in that business and have any friends, she'd do well to remember that.

I just loved everything about Kurt tonight. How self-assured he is and confident in himself, his abilities and his choices. He's come so far over the course of four seasons, perhaps showing the greatest depth of any of our original cast members. I think he just became my favorite character.

My other favorite character, Blaine, is still trapped in this Tina Cohen-Chang-crush nightmare of a story line and he doesn't even know it because he was passed out on cold medicine while she professed her love for him. I just can't believe this story. 

Blaine said, as plainly as possible, that he's not attracted to girls. Tina's response? "Well, we're young."

And after she performed her diva number, it seemed like there was a hint of something like change in his face, or recognition. And it better not mean that in coming weeks the writers are going to make Blaine bisexual for the sake of putting him in a relationship with Tina. If Glee goes there, I will...well, I don't know what I'll do, exactly. Except be incredibly irritated and shoot daggers at the television from my eyes each week.

And finally, speaking of where Glee went that I didn't think it would go: Finn kissed Emma.

I sort of saw the glimmer of Finn having a crush on her when he called himself a "man-boy" and then checked her out, but I didn't think they would really go there. And then they did. That will be interesting heading into her and Will's nuptials next week on "I Do."

What did you think of "Diva?" Are you excited that Santana is moving to New York? What do you think about Finn kissing Emma?


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Santana made this episode exciting for me I mean nutbush limits song the way she was singing and dancing was so hot and the girl on fire song was great I was happy when she ended up in new york I'm glad she didn't ask brittany to get back together because she is too mature for her anyway even though I hate that they are not together and brittany is still with sam but I will get over it once santana find somebody else I can't wait for next week quinntana will probably kiss.


And what would be wrong with making Blaine bi? I HATE how the gay community is so touchy. Just because they write this character as bi doesn't mean their saying that "every gay person just needs the right girl.", which is SURELY what they'll spew should this storyline come to pass.


I loved this episode. One of my favorites so far. HOWEVER there were certainly some irritating things in this episode. First of all: I'm TIRED of Glee acting like Kurt is competition for Rachel vocally. I mean c'mon, let's be real. His weak falsetto cannot compare to the magnitude of her immense voice. She CLEARLY won this Diva Off AND she won season 1's Diva Off. It's so annoying how they act like if Kurt hadn't thrown that note then he would've won, when her version as a whole was CLEARLY superior. The only reason Kurt won was because it was scripted that way. If this were real life, there's no way in hell he could ever beat Rachel, are you kidding? Also the Santana storyline pissed me off. SHE broke up with Brittany and suggested they see other people, so why the hell is she telling Sam to back off when she has no say in the matter and Brittany is CLEARLY happy with him? And last but not least. That damn kiss. That kiss took the episode from being a 10 to a 7-8. I don't know WHAT they were thinking with that. It's sure to get some HARSH reviews, I hope they don't drag this storyline out. Overall very enjoyable episode. Glee has been REALLY good lately.


BTW, I liked this episode, but wasn't happy with how Santana acted toward Brittany. I mean how immature is it to tell Sam that he can't have her, though Santana herself isn't going to date her again, anyway? Doesn't make sense, and I'm glad that she decided to move in with Kurt and Rachel! I think Santana will take to NYC like a cat to cream. She is certainly catty enough to be a waitress in a NYC restaurant! Anyway, I LOVED Kurt in this ep, especially his song from Les Mis...lordy, what a voice! Though I enjoy Rachel's voice, I find her immaturity and attitude annoying as heck, but when I hear her sing, and when I hear her voice and Kurts together, my heart soars!


I think it is totally realistic for a high school girl to have a crush on a very sexy and adorable gay guy. I went to college with just such a guy, very talented musician and dancer and actor, and we 'dated' in a totally platonic way, but I loved that guy because we had a lot in common (we both loved musical theater, books, and Gene Kelly). Did I think I would end up marrying him? Ah, no. I broke off my relationship with him when I found out he was going to marry the sister of a guy he was in love with, just so he could be closer to the heterosexual guy, who was a devout Christian and didn't want to admit his 'friend' was gay because he believed it to be against "Gods will". Also, a large number of the lesbians I went to college with ended up marrying men and having families. When asked, most said they were 'experimenting' with their sexuality in high school and college. So I agree that your sexuality is not always set in stone when you're young.


I LOVED this episode. And I agree with most of the review for a change. I generally like the NYC eps better and Kurt has been my favorite since season 1, for the very reason that the reviewer noted: depth of character, etc. Though I liked ALL of the characters (and performers) very much. Great ensemble, which is why it works :) The best part was that, yes, Rachel (who has always been kind of manic & diva-ish) got on her high horse after her well-deserved Winter Showcase win. So Kurt threw the diva gauntlet and told the long-hidden secret of the failed F from Defying Gravity. Yes, I did love that part. I loved the sassy Kurt's words & expressions when he stood up. The diva-off was excellent. Loved both Kurt & Rachel's covers: his was the emotional interpretation I preferred and hers was stronger vocally (but not as much as I expected). And when crushed Rachel started climbing back into a broken world, Kurt was the friend he had always been, as she had been when her toadies dissed Kurt. And he stayed standing up, holding forth for the misfit Adam's Apples (love that group). Now he'll probably end up having to be brought down a peg...hopefully NOT. Really like the Kurt/Adam interaction, too. In Lima, everything was great! Except that creepy Vapo-Rub groping session. I know that so many end up with crushes on those unable to respond because of basic transference: when you're lonely and someone is nice to you...instant fantasy love. I do hope that Blaine does not suddenly end up straight, since that's not realistic at all. He is generally attracted to strong, confident people. He noticed Kurt after Kurt remarked about Blaine & the Pips; he noticed Sam after Sam obsessed on the Warblers' cheating and now he's responded when Tina suddently becomes confident (and kind of bitchy at times). Tina has been kind of...odd since Sectionals. "Bitchy" would be kind. But her singing gets no complaints! Anyway, can't wait to see how things go with Santana in NYC (maybe more NYC time?) Would love a spin-off. Santana in NYADA? Nope...recording? Not sure, but it'll be interesting. And can you see Santana when Brody goes wandering around sans clothes, as usual?


@Draik I understood your point, and at times, people got their sexuality figured out, but Blaine only had one gay fling pre-Kurt, then a straight experience with Rachel, which he didn't enjoy, thus the "definitely gay" line in Blame it on the Alcohol, and then a long term gay relationship. But we have to face that at 17 years old, a person really can't put a label in him/herself if he didn't experience life in the most variable ways he can. Case and point, since you gave your background, I'll give you mine, i'm straight as an arrow right now, but at 17 I got out from a long term relationship and went into college. In college, i had many experiences and that included hooking up with guys, wich made my friends say i was bi, but that was an experience and now I'm in another relationship, because now I know that I just don't feel atracted to men, but that confusion, that willingness to experiment and maybe, just maybe, find out who you really are is what I see now in Blaine and it's what if it was up to the fanboys/girls would never happen in the first place, they want Blaine to be the gay. Pure and simple and kinda unrealistic. But I get your point, I just think that it's realistic and, at least for now, it's been well-developed, at least in this episode, cause it kinda got out of nowhere, Tina could be into anyone at this point in the eyes of the logic that got her into Blaine.


I'm gay.
I find the female figure beautiful.
But (like Blaine) I am in no way sexually attracted to women (a point that was made not only in this episode but Blame it on the Alcohol way back when). I really can't see any realistic scenario where Blaine would 'become' bisexual that wouldn't be insanely ridiculous. Santana's random switching of sexualities halfway through season 2 was bad enough, let's not completely ignore the whole 'definitely gay' point Blaine made when he kissed Rachel sober just to give Tina some more screentime (who they've ruined completely within the span of 14 episodes but let's not get into that right now)


I haven't been watching this season that much but I'm happy that Santana is moving on finally even I hate bram I mean dislike them she need to find herself and and Finn and Emma kissing what the hell was that man ? For me the show was good but I still not feeling unique like that


I think that since they have been developing such a strong bond between Kurt and Rachel, they should not undermine it with petty arguments. This is NY after all. They can both be strong and show their talent together while capitalizing on their friendship. I don't think that they always know how to throw Brody into the mix - when he is at the apartment he seems to be the odd man out. I'm really not sure how Santana will fit into the mix - wonder what they will make her storyline... NYADA too? As much as I love Santana's voice, I think they need to add more to the story than NYADA

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