Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Bad Blood"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Bad Blood" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic's Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Courtney Morrison are back for a Q&A discussion of many of the episode's events.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Christina: I loved Bailey's teacher pet side in the hernia competition. I especially liked when she threw out the Hunger Games reference. Awesome!

Courtney: I loved Meredith panicking because she felt a flutter in her stomach. I am so excited for her to go through labor... I’m guessing it is going to be hilarious.

Sean: Bailey getting on the elevator wearing that sweatshirt from the competition. Hilarious. I definitely agree with Christina. "May the odds be ever in your favor."

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Derek and April attempt to save the hospital with budget cuts. These two pairing up - funny or never again?

Christina: Never again. I simply can't say that I care for April. So, it's hard to watch any scene when she's involved.

Courtney: April has grown on me this season so I thought she was cute when she admitted no one liked her. These two worked well on this project together.

Sean: Pass. It seemed like a weird match up to simply see if their screen time would work out. I really want to like April but I feel as if the writers want her to be so off the wall with whatever they feel like throwing at her, it's hard to get into her character. There are small moments that work sure, but a good portion of the time the character just gets on my nerves.

3. What was your favorite medical case of the week?

Christina: Leah and Cristina's. I was definitely glued to my seat because I thought Leah was waiting for Leah to pull an Izzie. I even forgot about Bob watching.

Courtney: Favorite case has to be the young girl with the hip problems. I felt so bad for her and couldn’t help but laugh at Callie, Arizona, and Alex attempting to work with her.

Sean: I'm gonna go with Arizona, Callie, and Alex helping out the girl. But that scene where Arizona told her to cut the crap and get out of bed was great. I can only imagine trying to overcome something like that.

4. There wasn’t much of a focus on relationships in this episode. Did you miss it or do you prefer the medical based hours?

Christina: I actually prefer when there's a mix of both relationships and medical cases. This is something Private Practice did so well. RIP!

Courtney: I missed it! Although, we did have a small Mer/Der moment at the end that made up for it!

Sean: It was a little odd because this show is so heavily focused on relationships. I liked the shift, but I do think that the relationships intermixed with the cases are what make this show work. It should be more of a middle ground. 

5. Leah attempted to give a patient blood who couldn’t have it due to his religion. Do we have a new Izzie on our hands? Is she going to be the intern who won’t make it?

Christina: Well, it sure does seem that way, doesn't it? I don't know if she'll stick around, but she was finally interesting for once. I'm still rooting for Ross and Jo though.

Courtney: Like Christina said, she finally made her mark. I couldn’t remember her name going into this episode. I wouldn’t mind if she didn’t come back next long as Ross does I’m good!

Sean: I do wonder which intern won't make it. It's been hard for me to even remember their names besides Jo and Ross, but I'm glad she had something more to do than talk about sleeping with doctors or stand around. Guess we'll find out soon who makes the cut!

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments!


I wish the writers would have portrayed Jehovah's Witnesses more accurately. They were pretty far off.


"Lexie would be the one helping Derek if she was alive. But alas she isn't." This made me really sad because it's so true. Lexie WOULD be the one helping out Derek. I loved when she worked with him on his patients and they had a nice brother-sister thing going on. I miss Lexie :(


1. Bailey's line: May the odds ever be in your favor was by far the most hillarious thing this season n probably ever. Also the scene where Bailey tells Mer that the baby is kicking. So funny amazing and touching. Bailey may be hardcore and kick ass surgeon but she was so tender with Mer there. Awesome. 2. They do make a good professional team. Lexie would be the one helping Derek if she was alive. But alas she isn't. 3. Neither. We've seen these cases before. Its just a little different but same difference. 4. I prefer the melding of both. And there have been MANY of those. Its just about the writers and director finding the balance between the two. 5. It could be what they are playing towards but I hope not. Leah and Tina Majorino's character are very poorly written. Even Ross, there isn't much back story or anything about them that's particularly good. It was just random for her to care so much. Izzie did what she did because she was in love with Denny.


This so called Roundtable is a joke. Sick of the hate and bias. Don't give up your day jobs.


Loved the look on Callie's face when Simmi made her feel like a failure. Tough, badass Callie was speechless and didn't know what to do with herself but take it out on the new interns. LMAO.


1. Loved Bailey's lines and the teenager gymnast scenes, she was so mean it was so good ! 2. I didn't care much but it was enjoyable. I loved PR Derek though. 3. I actually really loved both cases but I loved Lexi DiBenedetto's acting so I'll go with the teen gymnast ! 4. The show often focuses TOO MUCH on relationships so I'm glad it's back to medecine, but on the other hand, maybe it was too little on the relationships. I'd like to see some Calzona spark (only ones who haven't had sex this season !) 5. This was Izzie all over again, it's deja vu ! I think that she was originally planned to be to the one who would go but maybe it's gonna be Heather, considering the actress might leave the show. I'd like to see more of Heather though, we've seen everybody else !


Fav scene/quote: Arizona’s mega “hardasstitude� with Simmi. BTW, young Simmi actress was totally awesome. Bailey cracked me up in the Hernia Olympics.
Derek/April: She was his assistant when Derek was chief, so why not?
Fav med case: Patient Simmi, child of Darth Vader...welcome to the dark side.
Med or relationships: I really, really liked this episode. Generally, my preference is a mixture of drama/comedy/romance, but not necessary for every episode.
Leah: She’s a keeper and Tessa Ferrer did a great job in this episode. I’m preferring the Internettes over Ross so far.


Over all I thought the episode was just all filler and just boring. April with Derek, just didn't work at all. I think if she comes out of the ER, she should work with Callie as her mentor. These two work well together and they alway offer us a few laughs. I think it's about time that they made her look like she can be a good Doctor. Arizona got her mojo back when she took control of the young patient. Yay! I like that Bailey is starting to look like the Bailey of old. The only intern that I like wasn't in it. So I guess we can do without.


I thought Karev's aside to Arizona of "are you sure she didn't eat her?" to Callie about the youg hip replacements mother not being there was hysterical..

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