James Brolin on Castle: First Look!

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Kate Beckett was visited by an evil man from her past this week on Castle, as Jack Coleman reprised the role of Senator Bracket.

In a few weeks, meanwhile, Rick Castle will meet back up with a man from his past, someone viewers have heard plenty about but are yet to actually see: his father.

Look for James Brolin to debut on the February 25 installment of the ABC hit, coming on board the conclusion to the show's annual two-parter. What brings Mr. Castle into the picture? On an episode where Castle's life is placed in danger?

It's unknown at this time, but you can feast your eyes on the mysterious patriarch right now and wonder: what is he doing in black leather and sunglasses and holding a silenced machine gun?!?

Castle and Dad

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Wouldn't Rick's dad have another last name. As Richard Alexander Rodgers changed his name to Richard Edgar Castle and Martha's last name is Rodgers. We know she didn't marry Rick's father so what could be his last name????


looking fwd to seeing James Brolin.


Sorry bro, thats a rifle not a machine gun.

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Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


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