Modern Family Review: Love, Interrupted

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Clive Bixby was back on this week's version of Modern Family's Valentine's Day special. But in "Heart Broken," it turned out that Clive and Juliana couldn't get involved in all of their usual activities because Claire has a small heart condition.

Claire was spinning. How many of you ladies have felt this condition before on a date? I'll fess up and say it's happened to me.

Mitchell & Cameron's New Roommate

However, in this case, Claire actually has a heart condition. She realizes she has a medical problem known as "Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome," but Phil obviously wants to take the blame by thinking he was being too sexual. Sorry Phil, but Claire's mother has it. 

Luckily, Claire and Phil's doctor doesn't agree with her husband. Who for some reason Phil thinks is a lesbian. Even though it turns out that Claire has a condition that her mother Deedee has, she still wants to turn on Phil for February's favorite (or least favorite) holiday. She even put on a random ice-skating uniform. However, they are interrupted by their kids' party, which is apparently a regularity.

I was cracking up when Alex and Luke came in and joined in on the party conversation. Normally Haley would just be the one to blame! Luckily Phil was able to calm the kids. That is, until they walked in on their parents hooking up and Phil had a bloody nose all over him and Claire. A normal occurrence in the winter but something that Haley, Alex and Luke definitely got freaked out upon seeing.

Something that definitely freaked me out? Seeing Jay and Gloria so horny for each other. Not gonna lie, but whoaaaa on all that. I guess when you wait those six weeks post-baby it's a long time. I love that Manny had a secret admirer. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that he might be getting punked as well, too. But good for him! Bad for Gloria and Jay who had to sit through the story. 

Then there's Cam and Mitchell, who were having a wild party. I love when Cam and Mitchell aren't uptight. I can't believe they didn't remember their own shindig and their cat turned pink. Pause... when did they get a cat? And how did Dylan end up moving in with them? Hilarious turn of events and amazing that Lily is the one to break the news to him. Lily is a little pistol. She had half of the good Modern Family quotes on this week's episode.

What did you think of this week's special Valentine's Day Modern Family episode? Hit the comments! 


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i love lily she is sooooo cute and innocent lol


Pleasant but not the sharp wit I have come to expect. I guess they were toning it down for the holiday.

Leigh r

OMG yes you guys are right, why did I blank out on the cat??!


they got the cat when they didn't get the baby! the same episode with the huge stuffed animals tied to the roof of the car - maybe that is why you forgot :)


I loved the episode Laughed at Gloria and Jay trying to get together. I understand how they feel (having 5 children) I loved Cam and Mitchell they are always good for a laugh. Never quite get the Phil and Clair(my least favorite). Lily is a doll and so good she says what she thinks.

Sarah silva

While this was not the best episode, there were still tons of funny moments. It is fun seeing the Dunphy kids in cahoots together.
I am glad that Manny really did have a secret admierer.
I laughed super hard when Dylan sang his song.


now that i got that out...
great to see the pritchett with coitus interruptus jaja
poor Alex she never gonna be a medical doctor.
the claire episode shows now she is in down hill


They got a cat in the season premier!


This was a great episode. Funny and sweet. Hate this this show is so inconsistent. Garage sale episode and New Year's episode and was-waa Claire wants to sell a house episode were so boring, but Godfather and this one so great. Bring back the old writers.

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I think I may have been being too sexy.


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