Once Upon a Time Review: The Missing Piece

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Then I'll just have to kill him.

Those were the words left echoing in our heads at the end of "Manhattan," but will Rumplestiltskin stick to that plan or will new revelations change everyone's fate?

When Rumple bashed his own leg, he believed he was doing it so he could be there for his own son. Word of advice: never trust a seer.

Rumple and Baelfire

He couldn't wait to get home to his son, only to have his wife turn on him. Instead of being thrilled that the father of her child had made it back to them alive, she lamented the rumors that had travelled from the war zone.  She would have preferred a dead hero to a live coward. So much for love.

In New York, Rumple tracked his son with Emma's help and Henry in tow. I couldn't have been happier to see Emma using her tracking skills to pick the right apartment. Sometimes it's easy to forget she had a life before Storybrooke.

Did anyone else give an audible Woohoo! when Baelfire turned out to be Neal. Not that I really love the character. To be honest I'm not even sure I like Neal. He's been kind of weaselly so far but I do love the idea of Henry being Rumplestiltskin's grandson.  

Talk about a complicated and volatile family tree. As Charming told Snow in this Once Upon a Time quote

It's a good thing we don't have Thanksgiving in our land because that dinner would suck. | permalink

So Rumple left Baelfire, who took off on Emma, who gave up Henry. That's quite the family history of abandonment issues.  

Back in Storybrook, Cora, Regina and Hook hunted for Rumple's dagger. I almost felt sorry for Hook. Cora used his pirate instinct for maps and then tossed him aside, literally.  

We finally got to hear Cora's evil plan. Once they find the dagger, they will control Rumplestiltskin, not kill him. At least not yet. They can force him to kill Charming, Snow White and Emma.

That will leave Henry with Regina, Rumple as the bad guy and Cora as her daughter's hero. Our only hope is that Regina will find it in her heart not to put her son through that kind of pain.  

Speaking of pain, if Rumple really wants to get his Baelfire back, killing his son might not be the best way to go.  

A few side notes:

  • The seer's eyes were truly creepy. Kudos to the special effects department.
  • Are they ever going to release Belle from the hospital or is she headed back to the mental institution?
  • Greg was darn lucky Regina didn't spot him spying. Storybrooke wouldn't have to worry about their nosiest patient if she had.
  • Love that Emma called her mother as she struggled with finding Neal. Those two have come a long way.

Will the Henry be Rumple's undoing? Are we truly powerless to escape our fate? Can fans have one crazy family reunion back in Storybrooke in two weeks when Once Upon a Time returns.


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Rumple has known all along henry was Emma's son, it's no coincidence he ended up in Storybrook but HOW he got there since no one could leave before the curse was broken will be interesting to see. Does he have someone on the outside, like August working for him? I do think it surprised him that Henry is his grandson, and I do think Henry's power will be to somehow heal evil. He will be responsible for turning mr. Gold good again and Regina too. Cora will become the new dark one.


Loved this episode!!! but I wonder will the huntsman won't come back ? I was shipping for him & emma. If that's the case I now prefer hook & Emma!


Well I saw that one coming about Neal being both Henry’s father and Rumple/Gold’s son but the fact that Gold may have to kill his grandson…did not see that one coming. I hope the seer left out something because they always do. As for Regina and her mother, Regina needs to know that if she hurts any of Henry’s family that he will hate her for it and besides what powers/magic does Henry have that hasn’t been shown yet. I mean it would really suck if this kid from powerful people on both sides ends up powerless…LOL! He has to be able to do something and maybe more powerful then Gold, Regina and Cora put together.


That seer was so creepy, whenever she was on screen I had to look away. And seeing that flashback scene with August I realised I want him back on the show! Hope it won't be that long now.


It was funny how the family tree has grown up.
So it urns out Emma is Rumple's Daughter-in-Law!
And Snow + Charming and rumple are..well co-parents-in-law!! As for the episode, i like each installment they churn out. It has become intriguing from the 1st episode.


As curious as I was as to how Gold/Rumple got his limp, watching him hurt himself like that was disgusting. Neil being Baelfire was no surprise - anybody with half a brain saw that one coming. Emma chasing him down wearing a skirt, and the tackle were impressive. But Regina can't be so nieve to think she will be free & clear of Cora & Hook's shenanigans in Henry's eyes. She didn't stop them. She helped them. And lieing to him about it will only backfire.
Only one wuick question - If magic doesn't work outside of Storybrook, why is Gold's magic scarf still working?


so now that neal/bae is in the picture what will become of emma and her romance
issues. will she choose bae/ pinochio/ or hook?


I liked this episode... Finally we have movement in the right direction. A lot of stories are coming together and I am loving it. Yes we all knew Bae and Neal were the same person but the way the story unfolded was quite good. Jennifer Morrison is amazing. She killed it being totally freaked and it was so good and cool that she called Snow to tell her about it and ask her questions.
Cora the Explorer. Cora is an evil genius. She knows that she has Regina. All Regina wants in Henry. She won't care what has to happen to get her especially in light of the fact that Rumple will want to kill Henry seeing as he the reason behind his demise as forseen by the seer.


Charming: It's a good thing we don't have Thanksgiving in our land because that dinner would suck.
My favourite quote from the episode, especially because many fans were thinking the same thing in the last weeks: that family tree IS complicated ;-) I was mad when Emma acted as a coward and did let Neil go first. Actually, I thought she was much more a coward than Rumple in those Ogre wars. Hope Regina will turn against Cora, too. And can someone please restore Belle's memory already? Hasn't that poor girl suffered enough? I also hope Hook - who's able to switch sides pretty easily - will go to Snow and Charming next episode so they battle the evil queens.


Awesome episode!!Love Neal and Henry finally meeting.Neal is a fantastic character and I love his chemistry with Emma,Even hating each other they sizzle.As for Rumple this will be his turning point if he so chooses.He kills Henry and Bae/Neal hates him forever but he stays the Dark One and chooses power over Bae again.OR he spares Henry and finally chooses Bae and in the process gains a true family..

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