The Big Bang Theory Review: Bert and Ernie Break Up

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When is a spoiler no longer a spoiler? Because all of the Harry Potter books have been published for years and the movies have all been released, I'd say that it's outside that time frame. Though, if you know your friend is reading them for the first time, you don't SPOIL it for them! Oh, Sheldon!

"The Spoiler Alert Segmentation" took the never-ending debate about spoilers and put it front and center. It was okay for The Big Bang Theory to mention the Harry Potter deaths because they aren't spoilers any more. However, The Walking Dead one is a little more iffy, especially since the comedy is shown worldwide and I'm guessing that the zombie drama hasn't been released everywhere. Bad show!

Leonard & Sheldon's Fight

Regardless, it was an appropriate theme for The Big Bang Theory. But, it was difficult to imagine that Leonard hadn't already read Harry Potter or that he doesn't watch The Walking Dead live on Sunday nights. And even more incredulous was out of all the things Sheldon has done, it was a spoiler and a few soy milk jokes that pushed Leonard over the edge. If the jokes are funny, though, it doesn't discount the enjoyment of the series.

It's pleasant to see that Leonard and Penny have become comfortable with their relationship, such that he didn't even consider it being an issue for him to live with her. Of course, it was a spontaneous decision, but they are moving forward. And even though Penny wasn't sure she wanted Leonard there, she considered it. At previous points in their relationship, she would have yelled at him and unceremoniously thrown him back across the hall. 

Instead, she casually attempted to get Leonard to realize he couldn't leave Sheldon:

Penny: But, you two make such a cute couple. Like Bert and Ernie. You guys even teach me stuff about words and numbers. | permalink

After Sheldon's revelation last Thursday about his relationship with Amy, he was pushed too fast. It's rare that Sheldon is at a loss for words, but he said "Umm..." quite a bit to Amy. 

Amy: Here I am?
Sheldon: Wait. Here who is where? | permalink

When she got his detailed meal correct, it looked like a perfect roommate pairing. Too bad Amy over played it with the phone message, which brought Sheldon back to reality. The new roommate arrangements weren't meant to be, but they did provide for an episode of laughs.

While Leonard and Sheldon were dealing with their new roommates, Raj was dealing with a new one of his own, Mrs. Wolowitz! He was a good friend to Howard and what did it get him? A controlling wannabe mother and the role of a replacement son. Poor guy! At least, he got good food, silk pajamas and someone to wash his clothes for him. The bath, however? That was a bit too much.

Howard was in Vegas and we finally got to SEE his mother. It was only a brief moment, but she was there. On screen. For real. Not just a dot on a picture from a satellite or an annoying voice from the other room. We saw her walk across the kitchen and her hands as she prevented Raj from escaping through the window. Is it possible that we'll see her in her entirety this season? Are you disappointed that she was revealed at all? Or was it about time?

Despite the odd set-up for the episode, it had plenty of hilarious lines and moments. It made me laugh and not cringe, so that's a good sign since it's usually been one or the other for The Big Bang Theory season 6.

Check out some of the funniest lines in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section and share your faves in the comments!


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...introducing another Amy Farrah Fowler (because, hey, you can never have enough obnoxious, unfunny characters in your show), or adding even more relationship drama and turning the show into a soap opera with a laugh track.


Oh boy, Sheldon & Leonard have a fight and one of them wants to move out! Hooray for originality! (I don't think they've used that plot before in season 6, so that's got to count for something, right?)
Penny thinks that Leonard is moving too fast, relationship-wise, but, you know, this time it's different; now, instead of a marriage proposal, or saying 'I love you' too soon, it's wanting to move in together. How novel!
In other news, Raj is still gay in all but name (for crying out loud, either make him a little bit more like a straight person, or have him come out already), Howard can't do sh*t unless it somehow relates to his wife or mother and Amy is still Sheldon with a libido (only not funny).
Normally, I'd say things need to change big time, but then again, I'm afraid to find out what the writers consider change at this point. Maybe it's transforming another character from a funny, competent nerd into a complete, why-hasn't-he-killed-himself-yet depressing loser (Stewart), introducing another Amy Farrah Fowler (because, hey, you can never have enough obnoxious, unfunny characters in your show), or adding even more relationship drama and turning the show into a soap opera with a laugh track.


can please end the shamy and get rid of amy and have it just been the 4 guys and please and have sheldon be sheldon please

Sue ann

@ GregV LOL!!!!! There is an upside to everything!


Just watched this episode online, and I must say I thought it was cleverly handled. I like the fact that Sheldon and Penny were on the same side of the issue, as well as Amy's outburst. She was right: she is the best thing that's ever happened to Sheldon. The subplot with Raj and Mrs. W. got in the way, I thought, but it's always nice to see Bernadette in lingerie.


Marie.d. A little more patience on the Raj vs girlfriend front. It will be answered on the Valentine's day show. I'm still floating high knowing that Amy has a waterbed.


Nit Picking, nit picking from these comments on an extremely funny episode. Who cares whether Leonard has read Harry Potter? Sheldon is much funnier when he is so clueless. I say get rid of Amy and let Leonard and Penny do their thing. On or off they are funny and that, it seems to me, is the whold point of the show. It is called a comedy. And Raj is always funny but this time those writers outdid themselves and he ran with it.. Funny, funny episode.


Loved this episode. Our Sheldon is really growing up, when Amy finally had him cornered he flat out threw Penny under the bus and tried to put the blame on her.It may not seem like progress but his bothering to lie and scheme to avoid the risk of losing Amy by admitting he wasn't ready to have her move in is a pretty big step.
The more I see of Bernadette the more I dislike her. Howard may have thought he married someone like his mother but while she bosses him around like his mother she barely seems to have any affection for him which I doubt is the case with Mrs.Wolowitz.
About Raj, where's the girl he's supposed to meet?


A nice episode. Still too much grown up for me. I like the way it was before in the first few episodes of season 6. Raj should get a better storyline pronto. His was to say the least. Howard and Bruney is just not clicking it for me in the enjoyment aspect. Guys should be together for me to get the best TBBT episodes.


An ok episode, I also thought that Leonard not being aware of Dumbledore dying was a bit lame, since after a while it should be common enough knowledge, it would be like someone spoiling King Kong or star wars or the sixthy sense, by now you should know. That being said, its like others have said, the straw that broke the camel's back, after all the years he's had to put up with the crazy person I'm surprised he didn't beat Sheldon to a bloody pulp. As for Leonard and Penny, I think they need to breakup for good, Penny's relationship issues are so monotonous at this point its time to move on. Have Leonard hook up with Alex and Penny can go back to being a slut. Amy and Sheldon haven't quite reached that point, but if they don't progress faster by the end of next season it'll also start getting stale.

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