The Following Review: Crazy, Violent, Love

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You know how that Meat Loaf song says that he'd do anything for love... but he won't do that?

Well, throw those rules out the window because Joe Carroll's followers seem pretty comfortable doing whatever they want to do for love on The Following.

"Mad Love" was all about the relationships from the sad, sick and twisted - or just plain unpredictable. This was definitely more of a look into the characters than anything advancing the plot.

Hardy with a Hangover

More of Ryan's past began to unfold, ultimately piling on the tragedy for the show's hero. Not only are his parents deceased, he feels that he can't be with the woman he loves, he has heart issues and, more recently, a maniac follower captured his sister.

Life isn't easy street.

It's obvious that beneath the brooding exterior, Ryan has a deep care for people, even if he doesn't outwardly show it. He even managed to bond a little with Mike.

That said, his lack of family increases the bond with his sister and he was willing to get himself killed so that she might live.

Interestingly enough, Maggie, the crazed wife of Rick (who Ryan killed in "The Poet's Fire") set up an elaborate ploy to finish off Ryan. Technically, she wasn't disobeying Joe's rules, but it's wild to think the lengths that these people will go through.

I kept expecting a swinging scythe like pendulum, a la Edgar Alan Poe's "The Pit and The Pendulum," especially with Ryan strapped down the way he was, but Maggie took a different route to mess with his pacemaker.

Thank goodness Mike was able to take her out. I really do want to see more of Mike's character and hope that he and Ryan continue to grow as close as they can to buddies.

Yet, the real heartbreaking moment for Ryan was having to walk away from Claire for a second time.

The flashback showed his resistance to staying with her despite his sister's pleas and recognition of their love. And in the present day, I wanted him to stay when Claire said she'd make him food, but he still is too afraid to get close to her again. No matter what, the situation is going to remain personal whether he gets to be with her or not.

Poor guy.

The flip side of the episode was the tantalizing trio of Paul, Emma and Jacob. These three have such an odd relationship from Jacob and Paul to Emma and Jacob to essentially the three of them as one big happy family. If you can even call it that.

Jacob's secret that he'd never killed anyone was revealed. The big question is why he chooses to stick around these people when he isn't as violent? In my interview with Nico Tortorella (Jacob), he did insist that Jacob does have that dark side. I'm just waiting to see that.

Having to be confronted with killing the girl was a huge transition from his normal fun and happy go lucky side. There was a definite look of panic and confusion, along with a sense of hope that Jacob might not be such a bad guy.

Which makes the fact that Emma and Paul decided not to get rid of him or ridicule him or even kill him themselves interesting. Rather the three decided to have a Jacob sandwich in the shower.

It felt less like a romantic threesome than it did one that's supposed to represent a loving family. Either way, it's a weird one and one that's bound to fall apart at some point.

All of their emotions, passions and love for each other are going to dominate their actions and I've got a feeling that either Paul or Emma are going to cause that eventual downfall.

The Following continued its dark thriller route, trying to take a moment to open up a little more abut the characters. Was Maggie perhaps a little over the top crazy? Sure. But with the followers slowly dropping, it makes me wonder when more of them are going to pop out of the woodworks.

It can't just be Paul, Emma and Jacob left right?

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing Ryan succeed and maybe find some semblance of hope for himself, although I doubt he'll ever get that chance.


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Yeah maybe its not perfect, but I really like this show! Cant wai for the next episode!
God I hope Emma dies soon - she is such a freak - and that poor poor girl in the cellar! Jacob has a dark side! Ok he didnt kill anyone, but he helps the others, he doesnt go to the police, and I think he enjoys the whole thing - for me, that is a pretty big dark side, even without killing someone!!I really hope Mike is not a follower! I like him and i would be shocked if he would be a follower - he is too cute haha One last thing: I hate guys who are like: no, you are better off without me - Man she knows whats good for her - you dont have to tell her - i hate that so annoying


Mike almost has to be a follower and I certainly agree that it took him forever to get inside and take out the crazed wife. Jacob is the one who will turn out to be craziest of all and kill the other two. Carroll has him for a reason ... "Remember he will kill when the time is right for him to kill." Thus quote Carroll ... The story is ok but it needs to develop some depth before it falls off the wagon and gets trampled. Dexter it is NOT! It was a good idea but too many flaws and a lot of holes and poor story line seem to be killing it!


There seems to be a great deal missing in the storyline for me. We have an acoholic ex-FBI agent with a bad heart that's smarter, cruel and a super heroe with all his defiencies. He loves (and we are lead to believe) Joe's ex-wife loves him after being seperated many, many years. What was her life like when he left, did she just raised her son and forgot about loving anyone else? Thats's some strong love if she waited for him that long. Joe's followers seems to make stupid mistakes just at the right time for Ryan to again be the winner. Nothing like Dexter, huh?


Am I the only one who thought it took a ridiculously long time for Mike to enter the scene and rescue Ryan from crazy Maggie? I mean, wasn't he just outside? We also need for long-suffering Ryan to finally get a break. The bad stuff keeps piling on and it's getting a bit tedious. But twisted it is, and I'm sure that will keep viewers tuned in.


★★★☆☆TV @EVW , Agree Good Tv. ...


Every episode has been weaker than the previous one. Still (somewhat) enjoyable. It's the technical weaknesses that are getting annoying. Since all of the followers so far have visited Joe in jail, why doesn't the FBI have photos plastered of them in the command center and why aren't they out finding everyone of them. Why wasn't the prison guard follower who ate his dressings under 24-hour watch. Personally, I'm finding the flashbacks to be getting a little annoying.


Think Eps 4 Was Milder Than The Other Eps-This One Dident Make Me Jump -Like The Other 3-But Good Series


Jacob is gonna be the first to snap. Its gonna be the weak spot that the FBI is searching for in Joe's masterplan.


I still have a feeling that Mike is a follower. Its creepy how much he knows about Ryan.


More people need to watch this show! It's very dark, twisty and any series that can have you rooting for a random Asian chick not to be killed is worth watching!
Although Emma and Paul kissing bothers me so much. They hate each other and even they find their mutual interest in Jacob, why kissing?
I love less Joe, and Ryan and Mike's have great dynamic.
Definitely tuning in next week!

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