The Mindy Project Review: Army of One

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After last week's ho hum performance by guest star Drea de Matteo, I was looking for something special out of Seth Rogen on this week's episode of The Mindy Project.

I'm not sure anyone would mistake him for a member of Seal Team 6, but the Army story line was a means to an end and he played the part well.

"The One That Got Away" gave Mindy a taste of the lives she so loves to watch in her romantic comedy's, if only for one night. Extraordinary circumstances kept the fling from progressing into anything more serious, but perhaps Mindy will get another shot in 18 months when Sam returns.

Mindy's Old Flame

It is always awkward getting together with someone you haven't seen in years. What do you talk about? Sam hilariously broke the tension by asking about the last big issue he could remember Mindy facing all those years ago: her period.

Mindy always has these elaborate scenes in her head about what makes a romantic date. Like going to the Central Park Zoo and having a giraffe bend down and steal her ice cream. Hopefully she realized how something as mundane as shopping for shampoo, like she did with Sam, can be just as special so long as you are with the right person. 

Still reeling from his breakup with "Eye Patch," Danny agreed to be a sperm donor for a couple. He was convinced he would never have kids of his own. But he did go back on his word in a sense, as he enlisted the help of a very willing Mindy to list his faults to the hopeful couple. I don't think anyone will question his integrity too much, though, certainly not after he went out of his way to get one of our nation's bravest a sandwich. "Not a wrap, but an actual sandwich!" 

Along the way tonight, there were some great moments that added to the episode's success. First was Jeremy soliciting sympathy for being catfished before Catfish. Then there was Mindy's comment about Self Checkout and what a scam the self scan line is. Mindy preferring to take her MCAT again instead of having to watch Caddyshack may have cost her a strike in my book, but she evened the count when she called out Danny for being too scared to watch Game of Thrones

Once again the episode ended with Mindy and Danny alone in the doctor's lounge. I liked the chemistry between Mindy and Sam, but it is inevitable she will end up with Danny.

As he read her the vending machine, he made it clear that he has a pretty good grasp on her likes and dislikes. He just needs to get himself back together again before he will be able to love anyone else. As for Mindy, she would do well to focus on writing her own script for love, instead of trying to recreate bits and pieces of others. 


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Just seeing a picture of Sam’s “accurate� tattoo makes me laugh! This is one of the episodes of The Mindy Project that reminds me of why I keep watching this show. I didn’t start watching her show until one of the girls I work with at DISH told me that I must give it a chance. I was able to catch an episode since I have my DISH Hopper set to record all the primetime shows from FOX each night of the week. I did this so that I’ll always have a backup plan if I don’t make it home in time to watch my favorite FOX shows, and in this case, I found a whole new series I’m growing to love!


I know... I actually really liked Mindy and Sam together. I would love it if they somehow brought him back to actually be her long distance boyfriend and possible fight for endgame. They were perfect together... it's like he calmed down Mindy's awkwardness whilst she was still herself. They were just really sweet and hilarious at the same time. Danny and Mindy... I mean, I get it, kind of. I can see the hints where they start to put moments in place for those two to be together in the long run but I also don't really get that need to want to cheer them on in the romance department.


i kinda loved sam and mindy together.


Seth Rogen was great in this episode. I would have really liked to see him come back for more! They were kind of perfect together. And I don't care what anyone says, Morgan's interactions with Sam were hilarious. Danny is growing on me a little more too.


Loved this episode. Seth Rogen was great and it's too bad he's only around for one episode.

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The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Morgan: He sounds hilarious.
Danny: What are you basing that on?
Morgan: Well she said he was Jewish.
Danny: Morgan we're in the middle of Manhattan.

Did you ever get your period? That was a big thing the last time we talked.