The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Into the Wild"

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The Vampire Diaries jumped "Into the Wild" this week, as viewers finally learned of Shane's real motives, we almost lost Caroline and Damon was introduced to a new member of The Five.

What did our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Leigh Raines think of the island-based installment? Find out below and then chime in with your thoughts...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Matt: There was some solid dissing and even better dismissing this week. Klaus isn't worth the calories it takes Caroline to slam him? Elena agrees that Rebekah is "easy?" Forget fangs. The claws were out last night.

Miranda: This is hard since this episode was a bit of a letdown compared to last week. I'll go with Damon torturing Shane because I haven't trusted Shane from the moment we first met him and Damon hasn't either. Damon's instincts about things like that are rarely wrong.

Steve: Plenty of candidates this week. I'm going with the flashbacks of Shane and his dead witch wife, and Damon being taken down by another member of The Five, because both were completely out of left field and either explained or added new elements to the unfolding mystery.

Dan: Maybe I'm just a sucker for Claire Holt's smile, but my favorite scene was Rebecca and Stefan's heart to heart  I switch which 'ship I represent so often, it's about time I start heavily supporting what Rebecca and Stefan have going on. Good Lord, she's attractive.

Leigh: Guys, I almost fell asleep during this episode...and I'm an insomniac. Next question.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Were you surprised by Shane's turn?
Matt: No, I'm more surprised by how this question is phrased. Shane's turn? Doesn't that imply he was once a good guy? Please. Who didn't see his selfish motives coming from... however many miles away Mystic Falls is from the coast of Nova Scotia.

Miranda: No, not at all. He's just not someone that has ever shouted "I'm a good guy! You can trust me!" The fact that he would bring them to the island and plan to kill at least one of them isn't surprising at all.

Steve: LOL @ question. Surprised at some of the circumstances, maybe, but not that Shane's shadiness was confirmed in general. It was just a matter of when and how.

Dan: The creepy professor turned out to be up to no good? Who woulda thunk it?

Leigh: No, he's had a creepy vibe since day one. Ugh, get rid of this guy. Not only is he a creep, he's taught Bonnie magic that could kill her - and he's given us one of the most boring storylines in years.

Should Damon take The Cure?
Matt: No offense to the human race and all (go Team Homosapians!), but why would any vampire take the cure?!? They can live forever. They can have incredible sex. They never need to worry about sunburn. You want children? One phone call to an adoption agency and one compulsion and... BAM! You're a parent.

Miranda: I'm torn on this one. For a completely noncommittal answer, I think Damon should take it if Damon wants to take it, but shouldn't take it because Elena or Stefan, or anyone else, are trying to pressure him into it. Not that pressure exactly works with Damon. His "existential crisis" moment from The Vampire Diaries Season 1 was a huge moment for his character. I think he wants to be human just as much as the rest of them, but he's incredibly scared of going back.

Steve: Miranda should consider a career in politics after that very intelligent-sounding non-answer. I say no. He's a vampire with depth, but a vampire through and through. I can't envision him rejoining us humans the way Stefan longs for it. Side note: How does one "take" the cure? Is there an unlimited supply for whatever "it" is? How do they know it's not a one-and-done kind of thing?

Dan: And risk Elena not being in love with him anymore? Would you?!?

Leigh: No! But something tells me he might be forced to take it or take it by accident. Vampire Diaries spoilers say something controversial is going to happen and I have a feeling it's going to happen to Damon, which sucks. Damon makes a great vampire, he just does. It's who he is.

Are Klaus and Caroline meant to be?
Matt: No. Relationships that are based on life-saving Hybrid blood and sacrificial/revenge-based murders almost never work out.

Miranda: As much as I love Caroline and Tyler together, there's a part of me who actually wants to see Caroline and Klaus give it a whirl. Or just a hot vamp-sex roll in the hay. Caroline brings out the best in both Tyler and Klaus and I think I would be happy seeing her with either of them so long as the writers stop making her a damsel in distress so often.

Steve: Ask Caroline how she feels about that. Can you be smitten with a guy who saves your life even if he almost ended it in the first place? And if he also killed your boyfriend's mom, your BFF's aunt and countless others? The accent only goes so far, love.

Dan: No. My man Niklaus deserves better than her. She has become so lame as of late that her and Tyler deserve each other. I really wanted Klaus to just murder the both of them right then and there and be done with it.

Leigh: I don't know that Klaus is meant to be with anyone because he's such a sociopath, but I kinda really like him and Caroline together. Tyler and Caroline don't excite me as a couple anymore and they used to be the best. Caroline does have chemistry with Klaus and he's definitely in love with her. I'm not opposed to shaking it up.

Where was Matt this week?!?
Matt: Probably at home writing an essay. Or maybe studying his football playbook. Or perhaps... eh, I can't do it: the guy was at the Grill.

Miranda: D'uh. Washing his Varsity letter jacket.

Steve: Grill. Business always seems to be booming at that place despite the obscenely high murder rate there - and those double shifts? Brutal.

Dan: He was writing his college essays. 

Leigh: LMAO, Miranda kills me. Washing his Varsity letter jacket." Great answer. I think Matt was probably in class because he's the only one who can't compel the administration to let him just a day off.


1. The scenes with Rebekah and Stefan...stefan admitting he would take te cure for himself, not for Elena ( please can all the other characters start doing things for themselves instead of Elena?)
2. Stupid question he was always shady btw why was his hair straight or at least neat in the flashback?
3. No Damon needs to be a vampire and kudos to his character for telling Elena... She thinks she can just switch brothers and keep her dreams of being human and growing old and having children, it's like please, have you met Damon?
4. The writers will never let her be with Klaus because they want to keep him "evil" even though sometimes I think he is the softest of villains, like when his eyes fill up with tears or he drools over caroline? Why not just give them a chance?
5. Matt was maybe trying to make new friends who don't endanger his life every minute of every day?


1. Damon and Shane. My man is very smart. Sometimes I think no one except Damon in MF has brain. LOL. And Fav Quote, "Take Cure With Me" :) 2. Not at all. I knew Shane was a bad creepy guy from like beginning. I never trusted him. 3. No. A Big No to Human Damon. I love the way he is. I don't know why a Vampire wants to be human again? Vampire life is rocking. You are strong. You have forever and its awesome. 4. No. You don't torture the person you love. Klaus went little too far this time. If he really wanted to fight with Klaus, he could have done it without bringing in Caroline. I like Klaroline. BUT these two have a long long way to go. Klaus was pure dick this time. 5. Matt? Is he alive? Who cares? LOL.


1. All klaus scenes take your pick i m good with all of them!
2. the surprise was that the writers thought we should be surprised! It was so lame!
3. I don't really care. I am tired of his behaviour really.
4. I am obviously TeamKlaus, and i ve been on the Klarolineship for a long time and if it would happen i would love it... But Caroline has changed in season 4 and for a second i wished he would really let her die! So, whatever is best for Klaus!
5. He is after all the least valuable player! No wonder he was MIA now that things got serious!


All you guys had me laughing non stop after every question. Loved the answers you gave hahaha


1. Becka kicking Elena's ass, then saving her followed by choking her..
2. No... Obvious question
3. Absolutely not! He wouldnt be Damon anymore
4. Doesnt look like it, he's leaving MF anyway!
5. Being usless somewhere.. Who cares!


this episode was like turkey stuffing: just filling¡¡¡ I mean nothing really happened. Only rebeca and Stefan seem to be getting closer and closer.....are they going to separate them by next week? Thats just boring. Wh y dont they let the caracthers go along with their feelings for more then 5 seconds (elena & Damon, Rabeca and Stefan)? I just dont believe this.


Keep Elaine a vampire,let her get involve with Elijha


I hope Elaine,stay a vampire


@SerieFreak In the books the cure is only for one person, and Damon accidentally uses it, if you've read them and are thinking of that :-P.


A question, remember that scene where Rebekah first told Stefan about the cure? Didn't she say that it was for only one person? Or is that something I thought was said but actually is made up in my head (that does happen sometimes)..

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