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The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Would You Take It?

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We're off to a mysterious island on next Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries, as the cure-seeking team heads "Into the Wild."

And, as asked at the end of our latest Vampire Diaries review, there are plenty of questions to ponder as we look forward to the next installment: where will Bonnie's "expression" take her next? Can we trust Rebekah? What about Professor Shane? Might Caroline and Tyler actually make an appearance?

But Elena has an inquiry of her own for Damon: Will he take The Cure? She poses it in the following sneak peek.

How does Damon response? Click Play to find out...

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Apparently there wasn't much interest on this episode and once the cure is found,hopefully the show will get better again. ;P


There is always the statement that Stefan is obsessed with Elena when normal thinking people beg the differ on that. Damon is the one who is and has always been secretly obsessed with her. Who has been the one who from the start compelled her on a couple of occasions. Who has secretly appeared over her while she was sleeping. Who has invaded her dream state by replacing Stefan's with his and had the nerve to tell her how she dreams of him(then she slapped him). Who has been the one to always have a wanting look on his face every time he saw her and Stefan embracing. I can go on and on about the things he did that was almost on the verge of stalking, panting, wanting and wishing that it was him with Elena instead of his brother. So you people that believe that Stefan is obsessed with Elena is only because YOU are obsessed with Damon.


I wouldn't take Elena back even if she was human again if I were Stefan - taking her back after she slept with his brother? Ew, no.


@Madz Even if Elena becomes human, she wouldn't return to Stefan just because she is human again. I won't say that SE will never get together again, but too much has happened between DE and SE for Elena to go back to Stefan just like that. Whenever the characters on the show say that this is how it is, it turns out that the opposite is the case. They all think that Silas is a myth, but it'll turn out that he is real. Elena said that nothing bad happens in Mystic Falls, and we all know that this isn't true lol Besides what does Klaus know about love? I love Klaus, but he has never really loved anyone, not even his feelings for Caroline changed who he is, so don't let Klaus make you doubt DE:)


Damon and Elena. Both Vampire. Happy. For Eternity. :) That's what I want. @Madz That's what I want too:)
But I think that the writers will make Damon human. He misses his humanity but it would be horrible for him to become human now, he wouldn't be able to protect Elena and he would feel completely useless. On the positive side the sire bond will be broken and then we all would see that Elena's love for Damon is real. Apart from that Elena would know how Damon felt while human Elena was on suicide mission and he tried to keep her safe in s2 and s3. So maybe it will be interesting to watch Damon being human for a while, but I hope the writers will make him a vampire again. Like you said I like him the way he is, sexy, strong, witty vampire.


Its funny how the Originals get away with 'murder' literally, just because they happen to be the First Family of vampires and 'good looking' on top of it. People are criticising Elena for having Jeremy kill Kol, who was a good character actually but she did it to save her brother. Rebekah is actually quite disturbingly obssessed with Elena (just like everyone else on the show) probably because of Stefan, whose also obssessed with Elena,and actually comes across as a bully sometimes, not just towards Elena, she's mean to Caroline as well. This season promised to reveal more about the spell that turned them into vampires (maybe that will come with this mythical cure)and are we ever going to see Katherine or learn more about the Original Petrova (at this point she's become a plot device).


I don't want Damon to become human. Coz Damon is Damon. I like him the way he is. Besides...Strong, Balanced, Sexy Vampire is way much more better than weak human. I don't want Elena to become human, too. Coz I am doubtful and insecure, just like Damon. Klaus seed those plants of doubt in my mind and in Damon's mind that once she will become human she will run back to Stefan. I don't want that. :( Damon and Elena. Both Vampire. Happy. For Eternity. :) That's what I want.


I bet if the cure is taken by an original their whole lineage will be turned human. That would be pretty interesting if they gave it to Klaus. Damon and Stefan would hate actually being human I think, they've been powerful vampires for far too long. Even if Damon does get it he'll probably have to be turned back because of some tragic mortal wound or something.Either that or the cure will kill any old vampires who take it because even if they were human they should be dead by now, leaving only Elena being able to benefit. If she does turn human her Stefan feelings will probably return but I hope he sticks with Rebecca.


At this point I highly doubt there is a cure. I like Elena when she's with Damon, I like Stefan with Rebekah, they'll find some other way around the "sire bond" ( still not 100% buying it). I'm speculating that this will be exactly like the moonstone curse, the cure is not what they think it is or will do more bad than good. ( and they were led to believe the vice versa) Plus with the rise of Silas doesn't that mean the dead comes back, and we know how well that worked last season... Also there is a lot of episode left until the end of the season.


Lololol Elena is wearing like 60 layers of clothing and a stupid hat,....

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