The Vampire Diaries Round Table: All Jeremy Gilbert Edition!

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Tragedy stuck The Vampire Diaries on "Stand By Me," as the residents of Mystic Falls lost one of their own. Again.

In this special edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staffers Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines pay homage to the man, the myth, the wife beater-wearing legend... Jeremy Gilbert. Grab a Kleenex and gather around, readers.


Were you surprised Jeremy really died?
Matt: Flabbergasted. Between the ring or Silas or some spell from Bonnie, I figured the show would find some way to resurrect Jeremy. But those thoughts went up in literal flames to close the episode and I can say I'm legitimately impressed TVD took this bold step.

Steve: I was, and pleasantly so. Not in the "hahaha yeah - you suck Jeremy!" sense, but in the "some major TVD deaths should actually stick" sense. I think it needed to happen to advance the narrative of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 as we head into the spring, and had he miraculously come back, it would've cheapened last week's climactic raising of Silas.

Miranda: Actually, yes. I didn't realize I'd grown so fond of Elena's annoying kid brother. But wow. It's a little dusty in my house after watching that. Ditto Steve, though. It had to happen. Some deaths just have to stick and perhaps that realization will be what pulls Bonnie back from the brink of disaster.

Leigh: Last week I was, but he was pretty dead after Katherine and Silas were through with him. Plus, Vampire Diaries spoilers revealed there would be a life altering tragedy and Jeremy was Elena's last living relative. This week wasn't a surprised, but was powerful nonetheless.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Who should Jeremy date on The Other Side, Vicki or Anna?
Matt: Wait... Lexi is on The Other Side, right? Lexi, Jeremy. You should totally aim high and set your newfound, muscular sights on Lexi.

Steve: Why limit himself. The Other Side is notorious for kinky supernatural threesome action.

Miranda: Anna. Hands down, no question. Anna.

Leigh: They're both deceitful... how about someone new? I'm sure Grams has some hot young witches to introduce him to.

What is your favorite Jeremy Gilbert memory?
Matt: That first time he died. No, maybe that second time he died. Although that third time he died was pretty awesome, too. Let's just say every time he kicked it with the ring on - and we all knew he'd return and just be really annoyed over it - was pretty darn funny.

Steve: When he finished off Kol. Members of The Five come and go over the centuries, but with that Original kill, this young hunter really made his mark (see what I did there?! Up top.).

Miranda: Jeremy and the crossbow-meat cleaver, vampire slaying combo. That moment was when he began to show promise as a character.

Leigh: Tough call. I can't think of anything specific but I became fond of Jeremy when he started standing up for his family, kicking ass, and taking names...and wearing beaters. Amen.

Sadder death: Jeremy or Alaric?
Matt: Sorry, Jer Bear, it's Alaric. Last night was sad stuff and I'll miss you and everything - but that concluding scene with Alaric? Outside the cave? When we panned around to see all his loved ones silently say goodbye? I need a drink and a hug just thinking about it.

Steve: To me, Ric, because I loved his character so much. For the core characters - with the exception of Damon who probably does miss his drinking buddy more - it's hard to argue Jeremy's demise won't be even more devastating.

Miranda: Ooh, tough one. Alaric's death gave us man tears from Damon, but Jeremy's gave us man tears from Matt (in that sweet new truck he's affording with all the double shifts he pulled while everyone else was traipsing through the wilderness!). I'm calling it a tie.

Leigh: Please, I cry when I watch the rerun of Alaric's death. That whole scene outside the tomb with everyone holding candles was so emotional. Ric was truly a fan favorite of mine. Jeremy's death was definitely sad in the sense that Elena's last relative was a goner and he was a good kid, but he wasn't Ric.

And, of course, pen a eulogy for Jeremy Gilbert.
Matt: A man of many affections, from Vicki to Anna, Xbox to dinner at the Grill, you rarely smiled, yet often soared. Through the air when getting in the way of supernatural beings, that is. But you rarely backed down. You were a loyal brother to Elena and BFF to Matt. And you totally tapped Bonnie! May you cross bow in heaven until your heart is content, dear pal. One love.

Steve: Jeremy Gilbert. Stoner. Brother. Friend. Wearer of wife-beaters. Crush of many adolescent females. Lover of life ... well not really. Dude was kind of depressed. But through it all, a good guy with a big heart - and later in life, with bigger biceps as well. He meant well, and cared for those around him. May you find peace, or whatever it is peeps on The Other Side do all day. Gonna miss you man.

Miranda: Jeremy Gilbert, descendant of a crazy man, seer of ghosts. Vampire hunter. We'll miss your new muscles and shirt-ripping capabilities as much as Elena will miss the only family she had left. Matt says thanks for all the tables. Rest in peace in the great stoner pit in the sky.

Leigh: RIP, younger Gilbert. You were a wonderful brother, friend, hunter, ghost portal and wife beater-wearer. As much as we will all miss you, I think Mystic Grill might miss you more because, damn, they are understaffed.

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Is it me or am I the only one who thinks this kid is annoying as hell. First of all he's a terrible actor. Second of all, "Leave Bonnie alone when she's doing a spell you moron". I wish they would of kept him dead. Keep Damon as a bad guy not this guy with a heart. BTW Rebecca rules!!


there's no show without jeremy BRING HIM BAAAAAAACK !!!!!!!

David and sabrina 2014

It feels a shame that Jeremy was thrown out to death and who knows how the people will find the cure without him even though they were kind of using him. I wonder when the show will get better again. ;P =|


1. No, we all saw it coming, still quite powerful
2. Anna!
3. His druggie days in season 1
4. Alaric =\
5. Karma's a bitch! You shouldnt have offed Kol


RIP Jeremy Gilbert. weather a depressed stoner or badass hunter you seemed like one of my best friends. Jeremy and Anna were my favorite tvd cuuple hopefully they R together on the other side


I really liked Jeremy, but in the books there was no Jeremy, she had a little sister. I've read all the books


Keep Jeremy alive I know he is still alive in his body I just know he is


1/ YES. I always thought that they'll find a way to bring him back but it fade it away the moment we knew bringing him is bringing all dead monsters and must admit that as much it was painful it was a brilliant move from the writers.
2/ Who ever he wants.
3/ I really don't know, he had his cute moments and strong moments when he stood up and fought for his family, I'll really miss him.
4/ Hard to say both were sad and I'm still crying over both of their deaths.
5/ RIP Jeremy Gilbert,a kid who couldn't find peace and have a normal life, a wonderful brother, friend, hunter and ghost portal. May you find peace, we’ll miss you.


Matt's New truck was a peace making gift from Rebecca. Matt pushed her away, but kept the truck.


OMG Very suprised! I hoped there might be a way to bring Jer back.. But killing 12 people and bring all super natural back is not really what i had in mind. So yeah, I think Jer is really gone:(
Matt crying in his new truck (he got from Rebeca)was heartbreaking! Also the moment Elena realized that Jer is really dead. I hope Elena goes after Kath and try to kill that bitch.