The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: In Need of Silas

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Bonnie is in for some very bad news on Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

After being knocked out to close "Down the Rabbit Hole," our resident witch somehow awakens in the forest on "Stand By Me." How did she get there? How is Shane around to offer her assistance? And what awful news does he have to deliver?

We can all presume the answer to the final question. But what hope is there for Bonnie and the others affected by Jeremy's death? Watch Shane break the disturbing news to his protege now:

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Elena yells "We need to find Bonnie" because she needs her magic to bring back Jeremy, not because she's worried about Bonnie.

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I don't mind what Bonnie does but it will be a shame for her if she loses Jeremy besides all the random stuff that Shane teaches her. I wonder when the show will get better again. ;P =|


I don't think they left her behind. Elena yells "We need to find Bonnie" in the promo, so I guess Shane took Bonnie away during the chaos that will surely follow last episode's ending.


Why did they leave Bonnie behind???

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