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I'm torn on whose death was sadder. Jeremy was clearly the more important character and his death is going to have a far bigger impact and overall I probably liked his character more than Alaric, but with Alaric we had those goodbye scenes, something we didn't get with Jeremy. He just died and then we had the reaction, none of the tearful goodbyes like with Alaric. That's why I think it's kind of hard to compare the two.

All in all, I'm really going to miss Jeremy. It especially sucks because this season both the character and McQueen were better than ever and I feel there was still a ton of potential there. And we lose him but still have characters that are boring (Matt) or annoying (Bonnie) around.


I agree that Jeremy should stay dead, but I also think we'll be seeing him again, likely as a ghost. The show can kind of cheat in that way, we can see Jeremy again while still having his death stick.

Jeremy can't date Anna because I think she "passed on" and isn't even on the other side anymore, and Vicky might have as well. So he can just hang out with Alaric instead, no need to date anyone. But if Lexi is there, sure go for it Jer.

My favorite Jeremy memory is probably just the various moments with him and Elena through the seasons. They were to me one of the best (while also underutilized) aspects of the whole show.


I thought Tyler or Matt would be killed off. Never did I expect it to be Jeremy, especially after the story he had this season.

I do not think it was the right decision, but once they did it, I don't think they should bring him back.

Also, they really should bring Tyler back, and promote Rebeca to full time regular. Forget the Originals! Rebeca should stay in Mystic Falls.


Sadder death: Jeremy or Alaric?

I guess I'm at odds with the "roundtable" because I think Jeremy. He was Elena's BROTHER (well, cousin, but you know...). He was her very last family member. And he was finally coming into himself as a man and not an emo stoner. Ric was awesome and beloved and had a helluva bromance with Damon for sure, BUT he was not the constant in Elena's life that Jeremy was. And Bonnie loved Jeremy. And Matt has been friends with Jeremy since childhood...that's a real bromance. Alaric was great, but he didn't have the ties to the other characters or to Mystic Falls that Jeremy did. Jeremy's death might not be sadder to the viewers perhaps, but certainly for the characters, no?


What is your favorite Jeremy Gilbert memory?

I actually like Jeremy quite a bit. He's been a steady, solid character in my opinion. I liked when Jeremy got all brotherly and protective on the Delena road trip. I liked the time he cut his hand in the kitchen to make Anna out herself as a vampire. There were touching and heartbreaking moments with Vicki in the first season. There were awesome moments with Bonnie. There may not be one huge, mind-blowing moment for me....but I think Jeremy Gilbert has been a great character.


Who should Jeremy date on The Other Side, Vicki or Anna?

Date?! The guy just died... he might be a bit glum to feel like dating. Though, while watching the episode, I did have the fleeting thought of "I hope he reunites with Anna on the other side" I saw her. Their relationship seemed less drug-fueled and more genuine.


Were you surprised Jeremy really died?

Yes! TVD has the (often annoying) habit of finding ways to make death not a permanent state. I don't want the veil lifted, I don't want Jeremy resurrected. I LOVE Jeremy and Steven R. McQueen, but I also want death (the gone forever, never coming back as a ghost or resurrected character kind) to actually be a possibility to these characters. Otherwise, the stakes (ha, vampire pun!) of every dangerous thing they do are low and meaningless....

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